Which Type of Blogger Do You Want to Be?

Do you want to be a successful blogger? Pick one of these 8 #blogging topics
5 December, 2016

Ready to dip your toes into the huge pool that is blogging? It is an extremely good hobby to get into, as you will find that you develop your writing skills and will be able to spend your time informing others of your hobbies and […]


How to Get Blogging Help Now [Blogger Collaboration Group]

17 March, 2016

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are starting a blogger collaboration group. You shouldn’t have to do all the time-consuming tasks involved in blogging by yourself if other people can help you. Other bloggers can certainly help you promote your articles. This is a […]


5 Ways You Can Actually Be Sure of Blogging Success

#blogging success
9 February, 2016

  Does your family still recognize you? Blogging requires so much sacrifice of your time, they may be getting used to not having you around. Even if you are physically present, you might be so distracted by your stats or plans for your next blog […]


5 SEO Tips To Double Your Blog Traffic in the New Year

#seo #searchengineoptimization
29 December, 2015

Janice, theĀ businessman criticized, you don’t have enough SEO articles on your site. Too true, IĀ admitted, but he did not stop there. He actually offered to rectify the situation by having his boss, the director of an Internet marketing agency, author an SEO article just for […]


How To Engage Your Blog Readers

17 February, 2015

Welcome to my first guest post! Do your stats show that readers are coming to your blog but leaving soon?  By looking at your stats page, you can see how long they stay.  Are you disappointed? Linda and I met at a blogging class we […]