8 Things You Need to Know for Monetizing Instagram

Monetizing Instagram
9 January, 2018

Do you want to guess how much money some Instagrammers make? Did you guess? I heard as high as $75,000 for one Instagram post. $75,000 for a few seconds’ worth of work?! Guest author Bobby Jami is here to explain how you, too, can earn […]


How to Get Tremendous Blog Traffic with Instagram

Instagram helps bloggers get traffic
20 October, 2015

Have you heard the expression, Where there is smoke there is fire? When you hear about social media, you hear about Instagram. Everybody is using it. Instagram is essentially a platform that allows you to share photos and short videos that look like a professional […]


How You Can Know When It’s Time to Blog

27 January, 2015

Are you a blogger who has ever wondered why your stats are falling?  At one time or another, most of us have. The philosophy over whether bloggers should post frequently or infrequently varies.  There are also theories about what times of the day are most […]