A Few Ways You Can Make Your Web Presence Secure

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How to make your web presence strong.


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In the past, Google-ing yourself out of curiosity seemed odd and a bit narcissistic. We would get teased for doing so, even if we all did just to find out if there’s anything about us in the interwebs.

Nowadays, though, Google-ing yourself, or the brand you represent is just one of those daily tasks to see how well your pages are doing, how your online presence stacks up to competition, and how relevant selected keywords are for your industry.

If you think there are any issues with your online presence, you can diagnose yourself the way a professional SEO agency would. Follow these quick, simple steps and find out if there’s anything wrong with your brand today.

How to Make Your Web Presence Secure

Google It!

The absolute first thing you have to do is to go to Google and type your name or brand into the search bar, but also consider doing the following, too:

  • Sign out of your Google Account

Regardless of what program you are utilizing, ensure that you have logged out of your own Google Account, cleared your cache and browsing history, cookies and all. You can also try using an incognito window to make things simpler. Since Google alters result rankings relying upon who is looking, you should make your searches closer to how a typical user would.

  • Try all your names and branding terms

When diagnosing your Google results, ensure that you are “searching” for terms that other individuals will utilize when they look for you. Consistency is significant, so when you utilize your name on a business card, on the web or actually anyplace, make things simple for yourself and utilize a similar name. Think about this name as the focal point of your online reputation.

  • Analyze the Top Three Pages of SERPs

When you have Googled yourself, it’s time to thoroughly review the results. Assess these outcomes to see exactly what sort of data is out there about you. While numerous individuals imagine that the first page is the most significant, it’s also important to see what’s going on in the second and third pages. This allows you to check for future optimization opportunities, improving pages on the lower pages so that they can rank higher and finally hit the first page.


As you most likely know, this is the most noticeably awful classification to be in on the grounds that at least one negative outcomes are speaking to you. In this day and age of social networking and virtual anonymity, bad search results can happen to good people, too. Just one bad link, one compromising photo, one bad review can really bring down the collective opinion about you.

But, That’s Not Me!

This one’s easier to explain: the results are mixed, or positive, but it is for someone with the same name, brand, company, etc. This situation prevents others from discovering applicable or exact data about you! In a most dire outcome imaginable, clients may confuse you with another person.

[Host Blogger’s Comments: There is another Janice Wald with a strong web presence. When I Google myself, she comes up in the search.]

Positive and Relevant

This is what you want, the best quality you can achieve. Preferably you need the outcomes related with your name to be well-branded, significant, and positive content about you. If so, soak up the adulation. Build upon these accolades and produce more content that promotes yourself or your company. Maintaining a positive image takes a lot of effort, so keep on being consistent with your activities online.

Readers, please share so other people who are active online know what steps to take to ensure they have a strong web presence.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there any suggestions you can make for securing a strong web presence?

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  2. Doreen Inyo | at 7:00 am

    This is very informative. However, unless one has a skill in maneuvering around the internet, applying some of these approaches can be a real headache. That is when experts are radically needed. Thanks for sharing

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