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How to use WebTalk, a pay per lead social media site.

Are you looking for a WebTalk review?

Have you heard of pay per lead sites?

Are you aware you can get paid for using social media sites?

Are you here to discover, “How does WebTalk work?”

In 2017, when I reviewed Virily which gives you social pay, people were excited.

In 2018, when I reviewed Steemit, where you can also make social pay, people were also enthusiastic.

In 2019, when I reviewed apps like Pinterest where you can make money social media marketing, there seemed to be great interest.

This post reviews a new website called WebTalk where you can be paid affiliate income in the form of revenue shares.

WebTalk is a pay per lead social media site.

You get paid per lead for each lead you provide. You even get paid for the leads your leads provide.

Not interested in money? No problem! You can use WebTalk for blog promotion and networking.

Get in on the ground floor and discover the perks of using this new pay per lead affiliate program.

By the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll know how to use WebTalk for monetization, blog promotion, and networking.

Are you ready to learn the answer to the question, “What is WebTalk?”

Let’s dive in and learn about WebTalk .

What is WebTalk?

Welcome to this pay per lead social media site.

WebTalk is the first social ecommerce community.

The site started in 2011 but generated popularity in 2015 when the developers revamped the focus to business.

WebTalk is a free to join innovative social and business network like Facebook or Linkedin as well as a shopping community.

You combine your personal and professional relationships at WebTalk. You use the site as an ecommerce community as well.

When you think of WebTalk, think of 4 C’s– Content, Communication, Commerce, and Collaboration.

At WebTalk, you can build your brand and get testimonials like you do on LinkedIn.


How to get testimonials on WebTalk per per lead site

WebTalk saves you time as you organize your personal, professional, and business life all in one place. Also, you can control how much information your various contacts see.

This relaxed atmosphere is in contrast to Facebook that often feels like you’re walking a tight rope.

Like LinkedIn, you can have a showcase on WebTalk and even a resume.

Like MeWe, a social media site comparable to Facebook, your privacy is always secure as you decide who sees your data and when.

The Founder of WebTalk is RJ Garbowicz. The company is stationed in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Screenshot courtesy of WebTalk

WebTalk has over one million followers and is one of the top 15,000 sites in the United States and 33,000 in the world.

Stojan Jancic calls WebTalk an alternative to using Facebook for targeted leads. He explains it’s easier to get free targeted leads with WebTalk than Facebook.

He compares WebTalk to a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn.

WebTalk was recently featured on ABC News.

Note: WebTalk is one word. In other words, WebTalk is spelled “WebTalk,” not “Web Talk.”

Ad Rewards

WebTalk is based on a system of ad rewards.

What are ad rewards?

Ad rewards are usually rewards you get for watching ads.

However, on WebTalk, ad rewards mean something different.

According to the company,

“Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue back with its users for using the platform! Every month we take 50% of our advertising revenue, and we offer it back to our users in the form of a Pie.

The way that you get your slice of pie is by earning Engagement and Influencer points.

Points equate to free money just for using Webtalk and sharing great content” (Source).

WebTalk’s Mission

Did you know WebTalk’s mission is to help the world?

WebTalk gives 10% of the money accrued to nonprofit charities.

Social responsibility is important to WebTalk and this is their way of meeting their social responsibility outside of their site.

WebTalk plans high-profile PR campaigns to let everyone know about this mission.

How to Get Paid on WebTalk, a Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

UPDATE: WebTalk user Charmain MacDonald reported in July of 2020 on MarketHive that she received payment from WebTalk.

How you, too, can get paid:

In addition to all the perks mentioned, this site shares advertising revenue with you. How much do they pay? Up to 50% of their revenue can be yours.

You get paid for referring people who buy. WebTalk’s referral program is called Social CPX.

When you sign up for WebTalk’s affiliate program, you get paid when people sign up and they purchase. In addition, you get paid when the people you refer get people to sign up who make purchases. This goes on for 5 levels of referrals.

It gets even better: If someone clicks the WebTalk affiliate link that you place on a social media site, that counts as a referral, and you get paid if they purchase.

WebTalk provides you with a dashboard so you can check your metrics to see how your referrals are doing.

WebTalk Pay Per Lead 
WebTalk Review

This is your dashboard toolbar.

The icon with the green number indicates you have a payment notification.

WebTalk member John Burbage offers strategies for building up your WebTalk referral network.

You need to set up a Stripe account in order to get paid by WebTalk. The site announced PayPal payments will be coming soon.

How much can you make?

According to John Burbage, one of the WebTalk revenue generation specialists, “You will earn a 10% commission on the revenues generated by the persons and businesses that you refer to WebTalk.”

I also interviewed the WebTalk support desk about how to monetize the site:

“Webtalk will share all of its revenue with affiliates that help us grow the network.  
How we share revenue:

If you invite someone that buys a Pro upgrade, you get a 10% commission.  For example, Member Referral ‘X’ paid $20 on a monthly upgrade so you get $2, or $200 for the annual membership then you get $20.
If the near future, we will be adding more revenue streams.  Next is Ads, then Market place transactions and Job services.
That means that when the Basic (free) users that you invite view ads and Webtalk makes money, we share it with you.”

With five tiers of referrals, this can add up. However, there is a cap of 10,000 referrals.

The site recommends signing up early before others have a chance to refer people. The site is so new, the Social CPX referral program is still in beta.

After being invited to join WebTalk, to sign up for the affiliate program, go to https://www.newsroom.webtalk.co/affiliates.

You’ll find your dashboard so you can track your referral earnings at the SocialCPX.com site.

After completing your profile, click Invite Contacts.

Note: Your referral link is different from your profile link.

Important reminder: Before you can start using the site, you need to be invited to join WebTalk.

I’d be happy to invite you. Sign up through my affiliate link: https://www.webtalk.co/janice.wald.

Note: You need to complete your entire profile before being allowed to sign up for the affiliate program.

Important: Give careful consideration to your interests when you list them in your profile. I listed “marketing,” and WebTalk’s AI suggested marketers for me to connect with.

WebTalk provides the HTML code for graphics advertising the site which makes getting referrals easier.


Since the graphics are animated, they are more eye-catching resulting in more income for you. WebTalk provides an entire gallery of graphics, so you have many choices.

WebTalk even offers a social share button for your blog or website.

You need to agree to the terms before signing up for WebTalk.

They also require you connect with 10 members.


WebTalk, pay per lead site, can make you money and new connections.

In December 2019, WebTalk started paying in cash.

October 10 2020 Update:

Looking for referrals, someone wrote to me at Quora, asking me to join them at WebTalk.

How to Use WebTalk

To find people in your niche, type your niche into the WebTalk search bar. Network with the members in your niche.

After receiving your invitation to use the site, make an account.

You can sign up with your LinkedIn or Facebook information.

Fill in the information requested and choose a profile picture.

Go to your email and confirm your registration.

Complete your registration then complete your profile.

How to use WebTalk, the pay per lead site

Clicking the pencil icon will enable you to insert a cover image and fill out your profile.

Invite contacts and make connections at the site before enrolling. 10 people need to connect with you at WebTalk before you can join the affiliate program.

I found signing up for WebTalk’s affiliate program a little difficult. I was full of enthusiasm and wanted to start right away.

However, I couldn’t sign up until my profile was complete and I couldn’t complete my profile until 10 people agreed to connect with me.

Fortunately, you’re given an affiliate link and WebTalk even writes your promotion for you. “Follow me on WebTalk.”

By the way, blog promotion is available to you without signing up for the affiliate program.

You promote at WebTalk like you would any other social media site.

How to use WebTalk, the pay per lead site

Notice once you fill in your content promotion and your link, you can attach a document, a photo, or a video. Instead of clicking Post, you click Talk.

If you want to extend your reach, click the hashtags for the other social media sites.

I like to post to Twitter when I post to WebTalk, so I click the Twitter bird.


WebTalk Review
WebTalk Pay Per Lead Site

This screenshot was taken from Twitter.

I posted information about Flipboard on WebTalk and clicked the Twitter bird.

When people see my content, my brand is extended. Now people can retweet where my content will get more exposure.

Talk about a time-saving tip! As you can see, posting to WebTalk boosts your ROI for this reason.

You can chat privately as well by clicking Message. Private messaging on WebTalk is called Talk Mail.

Should you run into difficulties and need help, here is WebTalk’s contact information: https://help.webtalk.co/hc/en-us. Also, WebTalk has a Facebook group with 1200 members.

How to use WebTalk

Profile – Complete your profile

News – Get your notifications

Files – Share text documents

Photos and Videos – Share media files

How to Complete Your Profile

In addition to providing the requested information and connecting with 10 WebTalk users, you need a recommendation from another WebTalk user.

Webtalk member Dennis Chikwayi laid out instructions for obtaining the required recommendation:

1. Go to the profile of the user you want to recommend or get a recommendation from.

2. Click on the down arrow on the “Following” button 

3. A little popup menu opens. Click on “Edit Contact” there. 

4. another menu opens. Change the switch button next to “Add to Professional Network” from “no” to “yes.” 

5. Go back to his/her profile 

6. Sroll down to the recommendations area. 

7. Ask them to recommend you from there. 

8. Enter what kind of relationship you have/had with them,  i. e. “I was a client of person x” at company “y”. 

9. The person will get a notification that you have requested a recommendation from them and they can accept or decline it. 

10. The other person should do the steps above as well in order to request a recommendation from you in return. 

How to Get WebTalk Help

If you need extra help with the site, you can contact the moderators in their MeWe group.

Also, a Reddit subReddit exists where you can communicate with other WebTalk users and ask them your questions. Here is a link to the WebTalk subReddit community.

Here is a video that explains aspects of WebTalk you may find useful. For instance, the video gives a product review:

The Product Review video explains more about WebTalk being a Pay Per Lead site. For instance, you may discover more about WebTalk’s affiliate marketing program which is often complicated for people to understand.

Is WebTalk a Scam?

I conducted research to try to determine why people are accusing WebTalk of not being legitimate.

This is what I found:

Apparently, WebTalk is not paying its users yet. The reason is the site is still in beta. Therefore, while WebTalk is in testing stages, the site isn’t paying.

Do I think WebTalk is legitimate?

Sure! WebTalk won’t be in beta forever.

Not a scam

According to the Corporal Punishment Blog, WebTalk did indeed pay commissions in September. This dispels the rumor that they won’t pay commissions until WebTalk is out of beta.

WebTalk’s Future Plans

In the future, WebTalk will expand into many languages.

According to MarketHive’s Charmain MacDonald, you should follow these instructions to translate WebTalk in the meantime:

Install Google Chrome Browser: https://www.google.com/chrome/

Then Install the Google Translate Browser Plugin:

Install Google Chrome Mobile Browser: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/google-chrome/id535886823

Google Translate: It’s automatic!

Also, WebTalk plans on expanding into a local business in the near future.

Good news: The WebTalk app will be available during the summer of 2020.

WebTalk Testimonial

When asked which social media site he spends the most time on, Dennis Chikwayi reported he spends the most time on WebTalk.

“I spend most of the time on WebTalk because it is like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Dropbox, and Instagram all in one. It has this great feature that is able to post to sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack all the same time.”

Do you need more information about the WebTalk Pay Per Lead Site?

Read the updates.

WebTalk Updates

June 2021

It’s been several years since joined WebTalk, and I still get referrals which give me monetization potential.

Despite rumors about scams, this site is legit. Also, I’m able to use my Stripe account at other monetization sites like Medium.com.

January 2021

WebTalk now has an app! The WebTalk app is available at both Google Play and the Apple Store. The WebTalk app is free.

2020 Updates

Since publication of this post, there is great interest in WebTalk. I get asked questions about WebTalk on Quora, the question and answer site, here on my blog, and in my email.

I hope this WebTalk review answered any questions you may have about this pay per lead site.

October 2020

As explained, you make money on WebTalk when your referrals make purchases.

Now that you know how to make money, you need to know how to get referrals. The Corporal Punishment in Schools blog gives more information about how to get WebTalk referrals so you can make money at this Pay Per Lead site.

September 2020

Reviewing this post, I don’t see mention of WebTalk groups. Did you know Webtalk has groups? They are held on the MeWe social media site. Here is more information about MeWe social media.

webtalk reviews

A new WebTalk group started on MeWe, a music lovers group.

August 2020

I was asked on Quora if I considered WebTalk a good place to make money.

In the year since I published this WebTalk review and became active at WebTalk, I haven’t made more than a few cents.

When I saw I wasn’t making money, I stopped actively promoting my affiliate link.

Today, I have three followers. They need to buy from ads on the site, and their followers need to buy for me to see income.

June 2020:

Look at these comments I received in my email from a WebTalk user.

“Janice:  I hope you are well.  I’ve seen several posts from you on WebTalk. 

I’ve been on WebTalk now for many months and don’t see a reason to use the site.  There seems to be little to no engagement and almost every post I see is from the owner.  How are you using the site and how effective has it been for you? “

Clearly, this is information that should be included in WebTalk reviews, so I an including my response:


Thanks for reaching out!

I use WebTal for link building. This boosts my SEO. Also, sometimes I get traffic from WebTalk so for both reasons I post my blog content there.


March 2020:


WebTalk review pay per lead

WebTalk now pays you for activity. This activity includes your engagement, popular posts, and referrals.

As with WebTalk’s other payments, when your referrals get paid, you get paid for their activity as well.

According to the screenshot, this opportunity is free.

WebTalk added Payoneer as a form of payment for citizens living outside the United States.

It gets better:

WebTalk referral
WebTalk pay per lead

WebTalk announced its user base grew to 4 million users.

This growth in followers will help you use WebTalk as a pay per lead site. In fact, my referrals have grown as the user base has grown.

WebTalk Pay Per Lead: FAQ

What is WebTalk?

WebTalk is a social media site where you can make money. WebTalk is a pay per lead site. The site pays you from advertising revenue.

What is WebTalk all about?

WebTalk is an eCommerce site. Professionals network. User privacy is enhanced. You get paid when your referrals make purchases and even when their referrals make purchases.

Wrapping Up: How to Use WebTalk, a Pay Per Lead Site

In closing, this review covered two facets of using WebTalk Pay Per Lead: How to Use WebTalk and How to Make Money Using WebTalk.

While you might not make money the night you join given you need ten connections first, you can start using the site for blog promotion and to solicit new connections right away.

Readers, please share so content creators wishing to monetize discover the perks of using WebTalk as a pay per lead source of affiliate revenue.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you have familiarity with pay per lead sites? Do you use WebTalk? If so, what are your experiences? If not, are you interested in signing up for WebTalk? If so, would you use the site to make money as a pay per lead site or as a business networking site?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Farhan Iftikhar

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    These types of blogs are helpful. Thanks

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Janice,
    It’s indeed a great joy to read the review on We talk.
    It is indeed an amazing platform to join in.
    I am a member since October 8th 2018.
    I also published a review about this site, an alternative to Google+ on my website under the title “Webtalk A Social Media Platform Which Shares Their Earnings With Its Members”

    You brought òut an in-depth review with video screenshots etc.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Keep sharing.
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  3. Dennis

    Hi Janice

    Thanks a lot for sharing this an in-depth Webtalk review.

    Here are my two cents on why Webtalk is very effective:

    If you post something to Facebook chances are that very few people get to see your post, and when you post to Twitter, the chances of it leading to any action are very small. People who have been on this platform for a long time can agree to this. This boils down to the “culture” or the way people use these platforms.

    LinkedIn is more effective than Facebook and Twitter, mainly because users on this platform are professionals and serious. But again, most posts are not shown.

    Algorithms of Facebook and Linkedln decide for you what you should see, to avoid you seeing too many posts. This means you are not in control.

    What sets Webtalk apart is firstly posts are seen, especially if targeted and also posted as Spotlight posts (Pro-Users). These posts get seen by your followers.

    Webtalk does not decide for you what you should see or not. But, you control what you want to see via the filters at the top of your news feed.

    Webtalk community are pro-active people, largely try to better their lives, their relationship, and their opportunities.

    Webtalk is a goldmine of opportunities, these could be an investment opportunity, a job opening, looking for business partner or anything else. All these could come your way as long as you are known as an honest and straight forward individual.

    Thanks for the feature and keep on sharing!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dennis,
      I was so appreciative when I saw your detailed, thoughtful comments come in yesterday.
      I agree with what you wrote about the value of WebTalk and am enjoying my time there so far. You’ve been a great mentor. I hope you saw you were quoted in the article.
      I am optimistic WebTalk will continue to grow in popularity over time. RJ, the founder, continues to make improvements that should lead to WebTalk’s continued growth.
      Thanks again for reading, commenting on, and helping with my WebTalk review.

      • Dennis

        Hi Janice,

        Thanks for the mention.I’m loving the Webtalk community.

        This week Webtalk releases the referral reward program globally via their partnership with Payoneer. Soon global members will now be able to cash out their referral reward commissions that they have earned.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Dennis,
          I have received traffic from WebTalk but my list of followers is growing at a snail’s pace even though I promoted my WebTalk review!

          • charmaine macdonald

            Hi Janice thanks for your very concise and through review. I will share it with my mom as she is having trouble with understanding the basics and I think the detail you have painstakingly gone into will help others. Have you shared on facebook groups yet, you must just consistently share your link and if you can afford paid advertising then you should pursue that route as in the long run, it will serve you well. As a successful blogger your following will only but grow.

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Charmaine,
            Thanks for calling me a successful blogger.
            I tried Facebook ads. I lost half the budget I allotted quickly and stopped the ad. I don’t think my target audience was narrow enough.
            I am trying to boost my visibility through other paid means.
            Thanks for the compliments and the tips.

  4. Nikola Roza

    Hi Janice,
    I admit- first time I hear of WebTalk. But I’m intrigued by the idea of referring people and getting paid by the site for promoting them.
    However, for it to work you’d need to give it an angle where WebTalk is part of overall marketing strategy.
    I’ll definitely think about it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nikola,
      Great to see you. I do agree that the concept of a paid referral program is intriguing. Is this, and the exposure they received on ABC News and from blogs like mine, enough for them to gain widespread traction? We shall see. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Jitendra Vaswani


    Thanks for sharing this WebTalk Review. No doubt, it is one of the smartest ways to manage relationships. The best part is that it syncs and syndicate with every app like social media and other useful apps as well. And with this review, you have provided detailed insights into WebTalk.

    Keep sharing 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jitendra,
      I appreciate you writing with praise for my WebTalk review. It definitely connects with other social media channels. Thanks for commenting.

  6. alex

    have a question about requesting and giving a “recommendation”. what is the actual purpose of doing this aside from it being a prerequisite? thank you.

    • Janice Wald

      I don’t know. I don’t make the rules. It felt like hoop jumping to me. On the other hand perhaps they want to make sure that people are credible and that is always the purpose of recommendations. That is the function on LinkedIn so maybe it’s the same here.

      • Dennis

        Good question, Alex!

        Janice, how have you been?

        Here are my insights about Webtalk recommendations:

        Getting a Webtalk recommendation serves for two things:
        1. One step to completing your Webtalk profile to 100% and qualify for earning money on Webtalk. I think they eased this condition.

        2. Just like LinkedIn recommendations, Webtalk recommendations are professional recommendations.

        This is how it works – The person you want to give a recommendation to must have a connection to you as a professional network from their side. If they put you in their personal connection network only, you won’t be able to leave them a recommendation. Even if you have put them into your professional network.

        I hope this helps.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Dennis,
          Great to see you. Thanks for coming by and helping by sharing your knowledge and insights about Webtalk recommendations.

  7. John

    Webtalk will be future social media network like facebok. Nice content! Learn a lot from it..

  8. Dennis

    With the new Discover Search feature, user now see what is trending by topic,interest,and hashtags. This will make posts get discovered even to people outside your network.

    • Janice Wald

      I agree Dennis. Thank you for letting us know. I was not aware that WebTalk has these new features.

      • Dennis

        You will notice that the Discover Search is similar to the Instagram Explore Page.
        And here are the benefits of this new feature:
        1.An engagement spike on post that make it to the Discover Search as your content gets visible to a wider audience than your followers.
        2. A bump in new followers those who like your post will naturally make them check out your profile.
        3. More conversions if you have the right CTA ready for those fresh eyeballs.
        4. I hear that when the feature is fully developed, internet users who are not logged in to Webtalk will be accessing the Discover Search. Amazing tool for content creators.

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