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Are you a #blogger or #writer? Get paid for writing at NiumeDo you write about topics that are pleasing to you or your readers?

I try to do both.

When I wrote about Niume, the site that shares its revenue with its users, I was interested and thought my readers would be too.

If you are not aware already – Niume has closed its doors. It was great while it lasted and helped a lot of writers.

The response to my article is still overwhelming. For example, other bloggers used the information I shared to empower their readers who might be interested in trying to get a share of Niume’s revenue.

For example, Kathleen Aherne and D.G. Kaye wrote their own articles based on my original article.

In addition, page views on the post continue to rise to such an extent, the post has received more page views than any other article I’ve written in the last quarter. Most of this traffic seems to be coming from search engines.

Clearly, people are clamoring for information about the site.

I am following up my October article, How to Easily Make Money by Promoting Your Blog at Niume, with this follow-up article offering more information I’ve discovered about Niume since originally posting about the site.

Along with added details about writing at Niume, 13 Niume users have participated in explaining the advantages and disadvantages of using this site that pays you to promote.

Look at a December screenshot.

Niume helps #Bloggers

By looking at my December stats, you can see that almost 7% of my search engine traffic was going to my Niume article.

Why All the Interest in Niume?

I decided to ask Niume users this question in hopes of explaining the site’s widespread appeal.

First, I will offer my own critique of Niume now that I’ve spent more time there.

Disadvantages to Writing at Niume

  • Admins don’t respond there.
  • Admins are slow to respond
  • Admins aren’t helpful when they respond
  • It turns out Niume only pays 1/10th of a penny for each page view.

Advantages to Writing at Niume

  • You get paid a dollar for each referral.
  • If you are the person who is referred, you get paid a dollar as well.
  • Kathleen Aherne has researched revenue sharing sites but can’t find anything wrong with this one despite scams reported about others.
  • A Facebook group exists to help you find people who will help you get the hits that result in your payment. You promote each other.
  • Clean design.
  • Where there’s smoke there’s fire– they have so many users, they can’t all be wrong.
  • Twitter retweeting Every article posted at Niume gets retweeted resulting in exposure for you at two sites.
  • A writer is made Niumier of the week. This also adds to your exposure if you’re chosen.
  • Niume has social share buttons. Therefore, you still get exposure on StumbleUpon, Google+, and other social media sites by writing at Niume.

Let’s ask other Niume users!

I decided to ask users of the Niume site directly what they think of Niume.

The Niume Writers Facebook Group helped me with this article by consenting to be interviewed.

I have divided their comments into advantages and disadvantages of using the site.

More Advantages to Writing at Niume

Quotes from happy Niume users:

What are the advantages of using Niume?

I can use it to blog about a variety of different topics of personal interest and also promote my own blog posts to share with a wider audience.

It’s easy to use; it has a great community, and it enables you to share your content across multiple sites enabling you to reach a larger audience… It’s better than any other blog site I’ve used.

I am not blogging for an income, and I enjoy the variety of posts and the feedback from other bloggers.

The ease with which posts can be shared across different platforms. 

It’s a great blogging platform for freshers as well as seasoned bloggers. It is easy to manage your blogs on Niume than on a regular blog platform. Also, since your viewers are bloggers themselves, the feedback on your writing tends to be more professional and genuine.

It gives me an opportunity to reach a new audience and become a part of a larger community. I get at least twice the number of views on Niume than I do on my blog. It is quick and easy to use. They also pay for views!

Why do you choose to promote your writing at Niume?

To connect with others, share my opinion, and read others’ work.

Because there is a fantastic community of other writers that can compliment or critique your writing, making you a better writer.

The ability to write whatever and get paid for it.

There is a large community of bloggers so that is a built-in audience but I also have the opportunity to write about whatever I want. I am not constrained by a “theme” for my blog.

Do you use Niume for any other purpose?

Gain more followers and friends

I also use Niume to read other people’s posts, there are some really talented writers out there with great stories and perspectives to share.

Do you have any advice for people new to Niume?

Write about what you know, write substantial pieces, and participate in the community.

Make sure you attribute your images!

Disadvantages to Writing at Niume

Quotes from unhappy Niume users:

Their flagging of material when Niume thinks one used material without permission and assuming that is the case is a real disadvantage for Niume, and we are thinking about dropping Niume because of this.

The tagging system is poor and the spheres are limited.

Having a limit on tags you use and not being able to post under multiple spheres

Not easy to upload on your smartphone

There is no flexibility in formatting the post – this makes writing easier but I would like a bit more control over how things look.

Unable to stop receiving other people’s comments after I have commented on a post and the fact that my first picture on a post automatically becomes the cover picture

I don’t seem to be able to schedule my posts.

Will You Try Niume?

In closing, despite the disadvantages I described at the beginning of this article, I recommend Niume. For example, although the administrators there are slow to respond or don’t respond at all, Niume users in the FB group can help you and answer your questions as they have done for me.

Interview Participants:

The following users provided the feedback contained in this article about writing at Niume:

Heather, Lamberto, Joshua, Ruth, Estelle, Samantha, Michaela, Joe, Robin, Samantha, Madhuparna, Judy,  Janice

Readers, please share so writers considering using Niume know the pros and cons of using the site.

What is your opinion? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Wil you try Niume? If you already have, are you pleased enough to continue? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

  1. rajat chakraborty

    I would definitely second to Janice. I personally started using Niume three months ago,when I received a message from them on twitter.

    They do tweet your posts to thousands of readers which increases your blog reach manifold. If you have not opened an account on Niume, you are missing out on both getting traffic to your blog as well as earning potential.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rajat,
      I agree with you. Niume offers both exposure to a wider audience and money-making potential. I didn’t know you wrote there. Do they have a travel sphere?
      Great to hear from you today! How have you been? Thanks for writing me.

      • rajat chakraborty

        Yes, Janice, very much.. It is a powerful way to spike up your blogging. I received an invite on twitter for writing on Niume and I signed up with them almost three months back.. It has been an awesum jouney so far..

        I have been writing on travel and photography for now.. The ‘hype and views’ are two very powerful tools that Niume uses to get recognition for your profile..Ans the best content goes for ‘Staff Picks’ that puts your profile on a new high…

        Having said that, it took only three months to reach a subscriber list of 121 niumers.. I bet all readers would definitely get something valuable in thier blogging experience with Niume. I would love to connect with everyone. Here is where you can get connected with me..

        Rajat Chakraborty

  2. Dr. Margaret Rutherford

    Hmmm… what kind of content do they feature? It sounds a little like “come one, come all” which isn’t bad necessarily… thanks for the info however! I’ve never heard of it..

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Margaret,
      Their content is grouped into what is called “spheres”. They have spheres on everything; however, one of the criticisms listed in my article was that they don’t have enough spheres.
      Thank you for commenting on my post.

    • Janice Wald

      By the way,
      I agree with you. I don’t think come one come all is bad especially since they are paying people to write there.

  3. Harry Hoover

    I’ve been using Niume for a couple of months. I made $13 in December. I’m primarily ecycling content from my blog to Niume.It takes a lot of social media promotional time to get any traction here. So, although I’m still writing on Niume, my focus has changed to getting readers back to my site and not to making money through Niume.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Harry,
        It sounds like you think $13.00 isn’t enough to warrant continuing to spend your time at Niume. For self-hosted people, it would pay their monthly overhead.

        • Ellen Hawley

          What I found useful is a sense of the time involved to make it work. Time’s in short supply here.

  4. HindIndia

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article …… Really amazing post!! 🙂 🙂

  5. dgkaye

    Thanks for the mention Janice. I do like Niume, but I know I’ve neglected posting there for awhile. I’m swamped keeping up with my own blog, social media and life, but I want to try and at least reblog a few informative posts their more often. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      It was my pleasure to link to you. You actually inspired this post! I’m not sure if you recall you suggested I write a follow-up post after you published yours and shared additional experiences you had at Niume. Thank you for the inspiration. The post is doing well today especially coming over from Facebook. People are genuinely interested.

  6. Sandy KS

    How can you promote your blog at Niume?
    I share and write recipes. I would like to talk about ho wI create my recipe and leave a link to my blog if one wants the recipe. I was told that was wrong and not allowed.

    I don’t consider Niume a place to blog. To me it is a place to write, to find other like-minded people and make friends, share experiences and hopefully make a small amount of money while I am there.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandy,
      Admittedly, I have not posted my blog articles at Niume in a while. However, I do not recall hearing we can’t promote our blog. For example, in this article which I posted at Niume,
      I have about three links to related articles on my blog throughout the post.
      Something may have changed, but I never received notification reprimanding me, and my post is still there, so it wasn’t removed.
      I agree with everything else you wrote. Niume is all those things.

      • Sandy KS

        I was told leaving any link that takes you away from Niume is forbidden. Right now I am confused on how to do it properly.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Sandy,
          Check out this post:
          It breaks away from the article and tells people to continue reading at my site, and there is a link to my blog there. The staff picked it as a featured article!

          Could something have changed? Clearly, they wouldn’t have featured the article if I broke a rule.

        • Janice Wald

          I just read the Content Guidelines you have to agree to before you publish a post at Niume. There is not one rule that says you can’t leave a link to your site.

        • Janice Wald

          My understanding is this is the site that pays you to promote there. How could that be their tag line if they don’t allow self-promotion? As I said, none of their current guidelines forbid against linking to your site. Good news, the way I see it!

          • Sandy KS

            Thank you so much for explaining this to me!! I have not made many posts due to not understanding. I normally leave comments or give views. You are a very big help. I appreciate it very much.

          • Janice Wald

            Thanks Sandy. It’s always my pleasure to help. I’m glad I could.

          • Barbara Schaer

            If your post is all about self-promotion and no other content it will be removed, if you add a link for readers to read more about your post somewhere else that is fine.

  7. Carol Taylor

    I have been using Niume since the middle of last year and it is one of easiest sites to navigate. Yes, their admin doesn’t reply but I was given an e-mail for a problem by one of the moderators and she was prompt, really helpful and solved my problem. Also the FB page the owner of the site visits frequently and is very helpful.
    Overall it is a lovely site and I have had upwards of over 6K views on 1 post in a matter of 3 days. I have not had that response from any other forum/media.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carol,
      Great to see you! Thanks for contributing to the discussion by sharing your positive experiences.
      1. I had a problem, no one responded. I think I even wrote several times. I had to turn to the Niume Facebook group for help. That was some time ago. Maybe things have improved in that regard.
      2. 6,000 views! Amazing! One one post in 3 days! This site pays you for views, so congratulations! This is a great testimonial! Thanks for writing and telling us!

      • Carol Taylor

        You are welcome Janice..still trying to find a pattern as to what readers really want..I just think you can’t always call it… But I like it and am writing for it and it opens a few doors as well so all good 🙂

        • Janice Wald

          Glad to hear you are happy. That’s really all that matters at the end of the day.
          Nice chatting with you this evening.

  8. Alexandria Gunn

    The pay sounds way too low for me and I’ve seen on some writing FB groups that people haven’t been paid recently. It doesn’t help that admins don’t respond to them. The lack of/poor communication would be a deal breaker for me. Hearing that the site has a problem with this means that I’m still not going to sign up for it. I’m always interested in reading people’s experiences in the site as I do get some questions about it. For now, it’s definitely not for me and I’ll spend my time on my own blogs where I have a lot more control and on other sites that pay better with better communication from admins/editors.

    There’s a mention of earning $13 above and saying that it’s good. Well, it could be but I’d be interested in knowing how much work was put in to write and promote the content. A quickly written post that involved promoting once and being left is good but if you’re constantly working to boost a following and putting hours a day into the site then $13 a month isn’t going to be so great.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Alexandria,
      I appreciate the time it took you to write these detailed, thoughtful comments.
      You addressed the weaknesses of Niume that I pointed out in my article. I can not dispute the weaknesses. I was frustrated by the lack of response and the slow response. My blogging friends were as well. Their criticisms inspired this post.
      However, since there are Facebook users who use Niume, I have people to ask for help, so it’s not a deal breaker for me.
      You also addressed the money and the return on time invested to get the $13.00. For people who are just starting out and not making any money blogging, the $13.00 would go toward paying their monthly overhead. If they have other income sources, great, but if not, $13.00 is better than nothing.
      I appreciated you writing. I think you’re the first commenter to side with the “cons”.

      • Alexandria Gunn

        You’re welcome.

        Facebook users aren’t enough. They’re not the power behind the site. Getting communication from the actual site owners and those running the day to day things is essential for me. If something goes wrong, I want to hear from them, not users who can sometimes just guess.

        Sure, the $13 could help those just starting out but it is a lot of work for little return. I am a professional writer so only write where my time is valued and it’s worthwhile. Nimue definitely isn’t for me with that sort of return. I’m not even sure how many articles were written for that return. If it was just one or two then maybe for a start, but if it was 10-20 then not so much. I always divide the amount made by the number of articles written that month (not quite perfect but a good idea of return).

        The only time I’d consider a low pay for a lot of work (and I have) is if I can further my exposure or develop a new niche. The site would have to rank well and be in Google news for that to happen.

        Thanks again for sharing this, though. I’m sure it will help people who want to write for sites like Nimue.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Alexandria,
          You mentioned you are a professional writer. I am planning a future post on how to make money writing. Do you have any tips for where bloggers could look for paid online writing gigs? Freelance writing can be lucrative. Where would bloggers look for those opportunities? Thank you.

  9. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Your post gives a good balanced look at Niume and thanks so much for the mentions to my posts.

    I love the fact that the audience is ready made, I don’t have to go out and find everyone, I can join groups for further attention but it is not essential. It works like Pinterest in the way that old posts keep giving, they don’ die. For example, I have not had time to write a post for 10 days but my previous posts have had 1466 views in that time. Niume is not for everyone, but I love it.
    I will be looking up everyone’s profile links here.

    Mine is!
    I have a small private facebook group if anyone is interested in joining ‘Extend your reach with Niume’

    I like your idea of the $13 paying for hosting or whatever other costs we have.
    Thank you for introducing me to Niume.


  10. Shamira

    Okay so I never knew about Niume (I’m probably living under a rock lol) I read your post as well as went through a few comments. What I understand is you have to write for Niume and cannot leave your blog links there, right? What if I post some of my old blog posts there? What I mean is post the entire post content and not leave my blog link. Is that allowed?nOr are you supposed to write only fresh content? I hope I’m making sense. Sorry, I’m new to this 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shamira,
      I explained this to another commenter. It’s okay to leave your link at Niume in your post. I have done it three times, and once I was made the featured blogger! (called Numier) I reread the Niume guidelines. It doesn’t say anything about not leaving a link. It’s okay.
      Great to see you. How was your birthday? My daughter’s was Wednesday.

      • Shamira

        Hi Janice, thanks for your reply. I have signed up on Niume using your referral link 🙂 And oops, my birthday is in May 🙂 But you are really sweet. Wish you a very very Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lot of fun! And as always, thanks for always being so helpful!

  11. Betty

    Janice is it more profitable to write in more than one sphere? Or should a person concentrate possibly on one sphere?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Betty,
      Great to hear from you. If you are looking for exposure, I would say the more spheres the better. If you are looking for income, if you go through the Facebook group whose link I left in the post, I don’t think it matters as long as you can find a community of people who will give you views. That Facebook group will make sure you get views.

  12. Jorge

    I took on niume after my clickbank biz tanked, and built up nearly 4 figures in referrals and blog posts on their platform in 60 days, and now they are not paying out. I can’t get any support, emailed, tweeted, and tried my best to contact them, but nothing. I’m starting to think it’s a scam. Unless they start paying out as they say within 30 days of the last day of the month. I’m surprised no one is calling scam here. If I ever get payout, I’m done with them. I hate when these startups promise the world to writers, and then deliver this sort of issue. Sigh.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jorge,
      Thanks for reaching out. I can tell you are frustrated.
      1. I was upset about how little Niume was paying. Then, I got a notification that they paid me! I checked, and Niume deposited $10.00 in my PayPal account! Found money! Now I am inspired to post my links there again.
      2. That was about a month ago. I don’t know why you aren’t getting paid.
      3. Other people have complained Niume does not respond. They didn’t respond to me when I had questions. In my article, I gave the link of the Facebook Niume group. You should definitely join. There are 3,000 members. They can answer questions and be a support system since Niume doesn’t respond. Here is the link again:


      • Jorge

        Thanks for the reply. The last payout I received was March 24. I messaged them on April 25th to get clarification on payout. They replied that it would be within 30 days of the last day of the previous month.

        Fast forward to today (May 3rd) and I have emailed them daily with no reply. I even replied to a specific employees email address. No replies.

        I have posted on twitter to their official profile, and joined the Facebook group momentarily.

        In the middle of trying to ask questions in the Facebook group, it turned unruly with defenders of Niume and name calling. I left the group as a result.

        At what point does this get called a scam? I am not a normal user of Niume, I was able to garner hundreds of dollars from posts and referrals, so this non-contact and non-payout hits my bottom line as a freelancer bad. I’ve given up on them at this point. I can’t afford to risk hundreds.

        Perhaps it’s time to warn other writers, because this is serious.


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