YouTube Shorts Download: How to Easily Download Videos in 2024 (For Free, 2 Ways)

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YouTube Shorts Download

Are you using YouTube Shorts and need to know how to perform a YouTube Shorts download?

By reading this guide, you receive tutorials on how to make a YouTube Shorts video and how to download YouTube Shorts to your PC and then upload the video to your WordPress blog.

UPDATE: You also get reviews of two YouTube Shorts download converter methods. Also, you get a comparison of the same video, once as a YouTube Shorts download and once as an embedded video, so you can see what a YouTube Shorts download looks like.

Let’s get information about YouTube Shorts download methods.

YouTube Shorts Vs Pinterest Videos

UPDATE November 2021

The advantages of a YouTube Shorts download and a Pinterest download are the same.

Why make a YouTube Shorts download or a Pinterest download?

  • Save time by using other people’s videos and citing source credit.
  • If someone removes a video from YouTube or Pinterest, the video is downloaded into your computer so you can continue watching.
  • Once downloaded, you can break up the parts of the video if desired.
  • You can watch your YouTube Shorts download or your Pinterest download offline.

UPDATE October 2021

YouTube Shorts 

Pinterest Videos

15 billion average views daily globally Source

People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest Source

This table reflects 2021 data.

UPDATE November 2021

There is an important difference between YouTube Shorts and Pinterest Videos if you want to make money on social media, and who doesn’t?

As explained in the video, since YouTube is currently pushing out YouTube Shorts, people will see your marketing videos without being subscribed to your channel.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Before you can think about performing a YouTube Shorts download, you need to know what YouTube Shorts are.

Shorts are YouTube’s answer to TikTok videos.

YouTube Shorts have a vertical format and the length is 60 seconds or less.

Anyone can make YouTube Shorts even without any subscribers.

Do not confuse YouTube Shorts with YouTube Stories which are also vertical. To make YouTube Stories, you need to have a minimum subscriber amount of 10,000 subscribers.

Making YouTube Shorts is easiest using your smartphone which is already vertical in shape.

YouTube Shorts are easy to find. When you go to YouTube on your smartphone, look at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see the word “Shorts.”

Shorts also appear in YouTube’s home feed, so you have several opportunities to get your YouTube short videos seen. Since YouTube has over 2 billion users, that’s quite a great deal of exposure for your video content.

You can add music and text provided by YouTube. An added feature is being able to control the speed of your video.

YouTube pays content creators for making YouTube Shorts. The amount ranges from between $100 per month and $10,000 per month depending on viewer engagement.

Why Download YouTube Shorts?

After downloading, you can post the YouTube Short on Instagram or TikTok.

Therefore, YouTube Shorts download is a powerful way to repurpose your video content.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

Before you can do a YouTube Shorts download, you should know how to make a YouTube Short.

Go to Make sure you have an account. Open the app.

At the bottom of the phone screen, click the Plus sign. Click Create a Short.

You’ll see YouTube Shorts are still in Beta which is helpful. This gives you the chance to get in on the ground floor before you have more competition for viewership.

Click Create a Short.

The videos in your image library will appear. Align lets you align the clips together.

Choose the video clips you want to appear in the Short. When done, click the checkmark.

Choose Add Music and select music genre and track if desired.

You may have heard you can choose music from another YouTube Shorts creator, but they can revoke your right to use the music.

Choose your text and the font style. Use the timeline found at the bottom to place your text on the preferred video clip. Change the size and position of your text as needed.

After uploading to YouTube, add a title and hashtags. One of the hashtags should be #Shorts to help your Short get found. Social media sites boost the visibility of content that uses new features.

Choose a thumbnail preferably with an image of a person.

You can make YouTube Short videos about any topics you find inspirational. I made mine about a Behind-the-Scenes moment. Here you will find ideas for inspirational videos.

Here is my first YouTube Short:

Truth be told, this is not a YouTube Shorts download. I embedded the code for the video. Let’s discover how to do a YouTube Shorts download.

YouTube Shorts Download Methods

YouTube Shorts Download Method 1:

Performing a YouTube Shorts download is much like performing a Pinterest video download. You need a 3rd party tool.

In order to make a YouTube Shorts download, use this YouTube converter.

YouTube shorts download

Go to

Paste the link to the video you want to download where requested.

You have many choices of formats such as YouTube MP3 or YouTube MP4. I chose MP4 180 pixels which I knew would be square in case I want to post the video to Instagram.

I was deterred when an ad appeared, but then again we are using a free tool, and sometimes, that’s the price you pay

Full disclosure: I could not find the video, so I do not recommend this YouTube Shorts Download video converter. Maybe you’ll have more success, so I have included it here.

YouTube Shorts Download Method 2

YouTube shorts download

Choose the video you want to download. Click Edit Video. Click the 3 dots and then click download.

This was made possible by using the YouTube Shorts Download tool, clicking the 3 dots and “download.”

How I got the YouTube Shorts download into my WordPress blog:

Simple! I added the video block and uploaded the video which I had downloaded from YouTube into my PC.

Blog readers often prefer to save time reading by watching videos. Others want to watch videos to enhance their understanding of what they read. The YouTube Shorts Download tool accomplishes these purposes.

Wrapping Up: YouTube Shorts Download

By reading this post, you received tutorials on how to make a YouTube Shorts video and how to download YouTube Shorts to your PC and then upload the video to your WordPress blog.

Readers, please share so YouTubers and bloggers discover this YouTube Shorts download tutorial.

Are you familiar with YouTube Shorts? Have you tried any YouTube Shorts download tools? Which do you recommend?

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    It’s really good to know how to download and use it on Instagram as well as on our websites। But it’s sad to note that, To make YouTube Stories, you need to have a minimum subscriber amount of 10,000 subscribers.
    This is really a sad news to the newbies in this field। I started YouTube specially for YouTube shorts apart from my main channel Philipscom Views
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