How (and Why) to Find a Good YouTube Video Marketing Company in 2023

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YouTube video marketing company

YouTube is one of the most effective marketing channels out there but it is getting more and more challenging to get your content noticed there.

To achieve success on YouTube, you may need to find a good YouTube video marketing company.

By reading this article, you will discover both organic and paid methods of boosting your traction on YouTube.

Let’s explore how you can boost your YouTube success with a YouTube Video Marketing Company.

What is a video marketing company?

A video marketing company is an agency that helps you deliver your video content to your target audience.

A YouTube video company provides specific services targeting the YouTube platform. A full-service YouTube marketing company will include topic research, competitive analysis, video production, video SEO and marketing (generating deep views, comments).

Is YouTube a video marketing platform?

Yes, YouTube is definitely a marketing platform that can turn useful in any niche, without exception.

  • In many niches (fashion, gadgets, beauty, etc.), it can generate direct sales.
  • In all niches, YouTube can generate leads and brand awareness.
  • It is a great way to curate customer reviews and testimonials to better control your brand-driven results.
  • YouTube can put your products in context explaining how to use them and which features you need to check out (in both retails and SaaS industries).
  • YouTube can position you as an expert on any topic if you start publishing your tutorials, interviews, etc.
  • You can generate real-time engagements and build connections with your customers using live streaming.

In many ways YouTube is a very unique phenomenon because it is both a content and social media marketing platform, and one cannot exist without the other. 

This is one of the disadvantages of YouTube. There’s no way to generate visibility and engagement without creating unique content.

That being said, YouTube does not have the advantages of Facebook and Twitter. There’s no way to generate exposure by simply resharing other people’s content.

This is one of the disadvantages of Instagram as well. Much like on Instagram, on YouTube you need your own content.

This is why YouTube marketing always includes both content creation (and optimization) and networking (generating and replying to YouTube comments, participating in other relevant channels, etc.)

Can you pay for YouTube marketing?

Yes, you can (and in many cases should) pay for marketing your YouTube videos

While it is still a great place to reach your audience, YouTube is becoming a too crowded space. You cannot just upload your video there and hope it will find its viewer. You need to build up connections and relevancy signals to slowly accumulate visibility.

Therefore opting for paid options is a good idea. These include:

  • Investing native YouTube ads: Paying YouTube directly for putting your videos in front of the eyes of your chosen audience. This option includes re-targeting which is one of the most engaging ad types out there.
  • Outsourcing to third-party agencies, i.e. hiring a YouTube video marketing company. In many cases, these companies manage YouTube advertising campaigns as well, so if you choose a full-service company, you may not need to worry about the top option. It is likely to be quite an investment though.

The difference is that YouTube ads mostly only drive visibility to your channel while you are paying for them. White it is a very effective way to drive exposure, it has little to no cumulative impact.

Investing in developing your own channel is a more long-term approach. There’s no stopping you from investing in both simultaneously, of course.

What to look for in a YouTube video marketing company?

Just like with any marketing agency, the process of choosing a YouTube video marketing company will rely on your specific business needs and a budget.

  • Video production is usually the biggest investment because professional videos take time and skill to create This is why many businesses turn to an experienced video production company to create quality videos.
  • You can keep video production in-house and only pay for promotion but you need to clearly know what to expect.

Make sure you know which methods the company is going to be using and what will be included into reports:

  • Avoid focusing on video views: There are lots of spammy tools generating YouTube views that are useless. Those views don’t result in real engagements which is what YouTube is using to evaluate if your video is worth recommending to its users.
  • Let the company know that you know how to use YouTube analytics (You can also access analytics from within WordPress dashboard). This will make it clear that you can tell a mere view from a real engagement.
  • Look at their report samples to ensure you know which type of metrics they will be working on and what type of guarantees they will have (Note: Too many guarantees are a warning sign).

Overall, the good old rule is valid here as well: If it sounds too good to be true, there’s something shady going on here.

What not to outsource…

It is also a good idea to control your video topic selection even if you outsource the video creation. You know your products and your customers best, so you (and your team) can do a better job selecting angles for video content.

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool is a helpful tool allowing you to brainstorm content ideas for blogs and videos. The tool lets you filter keyword suggestion by SERP features allowing you to identify search queries that populate video carousels in search – this is a great sign that there’s a demand for video content for those topics:

YouTube Video Marketing Company

Text Optimizer is another helpful tool to identify unique angles and topics that may need video content. Run your (or your competitor’s) brand name through the tool to see niche associations with that entity: Those are topics for your videos.

Overall, branding is something I’d want to control as well. Don’t let anyone decide on the YouTube channel name, color palette and overall style. It’s your brand and you need to be in full control of how it is represented on YouTube.

YouTube Video Marketing Company: FAQ

Can you pay YouTube to promote your channel?

Yes. You can purchase YouTube ads which will boost your YouTube visibility.

What do YouTube marketing agencies do?

A video marketing company is an agency that helps you deliver your video content to your target audience. Services include topic research, competitive analysis, marketing, and SEO.

Conclusion: YouTube Video Marketing Company

YouTube marketing can be overwhelming, so finding a good partner is a good business decision that will allow you to build the foundation. Start with something small: Don’t invest too much money in a new video marketing company until you are sure they are doing a good job. 

Unless you are investing into ads, don’t expect too fast growth. Develop your YouTube channel gradually by contributing valuable content and engaging with our audience and other channels. Try to learn from what your YouTube video marketing company is doing to generate video engagements to be able to move those tactics in-house and invest into something else.

Good luck!

Readers, please share these strategies for boosting YouTube traction by outsourcing to a YouTube Video Marketing Company.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Would you consider outsourcing your YouTube marketing?

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Ann Smarty is the Founder of MyBlogU and Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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