Vlogging Tips Beginners Level: How to Easily Start and Where to Begin in 2022

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vlogging tips beginners

Are you thinking of starting a vlog? Just follow these simple vlogging tips beginners can do involving substantial audiences and engaging content and you’ll excel at it.

The internet is a fascinating place. Who would’ve thought following people with a camera around online would be our idea of fun? But this is what most people are doing with their time today: either vlogging or watching vlogs. 

In fact, most content on social media sites like YouTube and TikTok consists mostly of such vlogs today. 

Plus, easy access to the internet with competitive prices like Spectrum WiFi prices, makes viewership even higher. So, it’s only natural to be attracted to this act as a career or even just as a hobby. It’s lucrative, fun, and gets you a lot of followers

The most famous vloggers today started with nothing. They lived in small apartments and made close to no money. Today, they own mansions and fancy cars. And yes, solely because of vlogging. 

But many people are easily intimidated by this because they think it’s too technical or hard to grasp. This is very far from the truth though.

You can be good at following vlogging tips beginners can do by following simple tips and tricks. By reading this guide to easy vlogging tips beginners can master, you discover five simple hacks.

Here are some ways you can kickstart your own vlog.  Let’s dive in and explore vlogging tips beginners can master.

Find Your Audience  

Before you start vlogging, find out who you want your audience to be. Are you going to make content for teenagers, young adults, or more mature people?

Apart from this, you should also keep in mind different cultures, societies, and genders. If you’re going to vlog for audiences that are mostly women, find content that will appeal to them. If it’s the opposite, look out for the interests men are into currently.

Location and culture also play an important part in this. If your audience consists of older people, you will want to not get too controversial with your stances and beliefs. 

If it’s younger people, find out what they support and what they shun. But it’s important to customize the content you create according to your audience. So, spend your time finding out who you want your audience to be. And then vlog with their interests in mind.  

Build a Persona  

Building a unique persona online is what works best for successful vloggers. Your personality is what will draw in viewers and hits. Based on the subject matter, create an aura in your vlogs that will resonate with people. It could be calm, exciting, motivational, maternal, paternal, or even clueless.

Viewers will want to associate an emotion with the type of content you create. And this is what they’ll keep coming back to.

Emma Chamberlain, for instance, is one of the most famous bloggers today. And she builds her persona online around calm, ‘chill’ vibes. Her vlogs don’t contain content that is extraordinary or wild. It just follows her doing everyday, mundane activities. But these are shown in such a calm way that it becomes almost comforting to watch. 

Similarly, Nayna Florence is another popular YouTuber. She builds her persona around college and being studious. She plans her days, makes timetables, and cooks college-type meals. This draws In viewers because they want to watch videos with order and planning in them.  

Don’t Forget the ‘Aesthetic’ 

This is what all famous vloggers are doing today: chasing after the perfect ‘aesthetic’. This means trendy colors, patterns, editing styles, soundtracks, and clothing. Viewers love videos that follow a certain style or design. This video editing tool for beginners employs an easy-to-use text editing function, allowing you to focus on the aesthetics.

Currently, pastel colors are very much in fashion today. This is why vloggers try to use these colors when editing or making their videos. They will also use these in the clothes they wear, the utensils they use, and even the background they shoot with. 

Such themes lure in more viewers who want content that is pleasing to the eye. Apart from this, a good soundtrack also plays a huge part in making your videos aesthetically pleasing. Fun, lo-fi music is what’s most popular with vloggers today. This makes viewers feel calm or motivated, depending on the music type.  

Keeping up with the latest trends is very important when you’re starting a vlog. You need to know what your viewers are following and talking about. It could be an event, a social cause, a movie, a music album. Anything.

Vlogging about a trending topic will get you followers and views. This is because thousands of people will search for that topic. When they do this, your vlog will also appear in search results. As a result of this, it will get a higher number of views.

But this isn’t only why you should keep up with trends. It’s also to keep your followers interested and happy. They expect you to speak about important issues when they’re trending. These could include human rights, war, or animal abuse.

When vloggers fail to speak up on such issues when they’re trending, followers turn away. They’re disappointed easily. So, research well on whatever is trending and try to be vocal about it. However, avoid controversy. This can land vloggers headfirst into hot water.  

Try to Collaborate with Famous Vloggers  

There’s no better way to succeed than collaborating with famous vloggers. You could send them a message or drop an email. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not too hard to reach. And the best part is, they’re all mostly young and new. This means that they’re grounded and friendly and will be likely to give you a chance. 

When you work with such influential vloggers, you will be exposed to their large number of followers. This means all of them will have access to your vlogs. Not only this, but they will also follow you and watch the vlogs you post simply because you appeared in their favorite vlogger’s video. It’s that simple. So, stop putting it off. 

Vlogging Tips Beginners: FAQ

How do I practice vlogging?

Film your world. You’ll find a niche and a tribe before long. If you don’t find a niche, lifestyle vloggers are popular. They film about a host of topics as they explore their world.

What does a beginner vlogger need?

Easy vlogging tips beginners can follow include filming with your phone. Today, your phone has all you need to film like a pro.

Wrapping Up: Vlogging Tips Beginners Can Follow

In closing, these vlogging tips beginners level are easy to follow. Get started on your vlogging career right away.

Readers, please share these vlogging tips beginners can master.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know more vlogging tips beginners can easily follow?

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  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka

    Hi Janice,

    Earlier today my kids were trying to convince me that I should be vlogging. It would be fun but I think I will stick to blogging with the occasional YouTube video. Although, I might have to look into Tik Tok. I don’t know what I will do Tik Tok videos about but since it’s all the rage these days I should look into it.
    I considered doing a video series about “Mom Loses Her Mind Teaching A Teenager How To Drive” but I don’t think I could handle the stress of driving with a teenager and filming at the same time.

    It’s amazing how technology today makes it so easy to make videos. My son does videos for his IG all on his phone. And it isn’t even a great phone. It’s my old Samsung, but he makes some neat videos with it.

    Have a great week.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi SharlaAnn,
      Coincidentally, I just scheduled my article about how to grow on TikTok. It comes out on January 13. You will find learning how to grow on TikTok is easy. In about a month and a half I grew to over 1000 followers without much effort. TikTok videos are short, most are only 15 seconds so it’s quick as well as easy.
      Thank you for commenting. Happy holidays.

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