What Should You Do With the Kids When They Are Home From School?

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a.k.a. Golden Globe Nominations Part III

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/365494406/in/photolist-yifKG-4AYWde-q2duor-4DGMsy-8s5isG-bMEX8V-dTiDfX-6ELEQc-9ZsNDn-hucMyT-6CFdeo-gvbCbM-j8DvxS-j8FHfC-6CB3Zt-9P7oHi-9rVTvP-dTiDeH-46uZse-fS4YAQ-joojuD-bziSu6-6CFbWC-6CFcwC-de8iJX-6WAMfM-4xzuZY-Q5ikE-8Mjbpv-9rV48c-48mUT6-bBNp6X-ps4ukB-5Lym4x-9deLSK-872nvU-iiBDLg-7PaBu8-bBYcj5-dgYmNc-9MTq96-9JAzp7-jay3tG-dWKuFW-iiAStz-iiBogu-iiBDeV-frmS7T-de8uWB-iiAQupWhen I wrote Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Comedy, a reader wrote and commented, There has got to be more nominations.  Although I’d written in Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Drama that I was attempting to respond to the choices of nominees with very little knowledge of any of them (a personal challenge), the reader still felt there was a deficit of information.  Now that I have more knowledge of the nominated films, I am writing What You Should Do With the Kids When They are Home From School since I am recommending a family friendly film.

The Lego Movie

What should you do with the kids? Watch the Lego Movie!

The Lego Movie is nominated for Best Animated Feature film.  While my husband and I are not big on cartoons, I loved the movie Up which won in this category in a previous year.  I would recommend The Lego Movie for tweens and younger.  I was a little bored with the plot, but what can I say?  I’m slightly older than the age group for which I’m recommending this movie (just slightly).  However, The Lego Movie struck me as appealing for two reasons: theme and theme song.

Theme and Plot

In my humble analytical opinion (is that redundant–analytical opinion?), the theme of The Lego Movie is everyone, seriously, everyone, is special.  The movie is about a nondescript construction foreman.  It has very little to do with Legos.  A good character evolves if a plot arc is weaved well, Emmett, the protagonist, does change.  At the start of the film he thinks he’s popular and is so upbeat he sings, “Everything is Awesome”.  (Okay, I’ll save information on the hit song in Paragraph Two.)  However, he finds out that he is actually so nondescript that no one remembers talking to him just that morning.

Readers, I’m breaking the “fourth wall” here and talking to you.  Think of someone special, a famous person, from history or literature.  If you picked someone deceased, the odds are favorable that they are in this movie.  William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln are two examples.  The movie’s point–you don’t need to be a Shakespeare or a Lincoln to be great.  I won’t divulge the ending, but you can infer correctly that by the end of this film The Lego Movie‘s Emmett will do something great.

Theme Song

This past fall I took my daughter to the Katy Perry concert.  (It was my choice.  I love pop music.)  Her warm-up act included two sisters that apparently recorded “Everything is Awesome” which was used in the film.  I wasn’t too attentive as I didn’t (yet) know the song.  Also, I was distracted–big time–by the crowd.  Every concert attendee was on their feet singing the song along with the sisters–no exceptions in sight, and I had primo seats.  Not wanting to look out of place, even I stood up.  Everyone was singing and jumping up and down to the catchy song. I have to believe even more so than when Katy Perry sang some of her songs.

My words can not touch on how catchy this song is.  So, here you go. Enjoy the song and a clip from the movie.

If you disagree, now that you’ve heard it, please consider your source–I’ve already given a disclaimer; I love pop music.

At any rate, do I think The Lego Movie deserved its nomination for Best Animated Feature Film?

YesParents, do you have bored children who are home from school over the holidays?  Watch the The Lego Movie!  The film is currently available on DVD and instant streaming.

Readers, do you have any advice for family-friendly movies to watch over winter vacation?  Any advice for how to occupy bored children? What should you do with the kids at any time? I look forward to your views.

  1. Patricia

    I found the movie OK but not to my taste, which as you said, is because I’m not the target audience. I probably found the theme song to be the most interesting thing the whole time.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree, but as I just wrote another reader, I love Will Ferrell, and he was a human in the movie in contrast to just a cartoon. I find him so likeable in whatever he does, even “The Lego Movie” =).

  2. Dorit Sasson

    We were able to get the Lego movie on DVD from our local library. My son was engrossed during the entire time.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dorit!
      How are you? Happy New Year. Yeah, it was for kids. However, 1. I love Will Ferrell, and at least he was actually in the movie in contrast to just a cartoon character (I assume he was the voice of “Mr. President”?) 2. I really did like that song. I’ve been singing it nonstop since I wrote the post. I’m driving my kids nuts! =) Thanks for writing. Janice

  3. bohemianbabushka

    My Grandson ♥ this movie and because he’s such a big lego fan HAD to take a pic w/the leads when we visited LegoLand. He happy, BB happy. Here from the Grand Social wishing you all the best in 2015. BB2U

    • Janice Wald

      Hi and Welcome!
      Do you mind my asking where the Grand Social is?
      How cool of Lego Land to have the characters from the movie dress up and entertain the guests. It never occurred to me. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks so much for writing!

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