Blog Party: Meet and Greet #8

Bloggers network at the Meet and GReet.
17 October, 2015

Welcome to My 8th Meet and Greet! You are all invited to my party to help me celebrate. I reached a milestone of sorts. I received over 1,000 Email subscribers. I was told you should not mention the number of followers you have on your […]


How to Quickly Get 3,000 New Blog Followers

16 August, 2015

Does my headline contain a typo? Did I erroneously add an extra zero? Did I erroneously add two extra zeros? No! This post is a case study.  It details how my guest author not only got 3,000 new blog followers, but got them in a […]


How to Network Even If You're Not An Extrovert

8 March, 2015

Do you find the pressures of life in and out of the blogosphere demanding?  Can you relate to the following conversation? @ContessaLysa @PlaguedParent Hi, It's true; it's like having a second job! — Janice Wald (@MrsPaznanski) March 5, 2015 When @PlaguedParent, @ContessaLysa, and myself were […]