Website Security is an Issue No Business Owner Can Afford to Ignore

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An SSL Certificate will give you website security, 4 tips

by Daniel Bailey

One of the most pressing issues for any business owner is security. This is every bit as true for an online business owner as the owner of a brick and mortar store. Wherever your company may be located, if you do business with the public, they have a right to know that all transactions will be fully secured. This is why it is so important to have all of your relevant credentials, such as SSL certificates, fully on view for a first time customer to observe. This is proof of site security that gives them the assurance they need in order to commit to buying goods from your web store.

If Your Site Isn’t Fully Secured, You Can’t Do Business on It


If you knew that there was a good chance of being ripped off at a certain store, you would do everything in your power to avoid shopping there. Likewise, if a visitor clicks on to your website and fails to see the “https” prefix or padlock in the address bar, chances are good that you won’t be selling to that person. If you can’t prove to the public that your site is safe to click on to and do business with, you can’t expect to make any money from the goods that you advertise there.


Your Credibility as a Business Owner is at Stake


Your credibility as a business owner and member of your industry is at stake. A site that offers goods for sale but doesn’t offer a secure means of buying them is a site that will soon lead straight to bankruptcy for the business it represents. On top of that, your site may be disavowed by your service provider or even shut down by a major search engine such as Google.


Website Security is an Issue that Involves More than Just Your Business


You should be fully aware that website security is an issue that extends well beyond the confines of your ability to sell goods to the public. Each and every time that a customer logs on to a website to buy goods, they are risking much more than the price of those goods. An unsecured site can be the conduit for criminals to fleece people of all of their personal info, as well as their bank accounts, Social Security accounts, and much more. The last thing you want is to be sued for all of your possessions on account of being held liable for a security breach that could have been avoided.


You Can Hire Expert Online Security Services for Your Website


There is no time like the present for you to order state of the art online security services for your official company website. Cybercrime is on the rise as always. New threats are being developed in secret even as others are being publicly exposed. As a result, it pays for you to hire security experts who can help make your website a safe place for customers to do business with the web. Proof of a fully secure site is the cornerstone of success in online business. The sooner you establish your credentials in this area, the sooner you can look forward to a long and prosperous online career.

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  1. Matthew Brewin

    Hi Janice and thank you Daniel for this informative post.

    Even though my blog has no payment processing and is just an informational site, I was recently looking into the benefits of getting my blog SSL’d recently.

    I have read that secure sites enjoy better Google rankings. Did you notice a specific improvement when you got your SSL Janice?

    (PS. Hope you don’t mind the question on Daniel’s sponsored post)

    Best regards

    Matthew Brewin

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Matt,
      I welcome questions. Yes I definitely noticed a significant increase when I moved to SSL but I sped up my site around the same time too. Thank you for writing.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Depending on the reader’s security settings, sites without a valid SSL certificate may even fail to load. I can’t tell you how many times sites with expired certificates are refused by my security software. I can manually click through, but often it’s just not worth it and I’ll look for another site instead.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kyla,
      Fail to load?! I procrastinated about moving to Https for a really long time. I didn’t want the hassle and I don’t take money on my site. Had I known that they might not load, I would have moved a whole lot faster on the decision. Thanks for coming by to tell people.

  3. Soumya Roy

    Absolutely correct. After a long delay now I am really planning to migrate my site to https from http protocol. It is not only for data security but it adds more trust to the visitors and added advantage is Google loves secured sites.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Soumya,
      That’s why I moved to https– I heard Google loves those sites.
      Is http the same as http protocol?
      Thanks for writing.

  4. Joy Healey

    Hi Janice and Daniel,

    This has been puzzling me for a while…. silly questions alert….

    If in future my links are now supposed to have https in front of them, does this mean that all my internal links, currently http, will now be broken links?

    And any promotions that I have done that mention http…..

    What about all the comments I’ve made on people’s blogs?

    If so, it just seems an impossible task.

    I hope there’s a happy answer to this because otherwise I may just as well shut up shop and go home –
    it’ll take forever to unravel. Perhaps it all auto-magically sorts itself out?

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

      • Joy Healey

        Thank goodness for that! I’ll add SSL to may “actual” to-do list, as opposed to my WIsh-List.

        Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  5. Gilly Maddison

    I agree – it’s absolutely crucial to have an SSL certificate regardless of doing business on your website or not. Without the SSL, you may as well give up your website because Google is, quite rightly, flagging up warnings when sites don’t have SSL. I never go on sites that don’t have one unless I already know the person who is running it,

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for writing Gilly. Other people have echoed those sentiments. That’s why I switched. I don’t take money on my site but I switched for the reasons you mentioned. Thank you for writing.

  6. Hansoftech

    Hi Janice and Daniel, Thank you for writing an informative post. Agree with you Security of a website is very essentials whether it is a blogging site or e-commerce site always the user want their data to be secure. Hence SSL certificate is important for website security purpose as it has already declared by google that HTTPS is one of the ranking signal. Have a look on this link for more inforamtion on how to secure and speed up website

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hansoftech,
      Thanks for writing regarding the importance of the SSL Certificate. I have another post coming out about it soon. I will click your link you left. If I use your ideas, I’ll link to you.

  7. Linda Feray

    Hi Janice. I have a blogger free blog, no paid host, how do I go about getting an SSL certificate?

  8. Micheal stark

    I read your post and I understand the importance of security. Website security is very important, hackers can hack website easily and if the webmaster doesn’t use all required features/plugins or apps. In the case of lack security, the webmaster can lose lots of valuable information. Thanks for your post, it’s really one of the best posts.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Micheal. I’m glad you feel the topic is important and the post helpful.

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