Why is WordPress Considered to Be the Best for SEO in 2023?

Why WordPress is the best CMS
6 February, 2018

Did you know there was a connection between the site where you publish and SEO? I sure didn’t. Did you know content creation websites have a name? They are called Content Management Systems (CMS). Guest author Nirdesh Singh first told me a connection exists between […]


How to Set Up Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Fotor is easy and quick for graphic design
10 August, 2017

Are you aware slow loading time is one of the main reasons readers get frustrated with your blog? It’s such a problem, plugins are made to try to speed up a blog’s loading time. I actually participated in a guest post where participants were interviewed […]


This is How to Prevent WordPress Hacking [7 Easy Tips]

Avoid WordPress Hacking of your blog
1 March, 2016

Your security is constantly being discussed in the news. Whether you are a resident of Paris, France or San Bernardino, California, your welfare is being discussed by legislators. Even as I write this, your future security is being discussed in the press if you are […]


How to Quickly Tweet Your Way to Blog Traffic

26 July, 2015

A reader was perplexed. He wrote, Janice – don’t suppose you’ve written anything about using Twitter?   I can’t get my head around it at all! Getting blog traffic from Twitter can be as fast as actually writing a Tweet, so dubbed due to the […]


How to Make Blog Traffic Skyrocket with StumbleUpon

26 May, 2015

What a shock! Talk about bad timing! Within days of my guest author‘s April 21 guest post on how to use StumbleUpon to increase blog traffic, WordPress discontinued its StumbleUpon social sharing button. No one saw that one coming.  Thinking there was a technical problem, […]


Do You Desire Improved Blog Growth? [Blog Directories]

5 May, 2015

Here you will find information about blog directories. Are you satisfied with your efforts to grow your blog? Do you feel you’ve done everything in your power to add new readership? One way you can get your blog to grow is through referral traffic from […]


WordPress Basics: The Complete Guide to Hyperlinks

30 January, 2015

  Are you thinking about starting a blog?  Have you already started blogging, but you still consider yourself a new blogger?  On the other hand, are you an experienced blogger that would like to review hyperlinks?  Whatever your ability level, this post is for you.


7 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

10 January, 2015

Are you a new blogger looking for advice?  Are you a seasoned blogger concerned there might be advice out there you’re not privy to?  Then, this is the blog post for you! In the ten weeks since I started blogging, I am still discovering many […]