7 Great Reasons You Need to Think About Writing Guest Posts for More People

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Are you interested in getting a free guest post?

Maybe more than one free guest post?

The benefits are yours with a free guest post

Are you blogging in isolation?

How lonely!

Guest author Toufique Ahmed returns to explain how to find blogging connections.

His techniques vary from the norm.

His tips enable you to connect with influencers and other people in your niche when you submit a guest post. In addition, he explains how to boost your SEO through this method as well.

If you prefer watching videos to reading, a video with this information is included in the post.

7 Reasons To Still Consider Writing a Free Guest Post For Other Websites

Toufique Ahmed

Guest posting is still one of the best ways to get attention for your site, introduce it to new audiences and also to help get links. It’s something every site owner should consider. If you don’t believe us or are not yet convinced – read on and see why it could be hugely beneficial.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Connect With A New Group Of People

When you are first getting started online, you don’t have the advantage of having an audience of your own. Until you can establish one, writing guest posts is a great way to get your content in front of the eyes of people who may be interested in it. By connecting you with a targeted audience, guest blog posts can help you begin growing your online following.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Boost Your Social Media Accounts

Trying to get more followers on social media can be particularly challenging when you are just getting up and running with your online business. A well-placed guest blog post can help you quickly grow your audience. For instance, one of the first guest posts that I ever wrote allowed me to get twice as many Instagram followers as I previously had with a single post. The way that I accomplished this was by including text in my bio informing people how they could follow me on Instagram.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Make Connections With People In Your Industry

In the world of online marketing, it is common for newbies to want to connect with more well-established marketers. In fact, many people spend a lot of their time sending emails or direct messages to leading marketers, trying to get advice and information from people who already have a strong foothold in their industry.

Unfortunately, this is often a losing battle. Successful people are so busy that they usually don’t have time to respond to every message that they receive. A much better way of breaking through and getting noticed is by writing a great guest post for their blog.

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From a relationship-building standpoint, few tools are quite as powerful as guest blogging. It is a great way to get your name out there and to start getting noticed in your field. Before you know it, you can establish relationships with some of your industry’s influencers, making it far easier for you to succeed.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Grow Your Mailing List

Digital Monopoly, who provide SEO services in Perth, recommend using those services to help grow your mailing list. They suggest that along with setting up accounts on the major social networks, you should also do everything in your power to capture the email addresses of your visitors.

One of the best ways to get more people to sign up for your mailing list is by writing guest posts for other blogs. All that you have to do is mention your list in your author bio.

Keep in mind, however, that people may be reluctant to give you their email address. One way that you can overcome this hurdle is by offering them something free in exchange for them signing up for your list. For instance, you could allow them to download a free e-book or report when they join your mailing list.


Keep in mind, however, that if you want to get the best results with this technique, you should focus on keeping your guest blog posts as relevant as possible to the topic of your mailing list.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Work On Improving Your Writing And Ask For Constructive Criticism

When you are writing for your own blog, you can write your posts however you want. When you are writing for someone else’s site, however, you should spend extra time going over your content to make sure that the quality is exceptionally high.

After all, you want to make a good impression on the people you are working with as well as their audience. You may even want to consider asking for constructive criticism or input from the blogger that you are writing for. This is a great way to get an outside perspective on your writing – especially if the blogger has excellent writing skills and a large following. They can help you pinpoint areas where you may be able to improve, allowing you to grow your audience even larger in the future.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Build An Audience Without The Need For Your Own Blog

There is no rule saying that you have to have your own blog to succeed online. In fact, you can build a large following simply by guest blogging and having people follow you on social media or sign up for your mailing list. Guest blogging is a great way to reach a large number of people without having to have your own site and without having to deal with the hassle of regularly posting content on your own blog.


If You Want a Free Guest Post, Submit a Guest Post and Get High-Quality Incoming Links

Guest blogging got its start as a way for people to get links to their website. In fact, this quickly became one of the go-to SEO techniques that people used to optimize their sites. Unfortunately, Google realized that many people were writing guest posts simply as a way of getting backlinks to their site. As a result, they now discourage webmasters from using guest blogging as a way of building links.


The thing to keep in mind, however, is that the technique is still valid. The key is not to go overboard with it. Don’t post a bunch of mediocre content on a lot of different websites in an effort to get backlinks.

This not only doesn’t reflect well on your business but it also looks spammy. Do, however, contact high-quality websites and write detailed, well-written blog posts for them. This will not only help you connect with new fans and followers but will also help give your site a boost in the search engines.

Readers, please share so others discover the benefits waiting for them when they submit a free guest post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you have more ways to score a free guest post?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Joy Healey

    Thanks Janice and Toufique,

    I have been lucky enough to have had some great guest authors on my blog during a time when my life and business offline meant that I had to slow down online.

    However, I HAVE had to reject some posts that were such poor quality content that I didn’t want it on my site.

    I did some guest posts for other blogs some time ago, and did find the benefit, but haven’t been active in that respect for a while. Perhaps one day life will settle down 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joy,
      Great to see you. I have taken a much harder line toward guest posts than in the past. In the past, I’d accept anything just happy to be able to publish an article I didn’t write. However, fixing the mechanics and dealing with so many spammy-looking outbound links would be so time-consuming that now I am quicker to reject a post or send it back for revision. Thanks for writing.

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    Thank you Janice and Toufique,

    The only problem I have with writing guest posts is that most sites require longer posts these days. If the topic is not one that I have a passion about, I run out of steam after maybe several hundred words. Not the over a thousand + words of today’s posts.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree with you Jeanette. I was interested in guest posting on a site in my niche. The host wanted a 2,000-word article. When I declined saying that would be too long for me, he seemed to get offended!

  3. Elvis Michael

    I care deeply about connecting with others, since so many opportunities can come from this later down the road.

    That said, over the past two years i have put a list of over 3,200 blogs that accept guest posts, but I have only contributed to a few of them due to a lack of time (and focus). One of my goals is to guest blog a bit more frequently and keep developing those priceless connections in the process.

    Thanks for the reminder, Janice. Always good to read your stuff.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Elvis,
      I agree with you. 3,200! Your post must have been a huge success! Many here are saying they don’t know where to guest post. If you’d like to return with the link, feel free.
      I, too, guest post sporadically due to time limitations.
      Thanks for the compliment on my post.

  4. JoeHx

    I really need to find somewhere to guest post. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for writing. It sounds like Shui is offering to host you and some others here. Isn’t blog commenting helpful? =) Problem solved!

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    I went on a massive blitz TA to really boost traffic and make friends via guest posting last year to satiate #1. Now it is blog commenting time. Genuine blog commenting. To meet new folks. Since I feel clearer on commenting now I am making more buddies and strengthening old bonds. Methinks because it feels better to read, comment and be seen on 30 to 50 to 100 or more blogs daily versus just guest posting on 3-7 blogs daily.

    Rocking advice my friend.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I remember your “massive blitz.” Happily, my readers and I benefited from it since you guest posted for us several times. Thanks for the strong reminder about the value of blog commenting. You have inspired me!

  6. Thabo Nkomo

    Hi Janice,
    I have read guest posts on blogs that I admire, including yours, and I can see the value in not only reaching a new audience but also learning something new in the niche. I have seen instances when someone who guest posts not only has to be aware of the perspective of the blog owner but also has to bring something unique or reinforce an important fact to the followers of the blog owner. As I said, I have seen this happen many times on your post when you have introduced a guest post. I think this results in everyone becoming better informed about the topic of the guest blogger.

    In short, I think guest blogging can result in greater exposure and a better grasp of how to communicate content to others.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Thabo,
      Your comments are a wonderful testimonial to the value of a guest post.
      Did you know I’m a teacher? That’s exactly why I have guest speakers: a new voice, a new perspective, a new area of expertise. These are the same benefits guest authors bring to blog readers. Thanks for the validation your comments have brought to this discussion.

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