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Top Three Free WordPress Instagram Plugins to Choose in 2020

Are you looking for a review of a free WP Instagram widget?

You are in luck! This post shares three WordPress Instagram plugin reviews.

In order to grow on a crowded social media site like Instagram, you need to implement extraordinary Instagram growth strategies. Putting a WP Instagram widget on your blog is one of those strategies.

Instagram is an excellent platform to share images from your profile to your WordPress site.

It’s because of the WordPress Instagram plugins that you can transfer the profile content to the website.

The premium and free WordPress plugins can showcase the images from the Instagram account to the WordPress site and vice versa.

You should also know the exact number of pictures you want to import and add other choices. Once the process gets complete, you will find the Instagram photo feed in the WordPress pages, in the footer or sidebar areas, with the help of a WP Instagram widget.

Before you transfer the images from Instagram to WordPress, you might want to increase your Instagram followers and likes! It will help more people to get to know your WordPress site and subscribe to it.

For this, you can get in touch with and check how to go about the process. You can decide on the number of “likes” and confirm it to the service provider.  

You always have the chance to choose a paid WordPress Instagram plugin. But at the beginning making small financial investments can appear much more beneficial.

The best three Instagram WordPress plugins for 2020 that you can get for free are:

  • Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
  • WPZOOM Social Feed Widget
  • Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

These reviews include a new WP Instagram widget as well as some older plugins.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

The Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is a prominent free WordPress Instagram Plugin having a favorable user rating and more than a million active installs.

The moment this feed is live on the WordPress website, it enables you to showcase the images on an Instagram profile. You can use the plugin to create many feeds on your site. And every feed can showcase pictures from various accounts that help to stream ongoing images from a wide range of image sources.  

It is one of the best WordPress Instagram plugins and allows you adequate control over the way images would get showcased. It also allows you to change the height and width and the number of pictures that you display at one time.

Users can also leverage the “load more” button and provide the visitors the scope to showcase more content from the feeds as they wish. The plugin is entirely mobile-responsive, which will make the Instagram content appear good on every device.

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

The WPZOOM Social Feed Widget provides complete control of how Instagram content gets showcased on the website. The moment you install this WordPress Instagram plugin on the site, you can access the feature-rich WP Instagram widget and add to the footer and sidebar area. You can also add to the pages and posts. 

The default widget settings enable you to select from one to three-column layout for showcasing the images from your Instagram profile on the WordPress site.

The plugin also allows the WP Instagram widget in its full-width mode, thereby offering you the option to show the content in a parallel banner all through the website.

Do you want to create a footer and header space that gets dedicated to showcasing the images from your Instagram business account? If yes, the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget can make that happen in a breeze. 

Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

It is one of the newest and free WordPress Instagram plugins and has earned a right name for itself.

The plugin is user friendly and is used mostly by the start-up business owners and freelance workers. The plugin is gradually getting its share of market prominence by providing customer delight.  

The set-up is easy and gets completed in a three-step process. And that acts as one of the striking features of this free plugin. Once you have successfully installed this plugin, you need to link Spotlight to the Instagram business account. It will help you design the feed and embed the same anywhere you want in your WordPress site.

Do you want your feeds to look a specific way? If yes, you can use the interactive live preview customizer offered by the plugin. And it will allow you to check the way your Instagram picture feed will appear as you work on it. The plugin enables you to present the Instagram content in a unique way, which will help you during editing.

The trendy grid layout used to showcase the Instagram images is responsive. It will showcase the pictures and feeds on every computing device.

Also, the hover effects that gets triggered when a user’s cursor moves across a photo makes it instantly clear so that people can click on the images. When they get clicked, it gets showcased on the lightbox window. The gallery post support is stable, and it enables the users to scroll through the picture gallery that got posted on Instagram directly from the WordPress site.

Wrapping Up: WP Instagram Widget Reviews

These are the three best Instagram WordPress plugins that you can use for free! It will help you add more variety to your Instagram and WordPress profile and impress your followers and subscribers.

Readers, please share so Instagrammers discover these free WP Instagram widget reviews.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know another WP Instagram widget you can add to the list?

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  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Janice,

    These tools are entirely new to me. So it’s great that I came by to read the post. The “Smash Balloon Social” sounds pretty good to me. I will have a closer look at it, and I’ve it a try.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Moss,
      Great to hear from you. Please let us know what you think of the Smash Balloon Social plugin once you’ve tried it. Thanks,

  2. Hazlo Emma

    Awesome information, Janice.
    It is great all the research you do for bloggers!

    How many plugins are ‘enough’ for a website?
    Been testing in replacing some – some we are successful – others not so lucky.

    I cannot wait for the day all plugin owners provide an alternate script for those who do no want to overburden already ‘burdened’ websites.
    I have shared the blog.

    H Emma ||

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