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Despite the rapidly growing prevalence of it, video content is often neglected or put off by bloggers and business owners. Many still see videos as a decorative little gimmick; something that they could take or leave. If you’re still holding onto this attitude, then you need to turn it around soon! Video content is an exceedingly powerful marketing tool, and the following post will show you why.

#Bloggers need to use video content

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The first thing about video content that makes marketers’ mouths water is that it’s great for SERP* rankings. Google absolutely adores video content these days. After all, it owns YouTube! If you have a relevant, engaging and keyword-optimised video on one of your pages, it can really help the SEO performance of the whole site. Furthermore, video content is generally more engaging and shareable compared to traditional blog content. Whether you buy YouTube views or you strike viral gold, your video content has a much higher chance of being shared compared to blog posts and articles. As long as it’s able to hook your target market in with a thumbnail and a title, video content will do absolute wonders for your web traffic.

Using the right kind of video content will also help to improve your customer’s user experience. Getting traffic to a site, as I’m sure you’re aware, really isn’t all that difficult. The challenge is getting your target market interested, and convincing them to stay on the page, have a look around, and eventually convert. A large proportion of web users these days actively go looking for video content over other types. This means that featuring videos on your site will up their user experience, and improve the average time-on-site from your customers. Having videos on your site will also help to build your credibility. So many large and small businesses are taking advantage of video content that it’s almost expected once you land on any page. If you want to keep your site looking professional and modern, then at least some video content is an absolute must.

#Blogging is enhanced by video

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Last, but certainly not least, video content is exceptionally cost-effective. People have been able to post videos online for a long time now. However, there was a period where the most flashy, polished content was only for the largest of businesses. Now, all of that’s changed. Go onto YouTube right now, and I guarantee you’ll see a high-quality video made by an amateur just for the heck of it. When you invest a little money, it becomes even better! There are countless firms and freelancers out there who will produce a fantastic standard of video for your business for a relatively small investment. Still, this isn’t an excuse to choose a cheap service which is going to cut corners. Standards may have gone up, but that doesn’t mean everyone with a camcorder can shoot professionally.

If you were still putting off video at the start of this post, then I hope I’ve changed your mind. Video content is an exceedingly powerful marketing tool; don’t go on neglecting it!

*SERP – Search Engine Results Page

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  1. megha

    Very informative post, I have been toiling with the idea of adding videos on my blog. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on the same.

  2. Melinda Mitchell

    Well, BBFFJ, you’ve convinced me! I tried to add a video was, but wouldn’t synch with my computer, so I gave up in defeat.
    I need to work on that stick-to-it-ive-ness!!
    A higher quality recorder than my phone would probably help too!
    Your BBFFm

    • Janice Wald

      Hi BBFM,
      I take videos on my phone where it is easy to upload to YouTube. Can you do that?
      BBF FJ

  3. Gilly Maddison

    That’s all well and good but there is a very dark side to making videos if they are going onto YouTube to save space on your blog. Bogus copyright infringement claims are a huge issue on YouTube now – there are companies that do nothing but put claims on other people’s work so they can get the right to put ads on your videos and take the revenue. I spend a lot of time on my films and it is very disheartening when one of these unscrupulous companies just gallops in and steals your work for their own gain. I have a dispute going on at the moment over a piece of music I created in Garage Band. It took me ages to make it and was totally my own work. It has been playing at the end of one of my films for two years, but now, someone has claimed it as theirs and wants to take away my right to any income generated by that film. It’s disgusting that this is happening and YouTube doesn’t seem to care.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gilly,
      How awful for you or anyone in this situation! I didn’t know you composed music! I didn’t know you had films! Congratulations on those achievements!
      As far as this awful situation you are in, I brought you a few links. I have had two guest authors blog about theft of material like your song. this is what to do when people violate copyrights. Experts in this area wrote that were quoted in the article that you don’t even need a copyright. Anything on the Internet shows intent.
      This article discusses plagiarism and also discusses copyright.
      In both articles, commenters shared their experiences which may be of help as well.
      YouTube is so popular. It is horrible to think they turn a blind eye to theft.
      Let me know if you find the articles helpful. Thanks for letting everyone know about your experiences.

      • Gilly Maddison

        Thanks for sch a helpful reply Janice – I appreciate your time as we all have so little of it these days. At the moment, I am making another film showing step by step how I created the music in Garage Band from Apple loops. It will show how anyone could create the same music if they use the same loops which a free for anyone to compose with. I am doing a blog post about the company who are stealing work and then claiming it is theirs. I am not alone, I have found hundreds of other people in the same boat. I will await the outcome of my dispute – If I lose, there is absolutely no point in creating my own music to use in films if these bully boys can just put a claim on it as their own and divert the income to their own bank account – because that is what they are doing. They target people with very small channels like mine because we are less likely to fight back. But not in my case! I have already contacted YouTube to complain but my voice is just one of thousands. The dispute is with the copyright claimant – I have yet to see if they will drop their claim now that I have disputed it with them. If they don’t and it goes to YouTube to mediate and I lose, I will get a strike against my account. Being in the clear seems to have very little clout with YouTibe from what I am reading.

        • Janice Wald

          It sounds like you have grounds for a class action suit. Perhaps find a lawyer who will take the case on contingency.

        • Janice Wald

          Think about the lawyer who will get paid if you win. Keep me posted. Let me know how it goes.

  4. dgkaye

    Good reminder about creating videos Janice. I’m going to attempt this later in the year after I get my next book out. And thank for showing the link to your Youtube video, I’ve bookmarked, 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Debby! Another book, how exciting! Thank you for bookmarking. Great to see you!

  5. John Doe

    It’s great to have you back in writing original blogs again. Welcome home

  6. Joan J. Carrigan

    Nice tips, how long do you recommend a video should be? Is there such thing as too long or too short? Also do you know of any video creating software to help make videos look professional? Thanks,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joan,
      Thank you for writing me. I am glad you liked the article.
      1. I recommend the video be very short. The reason is I want the viewer to visit my blog to get the rest of the information. I just give them a snippet, a brief gist, and then add “for more information, visit” If you click the link in the link to my How to Use YouTube post you will see examples. How long was my last one? 7 seconds? 15 seconds? very short.
      2. As far as software, I use my Iphone. Someone said the lighting needs to be good, so I video tape myself in a room where the lighting is good! Easy!

  7. Kimsea Sok

    Hi, Janice!

    How are you doing today? Hope you’re doing great.

    Well, I would agree what you said in the article. Video is one of amazing content which help drive viral traffic. According to content marketing report, we found that YouTube social media trend is significantly increase.

    I’ve created a few video on YouTube last month and get consider amount of referral traffic. I’ve setup my home studio, and today I just the new camera arrive.

    For sure, you’ll me on YouTube soon.

    Thanks for share.

    • Janice Wald

      When you do, send me a YouTube link, and I will follow you there. I’d love to subscribe to your videos!

  8. Sandy KS

    I have not done videos yet. My daughter keep encouraging me to do so. As she loves making videos. I love videos that get right to the point without two minutes of talking before hand. Short clips work great too.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandy,
      Great to see you here! Maybe your daughter can help you with the videos. At first, my husband helped me. I brought you a link to the article in “Related Posts”.
      If you look at my examples, you will see I agree with you. The videos should be very short, just enough to garner interest in your blog. My most recent videos are between 7 and 15 seconds. Thanks for writing.

  9. Carol Cassara

    I use some video content but not a lot of it. It’s too time consuming and my blog isn’t my business.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carol,
      I use everything in moderation. Then, if something starts paying off for me in terms of traffic, I do it more often.

  10. Tushar

    Nice post.. blogging is being difficult day by day because of lot of blogs..its hard to rank for keywords and get visitors nowadays !

      • Janice Wald

        Hi again Tushar,
        I just came from your site but didn’t know where to comment. I’d be happy to help you and your company increase site traffic if you take just a moment to sign up for my blog. It’s what I do.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for writing, Gigi. I watched one of your videos this morning, the one about the ice cream.

  11. Charissa

    Do you need to have a video strategy, for what you will film and how often? And what topics you will cover? Any suggestions?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Charissa,
      Thank you for writing me. Nice to meet you.
      I take my umbrella topic of blogging and break in down into smaller sub-topics. Productivity, social media (which has various sub-topics), photography, technology, writing inspiration… I would make short videos on those topics. I think my last one was on networking. That would be my advice to you. Break your blog down into sub-topics, and that’s what you make your videos about for what you would film.
      How often? It depends on how much traffic you get from your early videos. If it brings you traffic, keep going!

  12. Debbie

    Thanks for the helpful article. I’ve done a lot of videos but it’s not something I’m very comfortable with. I guess I need to keep pushing myself!

  13. Tammy

    Thanks for this post – I’m dying to get some more video content on my blog – I love video on other blogs, so really want to make it a feature on my own.

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