This is How Facebook Can Always Help You Blog Better

Facebook helps bloggers blog better.
14 February, 2016

Are you having trouble growing your blog traffic? Are you disappointed with the results traditional social media brings? Are you considering abandoning your efforts at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+? Well, don’t! At least, don’t abandon your efforts at Facebook. It is definitely […]


5 Smart Things You Can Do to Be a Better Blog Promoter

31 May, 2015

How do you decide which social media to promote your blog on? Do you play Eenie Meenie Miney Mo? Do you flip a coin? With five choices before you at all times, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn, the decisions can be daunting. Lately, you’ve […]


How to Quickly Get Comments on Your Blog

14 April, 2015

Discouraging, isn’t it? You research, write, and promote your post.  You even include a picture Pinterest pinners will be sure to love.  Then nothing happens. You have two choices.  You can hope people read your post and then hope those readers comment, or… you can […]