Workhacks: Top 12+ Best Workhacks that Work to Give You More Time

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Are you looking for workhacks to boost your work-life balance?

Are you so stressed that you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed quality time?

Did you forget that life is beautiful since you no longer have time to stop and smell the roses?

By reading this post, you receive workhacks that save you time in both your personal and professional lives.

These workhacks are shortcuts that enable you to enjoy your work or personal tasks without burning out.

Your feeling of overwhelm will be replaced by good vibes as you experience work-life harmony.

By reading this post, you receive actionable strategies you can apply today.

Be sure to stick around to the end for a bonus tip.

Are you ready to discover workhacks that actually work to boost your productivity? Burnout be gone. Let’s get started.

Workhacks to Boost Your Productivity

Use a To-Do List


Each night, before you go to bed, list your tasks for the next day on a paper checklist.

If each task contains different subtasks, bullet them. Use a black pen.

Put a box in front of the urgent tasks. In addition to the box, draw an arrow with a red pen pointing to the extremely urgent tasks.

As you complete each task, put a check in the box in blue. Number the tasks in order of urgency. In other words, tasks with a box and a red arrow get a #1, tasks with just a box, get a #2, tasks without boxes or arrows, receive a #3, and so forth.

A template like the one in the image works well too as long as you print it and make copies to use daily.

The next morning, when you start your day, you know immediately what you need to do and don’t waste time wondering.

More on this later in the Five-Minute Reviews section.

Don’t Use To-Do List Apps

Avoid electronic to-do lists apps.

I don’t know about you, but I abandon each. Considering how long it takes to check out any apps you might consider using, you might as well save the time and use a paper and pencil to-do list.

Only Touch Your Mail Once

This workhack applies to mail that arrives in your mailbox in contrast to email.

As long as your mail is in your hand, you might as well open it.

Use Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets. It does the math for you.

You can even use Google Sheets to make checkboxes to use as a report of your productivity progress.

Prepare the Night Before

Save time the next morning by accomplishing what you can the night before. For instance, you can make your lunch and take out clothes for the next day.

Conduct Five Minute Reviews

Complete two five-minute reviews, one at the start of the day and one at the end of the day.

Conducting a review of your day’s tasks at the start of the day helps you visualize the tasks on your agenda for that day. Completing them will go faster if you already have an idea of what to do.

At the end of the day, praise yourself for your accomplishments. This reminds you that productivity is definitely in your wheelhouse.

Also, make your to-do list of unfinished tasks for the next day.

Try Chunking

If the thought of completing a certain task seems daunting, try breaking it down into smaller parts or chunks. This will reduce the feeling of overwhelm, and you’ll be more apt to complete the project.

Let’s explore more workhacks.

Take Breaks

The idea of taking breaks is actually controversial.

Some say that if you take a break, you are less likely to return to the task.

Others say that taking breaks in predefined increments is beneficial. The Pomodoro Technique advises you to take breaks.

Take Power Naps

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A 20-minute power nap will give you just enough rest that you won’t burn out or be irritable from taking on too many chores.

Remove Distractions

Does listening to music help or hinder your productivity?

If music prevents you from focusing, hide your headphones.

If playing games on your phone creates a lure away from being productive, hide your phone if needed.

Use Automation

Since automation exists to make your life easier, you might as well use it.

There are many free and premium tools that you can use to expedite your work functions and personal tasks.

Personal Life

For instance, if you want to save time posting on social media, use a social media preescheduler.

Here you will find information about Combin. Combin is always free.

Professional Life

Trello is a helpful tool for automating work flow tasks. You can save time communicating about which tasks are done and which work tasks still need to be completed on a project with Trello boards.

Trello extensions add email communications to the board.

Set Aside One Day for “You” Time

Don’t bring home your work. Devote one day a week for yourself.

Watch your favorite TV show. Finally, sit down to watch the movie you’ve been meaning to see. Arrange a day to pamper yourself.

Give In to Your Biological Clock

If your body wakes you earlier than your alarm sounds, get up and be productive. Don’t fight your internal clock.

Workhacks: FAQ

How to hack working from home

Use social media preschedulers and remove distractions.

Conclusion: Workhacks that Work

In conclusion, these tips will enable you to find extra time in your day to actually stop and smell the roses. If you prefer to smell the coffee, that’s fine too.

If you choose to simply dance in the rain, enjoy the quality time you just gained by reading these workhacks.

Readers, please share so other busy people suffering from overwhelm discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have more suggestions for workhacks that work?


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