How to Make People Happy About Controversial Writing Topics

Should you write cannabis information?
2 December, 2018

  Comfort levels. As bloggers, we need to find ways of objectively describing information. Then, we empower our readers with that information. For example, mommy bloggers may struggle to write about the sexuality of their children in an era where the current United States administration […]


25 Quick Ways You Can Avoid Writer’s Block: Update

25 ways to avoid Writer's Block #WritingTips
18 June, 2017

Have you ever been stuck for blog post ideas? If you’ve been following Mostly Blogging for a while, I would imagine you know how to avoid writer’s block. Since this blog published How You Can Immediately Overcome Writer’s Block, 37 generic templates for you to […]


4 Surefire Ways Never to Run Out of Blog Topics

5 March, 2015

Are you a blogger or a writer?  Are you building an online community of readers who rely on you for information? In a recent blog post I recommended writing more than once a week.  Are you ever worried you will run out of ideas?  Today, […]