What Is Argumentative Text? What Not to Do in an Argumentative Essay [5 Things to Avoid]

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what is argumentative text

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Do you know the answer to the question, “What is argumentative text?

According to a study, 3 out of 5 students lack writing proficiency.

This could be due to unfamiliar topics, inadequate resources, and limited interest.

Argumentative essays are a key academic requirement that requires students to explore the topic and gather information to support their viewpoints.

Mitchell Johnson of MyAssignmentHelp college essay services has some effective suggestions to ease writing.

Read on to learn what factors to avoid for creating a top-notch essay without getting a college paper writing service.

By reading this post, you discover the answer to, “What is argumentative text?” Also, discover the power of argumentative texts and learn how to effectively present your ideas and engage readers.

What is Argumentative Text?

An argumentative essay aims to provide a stance or a claim, where the writer must back arguments with evidence to conclude.

Generally, there are four types of argumentative essays:

·         Persuasive

·         Analysis

·         Personal

·         Research

Each type has unique writing requirements, challenging students to deliver their best. Fortunately, there are college paper writing service providers. These platforms allow students to connect with professional writers for personalized guidance.

Writing an Argumentative Essay – What NOT to Do?

Inadequate research or not creating a thesis statement will no longer be a worry. MyAssignmentHelp college essay services are a life savior when tight deadlines haunt you. Nevertheless, you should practice to improve your skills and gain confidence as a writer.

Here’re some pitfalls to look out for while writing:

1.      Not creating an outline:

Some get college paper writing services when short on time, while others work independently. You cannot skip outlining if you are the latter. A well-defined outline is the stepping stone to writing argumentative text. Without it, you’ll struggle to organize your paper in a proper manner. If not, you may miss important headings, points, or data.

2.      Not doing extensive research:

Multiple studies suggest 1 in 7 students avail of college paper writing services for at least one assignment. Professionals believe it’s due to students’ poor research and analytical skills. Most students don’t have access to quality resources and lack research abilities.

All argumentative essay topics demand extensive research. Insufficient evidence can affect your claim on the topic.

Don’t immediately start with your essay based on what you know. Dig deep instead and make notes. Organize the points under suitable headings and note the sources.

That way, you won’t need to go back and forth with your notes. You’ll have all information ready for your paper.

3.      Writing a vague thesis statement:

A thesis statement acts as a roadmap for a writer. It directs the papers in a certain direction and limits students’ writing scope. This helps writers to stay on track with the key discussions of the paper.

Writing an interesting thesis sentence covering the central idea can be intimidating. Often, students seek college paper writing services because they have a hard time proving their thesis. A vague or incomplete thesis can affect your paper’s quality and confuse readers about your stance.

If you are unsure about your thesis, here’s what you can do:

·         Get someone’s opinion of it

·         Complete the body paragraphs first, and come back to the thesis later on

·         Consult a writing coach offering professional college paper writing services for one-to-one support.

Irrespective of your option, ensure the final draft aligns with your thesis.

Let’s learn more about the answer to the question, “What is argumentative text?”

4.      Not including sufficient evidence:

Without strong data and relevant information from authoritative sources, you cannot claim something. Many students make wild assumptions and utilize random instances to develop their argumentative essays. Don’t do that. Legitimate proof is an absolute necessity to establish an argument.

Consult your professor for some credible sources to research the topic. Go through the available sources and address the counterarguments as well. Argumentative essays require writers to study the topic from multiple angles. So don’t overlook the importance of good research and including counterarguments.

Again, if you hesitate to approach your professor, choose the alternative option. Countless top-ranked essayists are available online to provide students with professional college paper writing services. Seek assistance and turn your shoddy essay into a well-researched masterpiece.

5.      Writing a generic conclusion:

A conclusion is the restatement of the thesis statement. Hence, it must align with the one written in the introduction. Most students are in a rush to complete and write two generic lines for a conclusion. This can affect the overall quality and leave your readers confused.

Understand that your conclusion is the last chance to impress the readers. Carefully note the important points from each body paragraph. Summarize them and present them in a way that supports the thesis. Also, remember not to introduce new information in the last section of your paper.

6.      Not citing the used sources:

Plagiarism is more like stealing someone’s work without their consent. You will find ample resources online related to your topic. Some may be in support of your essay; others maybe not. No matter what it is, don’t use third-party sources without giving them due credit.

Accurate citations and references can help you avoid plagiarism and increase your paper’s credibility. Be thorough with the citation guidelines of the given style. Carefully create references following the formatting rules to the dot.

That said, it’s common for students to lack good citation skills. In that case, seeking help from citation specialists can be helpful. You’ll find several citation experts and platforms like MyAssignmentHelp college essay services for the best quality support.

What is Argumentative Text: FAQ

How do you write an argumentative text?

Create an outline, do extensive research, write a specific thesis statement, include sufficient evidence, write a specific conclusion, and cite your sources.

Wrapping Up: What is Argumentative Text?

These are some of the many factors that you must be careful of while writing argumentative essays. Eliminating these shortcomings and using the suggested tips can give you a good start to the essay.

So let’s round up the six common mistakes before we sign off:

·         Not creating an outline

·         Not doing extensive research

·         Writing a vague thesis statement

·         Not including sufficient evidence

·         Writing a generic conclusion

·         Not citing the used sources

Good luck!

Readers, please share so writers know the answer to the question, “What is argumentative text?” By sharing, you help them avoid the six major errors that go into writing argumentative text.

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