How to Easily Beat Writing Procrastination

Writers can overcome procrastination Click to find how out
1 November, 2016

  How To Beat Writing Procrastination What do you do when you do not know how to start your writing? Do you spend hours considering it or just give up and start to do something else? Do you enjoy these procrastination moments or hate them […]


How to Do Outstanding Writing on a Blog

How to improve writing
31 May, 2016

Do you ever answer questions at Quora? If not, I recommend it. You get to read questions about your blogging niche, points of confusion that you thought were crystal clear. When I answered questions about blogging, these were some of the questions I was asked: […]


This is How to Hook Your Readers [11 Ways]

How to write a hook in your introduction #blogging #writing
6 March, 2016

Have you ever regretted accepting an invitation? Maybe you walked through the door and were put off by a dirty house. Certainly if the hosts wanted your company, they would have straightened up for you to make a good impression. Did you want to turn […]


4 Surefire Ways Never to Run Out of Blog Topics

5 March, 2015

Are you a blogger or a writer?  Are you building an online community of readers who rely on you for information? In a recent blog post I recommended writing more than once a week.  Are you ever worried you will run out of ideas?  Today, […]