YouTube Video Idea Generator: 16 Inspiring Ideas to Make Videos [That People Actually Watch in 2023]

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YouTube video idea generator

Are you looking for a YouTube video idea generator?

Updated Information: This post is timely since YouTube is testing YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s answer to TikTok video. You can apply these YouTube video idea generator ideas to make YouTube Shorts along with traditional longer YouTube videos.

Posting interesting videos can result in more YouTube subscribers.

If you seek a YouTube content idea generator, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide shows you examples using 13+ videos taken straight from YouTube.

It gets better: In many cases, this action plan tells you the tool used to make the video and most of them are free. In addition, I offer you tutorials for making most of these videos.

With your YouTube video idea generator in hand, you’ll be able to make your own videos to post on YouTube as soon as you finish this article.

That’s right. These are mostly free actionable tips you can apply immediately.

Are you thinking, “I don’t need a YouTube video idea generator since I don’t make videos?”

If you are, then you need a YouTube video idea generator.

Entrepreneur makes a good point. “Too many small business owners have chalked up YouTube video content as ‘not applicable to them. But, in today’s marketplace, you need to expand your message’s reach if you wish to capture audience attention.”

Let’s look at a timeline of video trends:

Video exploded before Covid-19.

Video exploded further during Covid-19.

Video is predicted to explode even more after Covid-19.

Today, video consumption is so trendy, people make video business cards.

Stats you can’t ignore: 80% of consumers watched more videos during the Coronavirus shelter-in-place. This marketing trend toward watching more videos will continue and is predicted to rise to 82% by 2022.

Also, people love to share YouTube videos. They have the highest share rate of any type of social media content. Ask people to share at the end of your videos to ensure your brand’s reach spreads.

You can also share your videos across social channels. Repurposing your video content is a time-saving strategy for you.

Have you ever complained to yourself, “I am not active on YouTube, but I want to be? What do I make a video about?”

This post answers the question, “What do I make YouTube videos about?”

What this post is NOT:

This post is not a video-making tutorial.

This post is not a case study on how to generate YouTube views. Other Mostly Blogging articles about YouTube views share those instructions.

Related reading: If you are interested in generating more YouTube views see Not Getting Views on YouTube in 2020? This is What You Need to Know.

This post is not a list of tips to help you grow your YouTube subscribers.

This post is not a tutorial about how to start a YouTube channel.

This post is not an action plan to make music videos. However, the videos contained in this guide have music.

This post is not a random video idea generator.

Instead, this YouTube video idea generator is based on research of proven video ideas that work to inspire viewers.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will have 13 video ideas. You will also know what video ideas you should abandon. You can start using your YouTube video idea generator today.

This post will show examples of YouTube videos made using 11 mostly free tools: Camtasia, Canva, Spark Video, Lumen5, Instasize, Animoto, PixTeller, Introbrand, Renderforest, PosterMyWall, and the iPhone.

This guide also includes tips on how to market your products and services using YouTube videos. Be sure to stick around until the end for the bonus YouTube video idea generator tips.

People trust videos since they view what’s going on in the videos with their own eyes.

Bring on the YouTube video idea generator!

General YouTube Video Generator Ideas

This post is on how to make videos so engaging people will want to subscribe to your account. This video also shows how to grow your YouTube subscriber count.

Important note: This YouTube video idea generator guide presumes you have a YouTube account. No YouTube video idea generator guide will help you if you don’t have a YouTube account since you need an account to make YouTube videos. YouTube accounts are free.

Even though this post’s focus is on generating YouTube video ideas, if you are interested in growing your following, in addition to being helpful in generating video-making ideas, the tips in this section are valuable YouTube views hacks for increasing views as well as subscribers.

Even a bit more knowledge can increase your views and subscribers. Although YouTube may seem simple, and we may feel we know all there is to know about this popular site, a YouTube video idea generator will definitely help you take your YouTube skills to the next level.

Make video content people can’t get anywhere else.

Some of the examples shown in this article are both funny and informative. Since most YouTube videos are one or the other, making helpful videos in an entertaining way helps you stand out in the crowded YouTube space. After all, over one billion people use YouTube (Source).

Pick a niche.

People sign up to be your subscribers since they are interested in your content. Therefore, you should stick to one area of content.

How long should your YouTube videos be?

Keep your videos short or vary the length.

People are busy. While they may go to YouTube to enjoy a longer video, YouTube gives them the option of selecting a shorter length video.

The site breaks videos into categories of length:

Most of the videos in this post are shorter than four minutes.

Note: YouTube is the one site where longer videos are encouraged. People go to YouTube to watch longer videos than on other social media sites. Also, a longer video keeps people on the site longer which helps YouTube.

When people stay on a website longer, the bounce rate is improved since people don’t “bounce away” so quickly. Therefore, making longer videos helps YouTube’s SEO.

Experiment with your YouTube start and end time. Check your analytics and replicate what YouTube start and end time generate the most views.

Organize your videos by categories.

Tags make videos easy for people to find but so do categories.

Make sure you use Royalty-Free music.

YouTube videos are dynamic music video generators. People love music.

However, when you use your YouTube video to generate music, there are precautions you need to take.

Case in point: After making a video, Google notified a friend of mine he violated copyright infringement since he didn’t use royalty-free music.

When you use YouTube as a music video generator, make sure you use music that doesn’t have licensing restrictions and is free to use.

Related: The MiniTool uTube Downloader is a completely free software to quickly download YouTube videos and music.

Before we bring on the YouTube video idea generator, consider these comments:

“I genuinely don’t recommend any person to launch a YouTube channel in this day and age without an already successful past experience within a channel because it would be a lost cause in my opinion and the competition is way too intense :p. (Source)”

If you are brave enough to forge ahead and still make YouTube videos, read on.

YouTube Video Idea Generator

At the time of this writing, businesses are closed due to the Coronavirus, but video use is on the rise. However, coming up with video making ideas is challenging.

If you have ever wondered, “What do I make videos about?” here is your answer:



Respond to someone else’s video in a video of your own.

Watch how Nate from Channel Makers masterfully responds to Annie Dubé.

Together, their videos make a point/counterpoint.


These are also called “walk throughs.”

People use video tutorials to give demonstrations.

Video tutorials are ideal if you want to show viewers how to do something.

For example, Lisa Sicard made a video showing people how to post to Instagram from their desktop computers.

Video Making Tool: Camtasia

Lisa explained she uses Camtasia to make her video tutorials which is a premium tool.

July 2021 Update

Video Making Tool: Splice

Splice is free.


Tell viewers how to do something.

Think of what works for your brand:

For instance, you might make a “How-to” video about how to use a tool in your niche.

In this video, I explained how to use two SERPCheckers, SERPRobot and Google Analytics. These are free keyword tools definitely relevant in my blogging tips niche.

Video Making Tool: Spark Video

Video Making Tool: Canva

This video accompanied my post on how to boost SEO, blog traffic, and engagement with blog commenting sites.

In essence, I typed my outline and inserted text, videos, images, and music.

This video accompanied my post about Instagram hacks:

This video falls under the category of “How-to” since I tell people how to make Instagram Story covers in the video. This is not a demonstration. I don’t show them; I tell them.

Video making tool: Spark Video

Here you will find a Spark Video tutorial.

Notice the difference between the How-to, where my videos tell people the information, in contrast to the Tutorial, where the video shows people a demonstration of how to follow the instructions.


Getting testimonials from happy readers, clients, or consumers is important. Testimonials are a sign of social proof and extend your brand.

Wouldn’t it be better to see and hear the person giving you a testimonial instead of reading the words?

When people see and hear someone, the message take on an air of credibility and the consumer feels trust.

Listen to Mark Newsome offering a testimonial for Justin Glover:


People don’t always want to be marketed to.

You need a YouTube video idea generator since people don’t always want to see the same type of content. No one likes “same old, same old.”

Especially on YouTube where people go to get informed and/or entertained, it’s important to vary your content.

Wishing people well at the holidays, for example, shows people you’re a real person, not just a marketer looking to make a sale.

Video making tool: Instasize

Here is an Instasize video tutorial.

Behind the Scenes

In behind-the-scenes footage, Michael Stelzner, the brains behind Social Media Marketing, is seen going to the gym and talking to employees during strategy meetings.

Watch him as he goes #BehindtheScenes to plug his convention:

Updated Information August 2021

I made my first Behind-the-Scenes video using my first YouTube Short!


Top Tips

You can summarize Top Tips from a blog post.

Make sure you offer the link to the post. Tags go in a separate tag section.

I’m a huge fan of HaylsWorld. Made in 2017, this was a Top 10 Instagram Story Tips video.

When you watch, notice she uses humor along with her instruction.

Video Explainers

You place these short video explainers at the beginning of a video. Video explainers can be helpful in breaking down more complex concepts. You can also use the video explainer instead of the video.

More information on the Renderforest video explainer can be found here:

Video Logos

Add video logos. They’ll boost your brand by being memorable. Many brands have logos, but you’ll catch people’s attention with video logos.

Tool: Introbrand

For an Introbrand tutorial, see Introbrand: This is the Video Maker You Need, 15 Reasons.

Animated Images

Images are effective and valuable for a variety of reasons.

First, they help by showing what you’re trying to say instead of just telling with words.

Next, Google likes a variety of images.

Last, over 60% of learners understand information better by looking at images.

Related: Best Free Animation Software

Videos provide this variety. Therefore, some times having images that move are more effective.


Video Making Tool: PixTeller

Here is a PixTeller animation tutorial.

Tell a Story

You could tell a personal story.

Marketers should be relatable. As a video marketer, you are no exception.

If you watch this video by Neil Patel, you’ll see he starts telling stories approximately 41 seconds into the video:

Patel tells a story about Steve Jobs and others. It’s true: I’ve actually seen Patel get choked up when he tells stories in videos.


The beauty of social media is your ability to market your good and services for free.

However, according to Copy Blogger‘s Brian Clark, your video must be engaging before you can use your video to persuade people to buy from you.

In addition to marketing your paid goods and services, let people know about any freebies you are currently offering.

As you see in this video, I promoted our Mostly Blogging Academy free affiliate marketing course.

Video Making Tool: Canva

Notice I could use this video to promote my Blog Consultation Services.

Tool: PosterMyWall

I also used these “Colorful Particles” to market my Blog Critique Services:

Video Making Tool: Renderforest

For a Renderforest tutorial, see 18 Ways the Renderforest Free Online Video Maker Will Make You a Better Content Creator.

I also used this video to market my Blog Critique Service:

Video Making Tool: Animoto

You can find an Animoto tutorial here.

More YouTube video ideas

Put something that represents you behind you in the video. For example, I could put my blog’s name on a sweatshirt draped on the chair behind me. Subtle advertising.

If a plant represents you should you have a nature blog or a nature-themed channel, use that.

Related Reading: Social media sites that pay

Brand Advertising

I applied for a campaign with the WinPro Company. They chose me!

They sent me a free product of my choice and asked me to film a video with my iPhone and send it to them.

You don’t have to make the video public if it’s for a brand.

Video making tool: my iPhone.

Ask Me Anything

YouTube video idea generator
Photo by Pixabay on

You can answer any question in your AMA videos.

Try to answer the 5W’s.

Many people go to YouTube looking for the answer to questions just like they’d go to

In fact, YouTube is a massive search engine, the second biggest.

Make YouTube videos that answer questions.

UPDATE September 2021

One important note though…

Don’t just answer any questions on YouTube. Answer Specific Questions. This has been called the ASQ method. People go to YouTube looking for how to do something. Make a video explaining how to do something specific. Put “how to” in your title.

For instance, my video explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail outperformed my video offering a Twiends review.

YouTube Comment Search

By searching the comment section of videos in your niche, you can make videos that answer those questions.

I’m a huge fan of Angel Yeo’s YouTube Channel, so let’s use her video on Instagram Story hacks as an example:

Angel offered her tips in her YouTube video. Look at the comment section:

People had questions about Angel’s video; if you look closely, you’ll see they are the same question: “How did you get the fonts shown in the video?”

Being the helpful YouTuber that she is, Angel made a video reply. However, many YouTubers may answer the question, but don’t make a video demonstrating the answer.

More YouTube views hacks

This is where you can generate views and subscribers, by making videos answering questions people in your niche have. Scanning comments sections for question marks isn’t that time-consuming.

It’s true: You can use this post as your YouTube comment generator.

Of course, you can use any site as your YouTube video idea generator. For instance, you can find questions people ask about your niche at Answer the Public and Quora.

YouTuber Tim McQueen recommends using TubeBuddy as a YouTube video idea generator. Tim uses TubeBuddy for keyword research which helps Tim generate ideas for videos.


This video answers the question, “What is an Instagram shadowban?

What was my inspiration for the video?

I noticed many people asking this question at Quora, so I made a video offering the answer.

Video making tool: My iPhone

Live Video

This post displays recorded videos so I don’t have examples of Live Video to show you.

However, you can post Live Videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram.

You can find questions you can answer in your Live Videos anywhere., the popular question and answer site, is a great resource.

You can tell a story in your live video. People are hooked by strong storytelling.

You can explain content you previously published in a blog post. Repurposing boosts your ROI.

You gain important insights by live streaming. This is due to the fact that you can see where people stopped watching and improve those sections in your next live streaming session.

If none of these YouTube video idea generator tips inspired you to come up with your own ideas for live videos to help your brand, YouTube user Aria Mathew has ideas. “”We can use Google Trends to find a hot topic in our niche.”

Bonus YouTube Video Idea Generator Tips

Updated Information:

August 2021


Posting a video series is to your advantage as well as your viewers’ benefit.

People prefer short videos. Having a series of related short videos is a surefire way to have returning viewers. When YouTube sees your viewers are clicking related links on your channel, the platform’s algorithms will boost your visibility.

June 2021

The Pinterest video downloader is easy and ethical to use with a free third-party tool. You can find detailed instructions and a tutorial here: Pinterest video downloader.

May 2021

Quora users chimed in.

To add to this YouTube video idea generator list they suggested:

  • Challenges
  • Reaction Videos
  • Timelapse Videos

Funny Videos

No post about a YouTube video idea generator would be complete without a section on funny videos.

TikTok would not have achieved its stratospheric popularity if people did not like funny videos.

Funny Video Ideas:

Do you make behind the scenes videos of your business?

If so, after a while, you will collect enough edited footage to make a Blooper Reel.

Perhaps you tried to videotape but your barking dog wanted to be the star, drowned you out, and you had to start over.

There are many funny video ideas you can implement.

YouTube Video Idea Generator: Methods

Make Use Of offers six strategies to strengthen your YouTube videos important for any YouTube idea video generator.

After all, the ideas work better with these methods.

Methods for strengthening YouTube videos:

  • Focus your video content.
  • Repurpose your content.
  • Engage with your viewers.
  • Brand your channel.
  • Cross-purpose your YouTube video onto other social media sites.
  • Use visually appealing video thumbnails.


Start with a hook to capture viewers’ interest. You don’t want them turning off the video due to a lack of interest.

The Social Media Examiner offers data about the drop-off rate. According to the publication, you need to capture people’s interest within the first 10 to 15 seconds of the video or risk losing them to distractions.

YouTube Video Idea Generator: When to Post

In addition to experimenting with YouTube video ideas for inspirational topics, you might experiment with engaging people at different times of the day and different days of the week.

For instance, I normally post Saturday mornings but I am going to try posting Sunday mornings and evenings instead. Watch this space for the results!

YouTube Video Ideas You Should Discard

This section explains what topics to avoid making videos about.


When you make a video, you want to develop an evergreen topic. An evergreen topic is a topic that will always be relevant. The political world changes.

For instance, I once wrote a post about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his bid to rerun for president. It’s no longer relevant; I’ve since taken it down.


According to, YouTube will remove videos offering misinformation about the 2020 United States presidential election.

YouTube Video Idea Generator: Post Production

After using these YouTube video idea generator methods, consider asking objective third parties if they find your video idea interesting. We know asking Mom will always result in a “yes.”

The people on Reddit have subReddits on all conceivable topics. Run your idea by them and see what Redditors think. Here are hot Reddit subReddits. These include Ask Me Anything subReddits.

With permission, you might be able to post your video link so they can watch. There are many subReddits who will give you an honest answer.

YouTube Video Idea Generator ROI

Are you getting a return on your time investment? Is your YouTube video idea generator working?

Check your YouTube video stats and replicate the ideas that generate traction.

For instance, my video on How to Get Out of Facebook Jail has received almost 200 times more views than my other YouTube videos. This tells me YouTubers want to see more videos like this one.

YouTube Video Idea Generator: FAQ

What are good ideas for YouTube videos?

Tutorials, Testimonials, Branding, Behind the Scenes, Top Tips, Videos that Tell a Story, Marketing Videos, and Ask Me Anything

What is the best content for YouTube?

Tutorials, Testimonials, Branding, Behind the Scenes, Top Tips, Videos that Tell a Story, Funny Videos, and Ask Me Anything

Wrapping Up: YouTube Video Idea Generator

In closing, this post offered you a YouTube video idea generator. Bookmark these tips so you have an idea for a video when you need to make one.

Your videos last on YouTube for years in contrast to other social media sites where content is fleeting.

YouTube is a content library, a search engine, and a social media site. Post quality videos such a powerful site deserves. Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to make your own quality YouTube videos.

In addition, this guide offered 5 general YouTube video-making ideas as well as 17 examples from YouTube. In most instances, tutorials were offered so you can start making videos today.

Also, making money on YouTube was covered. I showed examples of marketing videos Michael Stelzner and I made.

As you read the YouTube video idea generator, did you ask yourself, “What if I want to combine ideas in my YouTube video? Don’t. Your video should be designed around one idea.

Promise yourself to start now that you have this YouTube video idea generator action plan.

Readers, please share so video makers discover these ideas for generating YouTube videos.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have any additional ideas to add to this list for people needing a YouTube video idea generator?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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