17 Time-Saving Tips for People Who Are Rushed

6 January, 2015

Do you need time-saving tips? Do you want to blog but fear you don’t have the time?  Do you love blogging but are frustrated that it’s cutting into many other activities? Are you considering blogging less or abandoning your blog altogether due to time constraints? […]


5 Reasons You Should Get Out of the House

25 December, 2014

It’s December! Welcome to my first ever sensory blog post!  I always felt fall was my favorite season of the year.  However, winter is upon us, and I realize all that I ever loved about fall is still applicable.  If I am to be a […]


3 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Burnout

6 December, 2014

Are you frustrated at the holidays with just too much on your plate?  Welcome to my world.  A new reader wrote me last Friday inquiring how I can do so much.  I blog, I teach, I advise yearbook students and chess players, all the while […]


3 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Shopping Frustration

2 December, 2014

    Don’t get me wrong; I like getting out with the crowd.  I really do.  Although born in New York, I’m an L. A. girl.  I relish rooting for my boys, the Dodgers.  The most thoughtful present a guy can give me is theater […]