How to Use Zest.Is to Find the Best 1% of All Marketing Posts in the World

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Are you familiar with content aggregator websites?

You should be. You need to use these content curation sites as part of your regular content strategy.

Using content aggregator websites to repurpose and promote your blog post content is an increasingly popular idea.

Content aggregator websites are organizations that gather website content from different places online. They curate, or store, your content.

This post will give you exposure to new content aggregator websites like as well as recommending you give some older content curation websites a new look.

by Janice Wald with an introduction by Yam Regev

As budding or professional bloggers, we all have our sources of information, right?

Some of us use RSS feeds, others are using content aggregation websites, and I know many bloggers who are extracting information and inspiration by following different Twitter lists, Facebook groups and by taking Lynda or Coursera courses.

But whatever you are using, I bet you feel the sheer overwhelming level of information we, as bloggers, are facing on a daily basis.

We are lost in a sea of information.

When you try to distill the actual problem, you understand that is not information overload but a lack of filtration. This kind of (maybe missing) filter should be able to effectively surface and match content for us.

After a lot of searches, I might have found one platform that enables blogging professionals to own their personal growth by consuming the most relevant content, effortlessly.

I am a huge fan of and you will be too. is not one of the content aggregator websites. It actually gets its content from its own users who suggest and distill the content as a pro-active, unified tribe of professionals.

Along with machine learning, it knows how to distill the mass amount of suggested information and extract the knowledge for the end user, making sure you consume only in-depth, insightful content that actually makes you a better marketing professional.

It’s this bit-sized kind of knowledge that helps us to improve our blogging talent in a micro-learning, continuous experience.

There are many social bookmarking sites that you can include in your content strategy but is unique.

I can sum up this way: Content Curation meets Marketing tips meets Educational Marketing. calls themselves “a tribe of marketers.”

As you know, bloggers are content marketers.

Read this post and you’ll see how you can incorporate into your content strategy.

The website has been featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur.

According to a reviewer on YouTube, you’ll read the top 1% of the best marketing articles in the world at


What you can expect when you curate your content at

  • The website is definitely a place for serious content creators.
  • You can use as a place to promote your work.
  • The people who run are extremely friendly and cheerful.
  • You’ll also be able to use as a place to find articles to use as research for future blog posts. The site is a veritable library of resources about blogging.
  • Filter by audio and video content.
  • Bookmark articles to read later.
  • You can follow people on Zest.
  • Posting to your blog from other sites is a form of off-site optimization. Therefore, posting at boosts your SEO.
  • After promoting my work at, I receive blog traffic. Can you use promotion at to boost your website traffic also? There’s one way to find out. is different than other content aggregation websites since your content needs to be submitted for acceptance.
Important to note: The articles you’ll find at are the highest quality. The folks over at only accept the best articles. These include case studies and in-depth strategies.


How to Curate Content at

Step 1: Go to and submit the link to your post. Update: correct link:
When you submit, there is already a high-level of excitement.
I don’t know about you but there’s something about being complimented with “Amazeballs” that makes me feel using this site is fun!


Step 2: Zest lets you know they got your article.
Yam Regev, the founder, writes you personally.
Look what you can expect to receive when you submit your article for
Is anyone besides me a Michael Cera fan?


Step 3: You receive notice that your article is rejected or accepted.
Look at your rejection notification:
Even when they turn your article down, boosts your self-esteem.
Look at your acceptance notification:
The compliments! The happy emoji! All those people clapping for me in the GIF which you see when you receive this! I hope you can see why I’m hooked! What an engaging site!
Doesn’t this look cool?
What you can expect after publishes your articles:
You see the number of people who clicked and saved your post:I received 70 clicks to this article. I expect more since 8 people bookmarked my post. does not post likes, clicks, or saves.How works:
Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Click Go To Your Distilled Content Stream.


Step 3: Click See What’s Happening Inside.


Step 4: Control Sidebar: Select tags you’d be interested in reading about– on the right. I chose 7.


Step 5: Decide your theme colors and layout.


Step 6: Suggest content. You get what you give in blogging. Testimonial:

Lisa Sicard recommends

UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Zest now shows your success score


Other Content Aggregator Websites


Wakelet is another new place to curate your content and include in your content strategy.

After publishing an article about Wakelet, the new content aggregator website, I had the privilege of interviewing Wakelet employees.

They explained why they started Wakelet. They wanted a website with content curated by humans and not bots.

I wondered how to use this content curation site as a place to generate blog traffic.

The demise of StumbleUpon left a huge hole in the social media realm.

I asked the founder of Wakelet how to use Wakelet to generate blog traffic:

He explained there currently is no way.

However, it gets better:

He said the readers of Mostly Blogging can help Wakelet tailor its evolution so the website can help bloggers generate website traffic as well as be a place to store content.

He asked Mostly Blogging’s readers to state their blogging niche.

Then, in the Explore section, he’ll create those categories based on our niches.

Currently, the content in the Explore section is placed there randomly by Wakelet’s founders.

If you put your niche in the comments section, once we get twenty niches represented, they’ll create those categories for us and then guide their users to our content.

Exciting news! Put your blogging niche in the comments section and you can be in on the ground floor of the evolution of a content curation website.

Wakelet Testimonial:

Dexter Roona is a huge fan of Wakelet.


Having an online profile is important. Contently provides you the place to store your profile.

Brands find the blogger at Contently. They pay the site for that service. The site helps them find the blogger.

To become eligible for work, join the network by creating a free portfolio that showcases your projects and professional expertise.

Contently gives freelance creatives the opportunity to work with top brands on high-quality projects that pay well.

Through Contently‘s platform, freelancers matched with brands can pitch ideas, submit work, and instantly receive payment all in one place.

Contently Testimonials:

Contently is the best way to maintain an active, creative freelance career. Period. Erica Swallow, Freelancer

Moss Clement uses Contently to curate his own work to create a portfolio for potential freelance writing clients.

That was a link to Moss’s online profile. Here is a link to my Contently online profile. If potential clients want to see my work portfolio, BAM, it’s all stored for them at one website.


If you’re looking for another one of the cool content aggregator websites, I recommend you check out Snapzu.
My friend and his team built it from scratch, and you are more than welcome to jump on in. It’s invite only right now.


When I reviewed the  Pocket app before, I raved about how I am able to read articles offline when I cruise each summer.

The Internet is costly and glitchy on a cruise ship. Being able to read offline to research articles or for any reason, is a joy.

Pocket has additional benefits as well.


Once you’ve stored articles of interest in your Pocket app, Pocket knows what content interests you and makes further recommendations for reading based on your interests.

This feature is helpful for blog research.


In the past, when I reviewed Medium, I was impressed with its widespread reach. I see articles curated at Medium all over the internet.

However, when my ROI disappointed, I stopped using the site.

That’s changed. Medium has such a high Domain Authority score, I have renewed interest.

If I leave my link at a website with a high DA, my DA could rise. This, in turn, gives me more visibility at Google.

Also, when people “clap” for my articles, that’s a real self-esteem booster.

I have also seen Medium on my referral traffic stats although not as much as

Wrapping Up

In closing, your content strategy should include submitting to content aggregator websites like

Takeaways: Why You Should Submit Your Content to and other content aggregation sites:

You increase your site’s visibility.

You boost your website’s SEO by linking to your site. This process is called off-site optimization.

You meet like-minded content creators and curators.

Readers, please share so other users of content aggregation sites learn about and the other websites mentioned in this post.

I look forward to your views in the comment section.

Is submitting your articles to content aggregator websites part of your content strategy?

If yes, do you submit your content to If not, which content aggregator websites do you use?


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  1. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Janice, I’m loving They are a great site and yes only certain posts get approved. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some approved and have gained traffic because of it. They also offer ads with your approved posts which I’ll be testing in December.
    Thanks for the mention and also for the other content sites as well. I’ll have to check them out! I’ve recently started using Wakelet too 🙂

    • Karolis

      Heeya Lisa,

      We love you too! <33

      Thanks for the looooovely comment 😉

      Ads? :O It's more like Featured Content – ya know, the best content from your page on Zest 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Let me know about those ads once you test them. I assume they cost?
      Thanks for commenting, sharing this post, and turning me onto Zest.

  2. Matt D.

    Good stuff. I’m was looking for sites like those you mentioned. Checking them out now. Thanks!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Matt,
      I’m so glad my post was timely for you. Thanks for writing to tell me I did. I’m glad I could help.
      I’ll see you over at the sites, then!

  3. Karolis

    Janiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! ?

    Thank you for the kind words! 🙂
    You deserve all the compliments, in all of our team’s languages, haha ?

    Catch you at Zest!

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Karolis!
      Thanks for coming by and for complimenting my post.
      You have a rocking site. You and Yam are the ones who deserve the credit.

  4. Karolis

    Heeya Lisa,

    We love you too! <33

    Thanks for the looooovely comment 😉

    Ads? :O It's more like Featured Content – ya know, the best content from your page on Zest 🙂

  5. Gaurav Kumar

    Exposure is necessary for every business. One cannot grow his business without expanding it’s reach or audience. Content aggregator websites not only allow you to submit content but also give you idea about what type of content is trendy.

    You can use your own brain to use the content aggregator sites to grow your business.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      I agree with what you wrote. As I explained in the article, since Zest has marketing articles, it’s a great resource for people like you and me to use the content there for research for our blog posts. Thanks for writing.

  6. Moss Clement

    Hi Janice,

    I didn’t know about this article. Infact, I just saw it on my feed and decided to check it out right away. Thanks for adding me. I actually first heard or learned about from reading your blog, shortly thereafter, Yam sent me an email. However, Medium is great as I’m getting referral traffic from there. Once again,thanks for the add.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      I appreciate your comments on my content curation article.
      That’s interesting about Medium. I get traffic but it’s sporadic and rare. People leave me “claps” though. Any tips on how to get Medium referral traffic?

  7. Bubbie Gunter

    What can I say…this article is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.
    Up until now, the only TRUE place I had to syndicate my content was Viral Content Bee.
    I have searched and searched for additional sites. But, with no luck.
    Then, I discover THIS article and you gave me SIX!
    I have already joined and Snapzu (see you there!) and looking over the others as well.

    Thanks again for these amazing (and hard to find) tips!

    • Janice Wald

      So glad I could help you Bubbie and that you found this post timely. Have fun at the sites. Thanks for writing to tell me you found this article valuable.

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