VSL Funnel: How to Boost Sales with a Video Sales Letter, 3 Ways

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VSL Funnel

Do you know what VSL Funnel stands for?

“VSL Funnel” stands for “Video Sales Letter Funnel.”

What is a Video Sales Letter?

In a Video Sales Letter, you write a letter to the consumer. People feel like they are being spoken to directly in the video.

Why is a VSL Funnel an effective lead-building strategy?

A Video Sales Letter is like a video business card.

You provide a link to the video containing your Video Sales Letter for the same reasons you give a business card.

However, there are advantages of a VSL Funnel that traditional business cards don’t have:

  • Create an engaging sales message.
  • Boost your conversion rate.
  • Make more sales.
  • Get more clients.

By reading this post, you discover how to structure your VSL Funnel. Also, you will see examples of four Video Sales Letters that come from two types of VSL Funnels.

Are you ready to discover how to make persuasive sales messages by using a VSL Funnel?

Why Using a VSL Funnel Makes Sense

VSL Funnel

You want potential leads to keep remembering you and videos are memorable. With music, a compelling message, and effective transitions, consumers remember your video at purchase time.

The Splice video editor has a large music library. You can use the Splice app to make your video or any of these Splice alternatives.

Using a VSL Funnel is an effective marketing strategy. According to marketing coach Alex Cattoni, “Video Sales Letters are one of the most effective sales tools there are.”

Using a VSL Funnel helps you build trust. Trust is generated when people watch your videos and hear your expertise. Consumers are more likely to give money to marketers they trust.

Video has exploded in popularity in the last few years. During the lockdown, consumers became used to watching videos like TikTok. That trend has continued.

How to Make a Video Sales Letter

Put your sales video on YouTube where it can get more exposure.

When filming your YouTube video, talk to your viewer as if they were sitting in front of you. In other words, use “You.”

Research shows you should say the word “you” right away to boost engagement and stop people from leaving right away. Some YouTubers believe in the concept of a video letter. Pretend you are composing a letter. Your content would have a personal tone and use the word “you.” Follow the same methods when making your YouTube video.

Next, don’t just state good things in your video testimonial. Explain why you are leaving a positive testimonial. Otherwise, your video may lose credibility. Also, you should be in the video. Consumers trust people they can see and hear. These are actionable strategies for creating a video testimonial.

If I were creating a Video Sales Letter, I would create YouTube videos that share my SEO strategies. At the end of the video, I would let people know that they can hire me for additional help. These are effective methods to get SEO clients.

The way to rank a video fast on YouTube is to use TubeBuddy for Chrome, a YouTube SEO extension. The tool tells you everything you need to know to rank. You type in a keyword you’d like to make a video about into the TubeBuddy search bar.

Discover how many views you’d need to rank against other videos. You also get a score out of 100. The higher, the easier your chances of ranking. You learn how many monthly searches and how many videos exist on the topic.

Also, in my experience, you rank much faster this way than you would textual content on Google.

Structure of your VSL Funnel

Write a script for your VSL Funnel that includes the following parts:


Discuss the big painful problem your clients have that your product solves.

By doing so, the potential client will find you relatable.

Make sure you capture their attention at the beginning.

Here are ways to hook your viewer during the Video Sales Letter:

Use a hook such as a question.

Use a story that shows you are relatable.

Use a case study.

Use a testimonial.

Make sure you sound conversational.


Include the disadvantages of doing nothing.

Discuss how your solution is better than other solutions.

Call to Action with the Next Steps

How to learn more.

Do they click the link to schedule an appointment?

Do they click the button to make a purchase?

Important Note:

Do not wait until the end to give a CTA. Drop Calls to Action throughout the video.

VSL Funnel: FAQs

Do you need to be on camera?

No. You could show a PowerPoint presentation.

How long should your VSL funnel video be?

5 to 10 minutes.Long enough to thoroughly cover your points.

Examples of VSL Funnel Sales Videos

The type of your VSL Funnel may change form depending on your purpose.

For instance, in this video, I try to generate conversions. I want to convert people from being visitors to blog subscribers. I don’t try to sell anything.

VSL Funnel Example #1:

This video shows you the VSL Funnel for my Mostly Blogging Academy of blogging and marketing courses.

As you watch, note how the structure of the Academy marketing video meets the structure explained in this post:

I start with a hook showing I can relate to the problems of the viewer.

I then give details about the solutions.

I end by sharing how they can access my course.

VSL Funnel Example #2

Neil Patel uses this video to present his video sales letter. He uses the VSL Funnel to market his agency.

Once again, notice the structure:

Patel starts with a hook showing he can relate to the challenges of marketers: “You see marketers like me making money. Would you like to learn how you can do the same?”

Then, Patel clearly outlines the steps to making money as a marketer.

He also includes a Call to Action telling people how to use his service.

Also, Rosetta Digital uses the VSL Sales Funnel to help marketers make money using powerful sales copy and videos.

Questions are engaging which is an effective technique.

VSL Funnel: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VSL Funnel?

A VSL Funnel uses a Video Sales Letter to convince a consumer that your product or service can solve their problem or pain point. The video is conversational so the consumer feels you are speaking directly to them.

How do you do a VSL?

Make a Video Sales Letter with the following structure: Introduction, Solutions, and Call to Action. In the video, sound like you are talking directly to the consumer. Use “you.”

Wrapping Up: How to Make Money with a VSL Funnel

By reading this guide to the VSL Funnel, you discovered testimonials confirming the effectiveness of a Video Sales Letter. You also saw four examples of Video Sales Letters with two different types of Calls to Action. You also explored ways to hook the viewer.

Readers, please share, so marketers discover this guide to the VSL Funnel.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have experience using a VSL Funnel?

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