How You Can Immediately Overcome Writer’s Block [37 Ways]

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Writer's Block can be overcome by brainstorming

Have you ever felt like singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles?

Sony Records asked her to write a love song. Bareilles wrote,

Head under water…

Blank stares at blank pages.

Like Bareilles, people expect you to meet your publication deadlines.  You can’t disappoint your readers who have put such faith in you.

But you have the dreaded syndrome known as Writer’s Block.

An article in the Three Peas Services blog describes waiting in a long line at a Starbucks. An idea for a blog post was forming in the writer’s mind as the line was inching towards the counter. As soon as the barista asked what kind of drink the blogger wanted, the idea went out of her head.

Fortunately, blogger Richard Schulte is here with us in his return engagement to explain how to get over that dreaded malady known as Writer’s Block*. Richard holds an interesting distinction. He is the only guest author to ever appear on MostlyBlogging twice. Richard, take it away!

Brainstorm Fresh, New Ideas for Your Blog!

You’ve blogged, you’ve blogged, you’ve blogged.

One day, you feel all blogged out.

It seems you’ve said everything that you can possibly say.

Now you’re just sitting there, staring hopelessly out the window at nothing in particular, racking your poor old exhausted brain.

How can you produce fresh content when you’re fresh out of ideas?

Maybe I can help a little. I’ve compiled some questions that you as a blogger can ask yourself.

You might be surprised at new angles and horizons that open inside your mind.

Remember: every single subject in this complex world is infinitely interesting.

Here come the questions. Now relax. Get ready to jot down notes.

Jotting down thoughtful notes will stimulate your subconscious, which will make you ponder even more deeply.

In the following questions, where I’ve left a blank, insert the main subject of your blog, whether it’s knitting, movie reviews, painting, auto repair, your cat, hiking in Bulgaria, lasagna, how to select a necktie, Daffy Duck, post­apocalyptic poetry, intergalactic yoga, terrible humor . . . whatever your subject matter might happen to be.

37 Questions for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Answer these questions to stir up fresh ideas:

  1. Why is ___ personally important to you?
  2. How and when did ___ become important to you?
  3. Why should ___ be important to others? List reasons.
  4. What, specifically, have you learned about ___?
  5. What would you like to learn about ___?
  6. What unique, possibly unusual opinions have you developed about ___?
  7. How do they differ from the opinions of others?
  8. What instructive personal anecdotes or practical tips can you offer concerning ___?
  9. How might ___ change a person’s life? (For better or worse.)
  10. In what ways has ___ changed the world? (For better or worse.)
  11. How would the world be different without ___? How would your own life be different?
  12. What are some of the best examples of ___? What qualities are important?
  13. What are a few really bad examples of ___? Why?
  14. What are some little ­known facts or secrets concerning ___?
  15. What funny, laugh­-out­-loud experiences have you had related to ___?
  16. What are the historical origins of ___?
  17. Who are important people in the history of ___? Why are these people fascinating?
  18. What does the future likely hold when it comes to ___?
  19. What other subjects are directly or indirectly related to ___?
  20. What recent news have you heard or read about ___? What is your reaction?
  21. What are some sources of information on ___ that you recommend?
  22. Are there upcoming events related to ___?
  23. What have philosophers, humorists and famous writers said about ___?
  24. How is ___ viewed in the popular culture?
  25. Are there urban myths or unfortunate misconceptions about ___?
  26. What are some of the more notable books, movies, television shows, or works of art that feature __? Which do you love? Which do you hate?
  27. What products related to __ do you recommend? (Or warn against?)
  28. What personal hopes or plans do you have concerning ___?
  29. What crazy, impossible dreams have you indulged about ___?
  30. What frightens you about ___?
  31. How has __ brought you and other people together? Has it caused divisions?
  32. What are your greatest personal successes related to ___? Your biggest disappointments?
  33. How has being a blogger affected your perception of ___?
  34. Are there original images, cartoons or infographics you can create pertaining to ___?
  35. What do you hope to achieve by blogging about ___?
  36. Why do you enjoy blogging about ___?
  37. What is the source of your passion?

Whew! Talk about an interrogation!

I’m sure there are oodles of additional questions that you can ask yourself. In the answers you’ll discover ideas and subject matter for intriguing new posts!

When all else fails, and you don’t know what to write, just whip your trusty pen out and go intostream­-of­-consciousness mode. Scribble down anything that mysteriously pops into the old noggin– no matter how absurd or unrelated.

That primes the pump, stirs up essential juices. (Want to read something about writing without inhibition? Feast your eyes on Ray Bradbury’s great book Zen in the Art of Writing.)

One more thing. Perhaps, while blogging, you can think about how you are changing the world.

We all have the capacity to change it for the better.

In my own blog, I’ve started something that’s extremely dangerous. It’s called Bloggers Lifting Others Generously. Check it out!

If you’d like to read an inspirational short story about how you can actually change the world, check out An Unexpected Sunflower.

Have a creative and very wonderful day!



In closing,

We are grateful to Richard Schulte for coming to MostlyBlogging to help us overcome writer’s block. 37 ideas is quite thorough. He did an amazing job with his article.

If you’d like to hear all the lyrics to Sara Bareilles’s song which opened this post, listen to her Love Song video. Then, go show Richard some blogging love and visit his site.


Readers, please share, so other struggling writers know about Richard’s ideas for curing Writer’s Block.

Do you have any addition tips for overcoming writer’s block or avoiding it in the first place? I look forward to your views.


*According to, Writer’s Block can be defined as the problem of not being able to think of something to write or proceed with writing.


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  1. Richard Schulte

    Hi! Cool to see my article up! I hope it helps lots of bloggers to stir up new ideas! There’s nothing worse than writer’s block!

    Yikes! I noticed the last two links aren’t quite right!

    What other questions can we ask ourselves? It probably depends on the type of blog. It would be cool to hear what other bloggers come up with!

    • Terri

      Great info, Richard, thanks for sharing your wisdom. As a photographer, you also know that an image can be the inspiration for a great post. Thanks, Janice, for featuring my favorite San Diego (my hometown ) photoblogger 🙂

      • Richard Schulte

        Thanks! Having a photo blog is relatively easy, because the “content” is laid right before your eyes! The trick is having a good sense of the world immediately around, and anticipating what might happen in one’s field of vision.

        I hope you have a great Christmas down in SoCal! I’m looking outside right now and I think our rain is almost over!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for holding down the fort, so to speak, while I recuperated from Monday’s oral surgery.
      I am sorry about the links. I fixed the B.L.O.G. one, but I will need the other one again when you get an opportunity to resend it.
      I have never had an article about Writer’s Block. We appreciate you providing one for us. You did a thorough job. Look at the amount of questions you provided! I see them as templates one can fill in if they are drawing a blank. Thank you so very much for your wonderful article.

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  3. Lee MacArthur

    This is such a wonderful set of questions to have around, just in case. Thank you so much for the information Richard.
    I tried the link for Bloggers lifting……. and the link took me to a doesn’t exist page? What happened?
    Janice as usual you have provided your reader with relevant usable information. Thanks.

    • Richard Schulte

      The link isn’t correct. One can visit my blog and click the graphic in the sidebar that says B.L.O.G. Bloggers Lifting Others Generously!

      It’s all about making the world better by helping others!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lee,
      I am sorry about the link. Here is the correct link to Bloggers Lifting Bloggers…
      I agree Richard’s article was totally relevant to all writers. I think it was timely too. Around the holidays, people are so preoccupied with things in addition to blogging, ideas go out of their heads. Richard’s questions are sure to help. Thanks for writing and Merry Christmas.

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      • Ashok k Singh

        I have just started to blog a month ago and after writing 15 articles I was about, nothing left to write.

        I mean it was not a writer block but something similar to it, getting bored with the topic I write about.
        But Now I think we can add few more variation by learning proper keyword research.
        Back to you!! 🙂
        BTW this is my first visit and looks like you have strong community of bloggers to interact with.

        • Janice Wald

          HI Ashok,
          Welcome to my site!
          I brought you a link. It is about finding and maintaining a blogging niche so that you don’t get bored with your topic.

          You are correct in your assessment of my blogging community.
          I actually have communities within the overall community.
          We have a Pinterest group, a StumbleUpon group, a Link Exchange group, and a Follow to Follow Directory. Come March, we will have a fifth mini community here as well.
          I help new bloggers at this site. As a new blogger, you could benefit from all this exposure to new bloggers. I would like to encourage you to subscribe since these groups are perks for my subscribers.

  5. Susie

    Thank you for this great post. You have put in a lot of effort in compiling this list.
    Suppose i have no particular purpose or aim for my blog- I just write – no reason why ?
    Then what must I do when hit by the “writer’s block “?

    • Richard Schulte

      Then I’d recommend just jotting down your daily thoughts, then letting them develop for a bit and polishing them up before publication!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Susie,
      If you are not limited by the constraints of a niche, it shouldn’t be hard to take one of Richard’s templates, as I call his questions, and plug in whatever strikes you from entertainment to news to pets… The sky is the limit!

  6. Jeanette Hall

    Have owned the book you spoke of by Bradbury for years! Never actually tried Dandelion wine, even though I grew up in IL (southern).

    Loved the list of questions you gave to break a case of writer’s block . Will save for my next episode of it!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      I agree with you and Richard. I am (was?) also a huge Ray Bradbury fan. I’ve actually met him on several occasions and had my photo taken with him. He’s signed a few of my books authored by him. I’ve never heard of the one Richard mentioned though. What a coincidence you own it!
      Thanks for writing, Jeanette. Great to see you. Happy holidays to you.

  7. Paul Bowler

    Great post Richard, lots of brilliant ideas and suggestions, these will certainly come in very handy!

    • Richard Schulte

      Awesome! By the way, I’m looking forward to seeing Star Wars this week. Everyone says it’s awesome!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Paul.
      Thanks for your visit and for your comments. I agree Richard did a great job with his article. His 37 questions (templates I call them) will definitely come in handy.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Tess,
      How great to see you here! It’s been a while. I hope the holidays aren’t keeping you too busy.
      I am glad you liked Richard’s article in his return engagement.
      You never know when or if Writer’s Block will hit, so it’s good to be prepared. Richard’s questions definitely help prepare us fot that situation.
      Happy holidays to you and thanks for your visit.

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  9. melinda

    Janice, so many thanks for having Richard. You have an excellent nose for terrific guests!
    Richard, thought provoking questions. #30, what scares you about___? Really caught my attention.
    Thanks for burning the brain cell to get us going again!!
    BBFF, Me
    PS Sorry I’ve been MIA for a week. Lots going on. Merry Christmas!

  10. Bun Karyudo

    The list of questions looks useful. Unless something occurs to me before tomorrow, I may have a chance to try it out.

    I do sometimes suffer from writer’s block. So far, I’ve managed to keep to my twice-weekly posting deadline. I must admit, though, that this has sometimes been achieved with a bit of cheating since I posted about having writer’s block.

    • Janice Wald

      LOL, You sort of tweaked and didn’t exactly cheat. Great to hear from you! I trust the holiday season is treating you well.
      I keep all my ideas for posts in Evernote, but if I ever do suffer from Writer’s Block, I will be sure to follow Richard’s advice.
      Great to see you again.
      Take care,

  11. Rose

    I love these questions! I’m pinning this post for those days when I’m stuck 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Dear Rose,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about my article. My writer’s block post is actually the featured post today at the linky party. Thank you for pinning my graphic. I was particularly proud of the photo.
      PS I just came from your site and saw you advertised our linky party. Thank you, and thanks for the site visit. I’m having a virtual New Year’s party in half an hour if you’d care to come.

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  13. BritishMumUSA

    Good morning Janice,

    Oh my thank you, going to store this one away for mid year when I begin to stare out of the window and keep on staring, or catch myself staring at my kids lava lamp!!!!! Forever!!! 🙂

    Nice to be back , and catching up 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ray,
      Nice to have you back. Glad you found the writer’s block post helpful.

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