Weekly Link Roundup #6

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Weekly Blogging Link Roundup

The Best Links of the Week

The theme this week is writing inspiration.

Georgina Cromarty from The Writing Chimp in Why Do We Write? expresses six motivations for writing.  Her post left me so introspective, I questioned my own motivation for writing.  Mine wasn’t anywhere on her list of six!  Is your reason for writing on her list? Click her link to find out.

Charles Rogers, from The Rogers Postwrote a series called “Blogger GPS”. His post What Drives a Writer is one of the articles in that series. First, Charles discusses inspiration for writing offered by people from all walks of life.  Then, he explains the various stages of writing using creative metaphors.

In Weekly Link Roundup 4, I explained how Hugh Roberts from Hugh’s Views and News wrote a post called Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out of Control? It was chosen as one of the Best Links of the Week that week.  The post has been reblogged at least ten times, and there have been four spin-off posts from his post.  One of those spin-off articles was written by Judith Barrow from Barrow Blogs.

In her spin-off post Blogging and How I Got It Wrong, Judith discusses how to balance time limitations when writing.  Clearly, the overwhelming reaction to Hugh’s post shows there is a widespread concern over lack of time.  Hugh wrote me that even he was surprised.

Wow, I’m just gob-smacked by the attention this post is getting, Janice.  This post is by far my most viewed and most commented on post now.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s link selections.

Readers, I am still looking for blogging-related link submissions.  Please put them in the comments section.  You are welcome to submit links other than your own.

Please share this post, so others can meet these bloggers and writers and know about this opportunity to get exposure as well.

Before you go, Hugh’s method, with which Judith agrees, is to unfollow people who aren’t attentive in your blogging community.  Hugh calls them “ghosts” since they don’t make their presence known.  They feel this will save you time since you will have fewer Emails in your inbox.  Do you agree, or do you have guilt unfollowing people?  Also, Georgina and Charles discussed their inspiration for writing.  What is your inspiration?  I look forward to your views.

  1. Charles Rogers | at 12:20 pm

    I think you requested this. I would have thought that you had heard enough from me by now. However, I am delighted to fill your spaces.
    I started trying to blog, timidly, in retirement to test William Zinsser’s “Writing to Learn” book. I’m in my eighth decade. I’m a retired physician/ teacher and from my medical practice, I believe that seniors do best if they are learning something new. For me that was writing/ blogging. It took a ton of audacity and no small amount encouragement from my sons to press “publish” on that first post. I thought I would get snarky or at best indiffence. Surprise! I was welcomed. Janice complimented me on my banner images and on a post I had written about Ptolomy’s (2000 year old) maps/ globes.
    Janice help me with mechanic, like finding my “Follow” widget.
    Before long I was engulfed in good will and follow friends. I now have had 130 followers, >300 hits; over 300 likes; 5 continents; of countries with 5 or more visits, there are 20 nations.Sweden represents my biggest number of readers. I’ve even been given a Swedish mom de plume: Kung Karl. I am having way too much fun for an old man! Thanks for letting me bend your ear. http://therogerspost.com/home/
    Charles Rogers recently posted…Six Bits of Wisdom on Writing ConferencesMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 8:56 pm

      I have a Follow to Follow Directory where if they are on the list and I am on the list, we follow each other. They became as Hugh called them, “ghost followers” so I sensed they unfollowed me long ago, but I didn’t unfollow a few of them, totally different content than mine, until recently, almost a year later, but don’t tell them. I don’t want hurt feelings =)
      Janice Wald recently posted…Weekly Link Roundup #6My Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 3:41 am

      Don’t you have to remember to check the reader? I put blogs in my Feedly reader, but I never checked. When I missed the blogs, I started following them. I check the WordPress reader, sometimes, but it’s rare.
      If I really want to read a blog, I follow it, but my Email inbox gets more cluttered all the time.

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