YouTube Comment Search: How to Easily Find YouTube Comments in 2024 (and Why You Need To) Top 11 Ways

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YouTube comment search

Why do you need to perform a YouTube comment search and learn how to filter YouTube comments?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. According to Statista, 2.6 billion people use YouTube at least once a month.

YouTube has advantages for you as a content creator. Did you ever consider you could use YouTube as a consistent source for content inspiration?

People go to YouTube to ask questions to solve their problems. Therefore, using YouTube to search for pain points and questions that you can answer in your content just makes sense.

However, how many content creators conduct a YouTube comment search to generate content creation ideas?

As it turns out, many content creators routinely perform a YouTube comment search for ideas. You will read testimonials from them assuring you about the effectiveness of these methods in this post.

By reading this article, you discover how to do a YouTube comment search and why you should. You will receive seven advantages of conducting a YouTube comment search and 10 easy methods of finding YouTube comments.

UPDATE August 2022: If you need a YouTube comment searcher, you are in the right place. Consider this guide as your action plan for how to search for YouTube comments.

You will also find out if preventing a YouTube comment search is possible.

Let’s get started by discovering the advantages of a YouTube comment search and the top 10 best ways of finding YouTube comments.

Where do people go to generate content ideas?

  • Google Trends
  • Twitter Trends
  • Answer the Public
  • Ahrefs Content Gap
  • Reddit Forums
  • Facebook Groups

These are popular sources of content creation ideas. However, how many content creators are searching YouTube comments?

UPDATE: August 2023

Unveiling the Insights: Exploring YouTube Comment Searches

In the vast realm of online interactions, YouTube stands as a titan of content consumption.

As you delve into the world of search, you might be curious about the extent to which YouTube comments contribute to the overall user experience.

Here is important data: Surprisingly, studies indicate that approximately 70% of users actively engage with YouTube comments to gain deeper insights, share opinions, or simply connect with the content and its creators.

Why would you want to do a YouTube comment search?

  • Generate blog post ideas
  • Generate video ideas
  • Help YouTubers solve their pain points
  • Make sales
  • Network
  • Find a comment you made on a YouTube channel
  • Post different content than your competitors

Why Conduct a YouTube Comment Search?

Generate Blog Post Ideas

Don’t be a victim of Writer’s Block.

If you are stumped for blog post topics, go to YouTube channels in your niche and perform a YouTube comment search. You will find plenty of content ideas to provide you with blog content inspiration for a long time to come.


As with all social media sites, when you make an insightful comment, you generate interest in your brand. This makes people check out your content.

Post different content on your site than your competitors

Why do people read your blog when there are so many bloggers in your niche writing about the same topics?

The goal of a blogger is to solve pain points. If you are all writing about the same pain points or problems, why should readers pick you?

The answer: You will get your pain points from a different source, the YouTube comment section. This post explains how you can do a YouTube comment search.

Find a comment you made on a channel.

You might have made YouTube comments in the past that you regret making.

Perhaps your knowledge has increased and you now realize a comment you made due to inexperience was wrong.

Perhaps your maturity has increased and a comment you made in the past could potentially cause you embarrassment.

Follow these strategies in order to do a YouTube comment search and delete your unwanted comments.

YouTube Comment Search Testimonial

Is performing a YouTube comment search a valuable method of generating blog post topics?

Let’s see what a member of the Reddit Blogging Community had to say:

YouTube comment search

As you see, this Redditor agrees that using YouTube to generate blog post ideas “directly serves your target audience.”

How to Perform a YouTube Comment Search

Here are four tools to help you do a YouTube comment search:

Method 1. Hadzy


YouTube comment search

You can easily use Hadzy for free to find YouTube comments. Just enter the video URL of the YouTube video containing the comments you wish to see.

According to Hadzy’s FAQ Page, you can search comments by keyword. You can also see likes in ascending or descending order.

Note: You will not see multiple comments from the same YouTube viewer. Also, Hadzy will not show you the replies to the comments.

Method 2. YouTube Comment Finder

The YouTube Comment Finder is a free tool.

Here is a link to the YouTube Comment Finder.

Method 3. VidIQ

You can use VidIQ to conduct a YouTube comment search.

You can access VidIQ here.

Please note: I have not used these tools nor am I an affiliate.

Method 4. TubeBuddy

I am a happy user and an affiliate of TubeBuddy.

This YouTube SEO tool lets you do a YouTube comment search and find comments.

If you sign up for TubeBuddy, please use my affiliate link:

Once you sign up, go to YouTube and open TubeBuddy. Click Comments to see your comments.

On the desktop, once you find comments you’ve received on your channel, scroll down and use the Control F command. In the search box that appears, type question starters to find your questions.

One important note:

YouTube Comment Search

I thought I could search by question marks but not everyone ended their questions with question marks!

This viewer wants a more detailed tutorial showing how to make ĉ̷̦̭͔̣̟̄ȗ̷̟̮͈̱̤̳͈̭͖̳r̸̨̜̣͓̽͘ş̵͍̘̭̯̍̊̐̋͆̍́͌̑̍͐̓͘͜͝e̶̘̙̟͕̲̻̟̼̗̲͈̟͈̗̙͆d̴͕̜̝̺͍͔̳̦̀͆̍̔̇͊̍̇̏ ̵̢̤̦͈̯̖̰̳͍͕̝͍̓̓̍̾̋̈́́̒̍̾̊́̕ͅt̸̨̧̛̘̺͔͖͙̯̙͖̂̂͗̿͑̏͋̅͐́e̷̻͔̟̊͂̈́̎x̴̨̺̤͇̍̎̓͛̒͊̈́̀̔̕t̸̨͖͍̖͇͝.̶̛̺̾̈́͑̏̈̍̃.

After reading his question, I released a new video explaining how to make cursed text using a cursed text generator:

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Method 5. Control Find

Suppose you have a general idea you know what you want to write about.

On a desktop computer, scroll down to catch all the occurrences of your search term on a page. Click Control F (CTRL F) which stands for ”Find.” A text box will appear.

Type in the topic you want to write about. You will find all instances of the topic. Look to see what questions are being asked. Write blog posts answering the questions.

Suppose you have a specific idea of what you want to write about. Type in your keyword into the Control Find text box. Look for questions your blog post could answer.

Method 6. YouTube Studio: Filter by Keywords

You can use YouTube Studio to find content creation ideas if you have a YouTube Channel.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture and select the YouTube studio option.

Step 3: You will find yourself in the YouTube studio. On the left side, find the Comments option and then you will see all the comments your YouTube channel has received.

Step 4: Click the filter icon from the comments section and type in your search term. Also, you can click the search from the options and type in the words you are looking for.

Step 5: Click on apply and you will see the comments with the keywords you chose.

Method 7. YouTube Studio: Filter by Questions

You can save time by finding questions about your topic directly.

Follow the above steps but when you use the filter, click Contains Questions.

Method 8. YouTube Studio: Filter by Popular Channels

Is this method of conducting a YouTube comment search effective?

Once again, let’s see how a member of the Reddit Blogging SubReddit responded:

The Redditor agreed that using YouTube along with Reddit and Quora is a valuable strategy for finding comments. In addition, the Reddit user suggested performing the YouTube comment search on popular YouTube Channels.

He also recommended the comments sections of social media sites Reddit and Quora as resources to find content creation ideas.

How to See YouTube Comments from Popular Channels

When you are in YouTube studio, click Subscriber Count and search for comments from channels with a minimum number of subscribers. For instance, you can search for questions from channels with 10 million subscribers.

Method 9. YouTube Studio: Find Your Own Comments

How to find your own comment

On a desktop, go to YouTube. Click History on the left side of the screen.

On the right side of the screen, click Comments to see all your YouTube comments.

Method 10. YouTube Studio: Filter by Unanswered Comments

If you have a YouTube channel, go to YouTube and click your profile picture. Click YouTube Studio.

On the left, scroll down to Comments and click. You will see “I haven’t responded” and your unanswered comments.

Method 11. More Methods to Find Your Own Comments

Use the Find function

On a desktop, go to the channel where you left your comment. Use the Control F command function to find your name.

Use YouTube Comment History

Go to YouTube. Sign in.

Click your profile picture and then the hamburger menu, 3 horizontal lines, on the top left of the screen.

On the right side of the screen, click Comments.

YouTube comment search.

You will be able to see the history of your YouTube comments.

How to Perform a YouTube Comment Search on Mobile

This YouTuber shows a demonstration of how to perform a YouTube comment search on a mobile device.

Can You Prevent a YouTube Comment Search?

No. There is no way to stop other people from following these methods, performing a YouTube comment search, and finding your comments.

If you don’t want people to see your comments, delete them.

That is why following these methods is so important. You might have made YouTube comments you don’t remember making but might regret.

Follow these methods in order to find your own YouTube comments and then delete them.

YouTube Comment Search: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you search for YouTube comments?

Yes! There are many ways to search for YouTube comments. For instance, if you know the video of the YouTube channel, you can scroll down and use the CTRL F function to find your comment. If you have a YouTube Channel, the YouTube Studio shows you your comments. YouTube also shows you the history of your comments.

How do you search someone's comments on YouTube?

If you know the channel and video the person commented on, scroll down, use CTRL F which stands for Find, and in the text box that appears, type in the name of the commenter.

Wrapping Up: How to Conduct a YouTube Comment Search

In closing, this post explained 10 ways to conduct a YouTube comment search on both desktop and mobile using both free and paid methods.

You also received tutorials and testimonials showing the validity of these methods and using these tools.

Readers, please share so bloggers and video creators discover this post and learn how to perform a YouTube comment search and why they should.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Do you do a YouTube comment search in order to generate blog post ideas?


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