How to Engage Blog Readers Who Are in a Rush

20 September, 2015

You have a problem. You have more and more decisions to make due to the increasing number of choices the Internet gives you. Imagine how busy your readers are. This post is for people with busy readers, readers too busy to read your blog posts. That […]


How to Increase Traffic with a Blog Brand

1 August, 2015

Name a brand. Nike?  That’s not fair.  The picture is right here. Name another brand. However you answered, I’m confident you didn’t have to look it up; it was in your head. It was in your head because the brand was memorable. Companies with memorable […]


How To Engage Your Blog Readers

17 February, 2015

Welcome to my first guest post! Do your stats show that readers are coming to your blog but leaving soon?  By looking at your stats page, you can see how long they stay.  Are you disappointed? Linda and I met at a blogging class we […]