Web Application Development Process: 5 Disadvantages of Being a Web Developer and the Easy Solutions

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web application development process

Are you looking for information on the web application development process?

This guide shares the frustrations of being a web designer and the solutions to those challenges.

In the fast-paced world, companies need to be able to quickly adapt to changes and digitize their business to be able to compete in the online market.

Software has become critical for most large enterprises, according to McKinsey, one of the world’s top management consulting firms.

However, the task of choosing and integrating software is often assigned to the development teams, that are responsible for providing the tech solutions fully satisfying the needs of the customer.

A stakeholder not only has to find a web developer but make sure he is capable of putting the idea into reality. 

On the road to deploying the desired product, the developers face numerous difficulties and challenges that may reflect the process and final result.

Thus, understanding these challenges may have a positive impact on cooperation between the customer and development team as well as the success of your project.

By reading this post, you learn five difficulties a web developer faces, three ways to deal with the challenges, and six ways a specific company deals with the challenges met during the web application development process so you have an example.

Let’s dive in.

Difficulties You Face in the Web Application Development Process

The establishment of a user-friendly and multifeatured app is a challenging task for a web development team. The desire to satisfy the client’s business objectives and meet all the expectations may be difficult to put into reality. The reason is – difficulties the development team faces.

Here is the list of difficulties one faces being a web developer:

  1. Creation of a scalable product. Scalability is one of the key characteristics of a successful app since it directly influences the quality of customer service. Thus, the task to create scalable software that can work with and on multiple servers may become a real challenge.
  2. Security issues. The issues connected to privacy and security are always common when it comes to data generated and stored, transactions, payment details, etc. Thus, each development team faces a task to take care of the security issues through all the development stages. The challenge is that software should also be compliant with all the security standards depending on the industry. It is necessary to consider illegal access to restricted parts of the website, customer data safety, prevention of data leaks, and hacker attacks.
  3. User-friendly design. Easy navigation through the app and an attractive interface are the key factors affecting the success and acceptance of the product by the target audience. It may become a challenge to analyze the target audience and present the design that will allow to easily operate a web or a mobile app.
  4. Choice of a framework and tech stack. Depending on the project objectives and types of app exist a diverse tech tools stack to choose from. The framework is a base for a future app, and it should be carefully chosen. It extends the capabilities of the app and influences its overall quality. Thus, a web developer should be familiar with the variety of frameworks to be able to choose the perfect one for each particular project. 
  5. The product level of performance. The important factor is the level of product performance. It may depend on the quality of code, unrecognized data, traffic overloads, third-party integrations, etc. the task of a developer is to manage all the issues from the very beginning of the development to guarantee great product performance.

Tips to avoid challenges

Challenges exist to be accepted. Being a web developer means bearing full responsibility for the decisions you take and the instruments you use through the development process. The knowledge base and extensive experience assist in overcoming the major challenges.

Here is the list of practical tips to avoid the common challenges:

  • Strategic planning and regular communication with the client. It will allow setting the right business goals, evaluating the situations, and planning all the path from the very beginning taking into account all the specificities of the certain project.
  • Well-tuned processes inside the development team and cooperation. It will enable the developer to take into account all the nuances connected to tech and design issues, avoiding ambiguity and misunderstandings.
  • Bear the end-users needs in mind. It is essential to remember that the success of the product actually depends on its acceptance and success in the market. And it is the end-user, who will either choose the app or ignore it.

How developers in GBKSOFT cope with the difficulties

GBKSOFT is an advanced software development as a service provider. It encounters a team of 70+ specialists dealing daily with various challenges.

They have shared the secret of success and how they manage to cope with the difficulties efficiently:

  1. A discovery stage. The team conducts a discovery for each project to set clear goals and business objectives. It helps to predict the possible critical points, and clarify all the characteristics, features, and design from the very beginning. Exact planning of all stages allows guaranteeing the desired quality of the end-product.
  2. Regular code reviews. Regular code reviews allow evaluating the quality of code and fixing all the outdated issues and eliminating mistakes.
  3. Data backups. Data backups allow raising the security level and create secure storage for the private valuable info.
  4. Testing. Automation testing through all the development stages enables to instantly detect and fix bugs with no harm to the overall quality of the product.
  5. Agile methodologies. Agile sdlc methodologies allow introducing the desired changes at any stage of development. Regular sprints allow maintaining effective communication with the stakeholders and clarify all the issues arising.
  6. User-oriented designs. User-friendly interfaces make mobile, and web apps easily navigated and pleasant. Unique design solutions provide the best experience for the end-user.

Web Application Development Process FAQ

How can I create a web application?

Make sure you have strategic planning and communications with your client. Also, have well-tuned processes, and keep the users’ end needs in mind. Those are the considerations to keep in mind during the web application development process.

Wrapping Up: Web Application Development Process

By reading this post, you explored information about the web development process. You discovered five challenges web developers face, three ways to overcome those challenges, and six ways a specific company, GBKSoft, deals with the challenges, so you can deal with them efficiently too.

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