5 Countries Without Covid-19 Testing Requirements You Should Visit in 2023

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visiting every country in the world

Should travel bloggers and vacationers consider visiting every country in the world?

That depends on Covid-19 testing requirements.

Let’s be honest: The Covid-19 pandemic has cast a long shadow over the future. All in all, throughout the globe, humanity has been a witness to one of the scary scenarios.

The beginning of 2020, a decade that was supposed to start on a joyous note, came crashing down when a virus caused a plague all around the world. People’s spirits have taken a definite hit, what with social distancing and multiple restrictions in place from 2020 to most of 2021. 

However, 2022 comes bearing gifts. With worldwide vaccinations on the rise, the number of people the virus affects is plummeting to new lows every day. With the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting a closer return to what was before the plague, people are familiarizing themselves with the new normal.

Now, various countries are also partially or completely lifting travel restrictions designed to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that taking vacations, heretofore impossible with such bans, is now becoming available again. So leave your online casino games, get off your electronic devices, and choose your next adventure!

Travel bloggers also have opportunities they didn’t have before the virus. A travel blogger travels to different places, writes about their experiences, and publishes them in an online blog.

Travel bloggers need travel blog ideas for their articles. However, the prospect of visiting every country in the world to conduct research and generate blog post topics is marred by Covid-19 restrictions.

The probability of visiting every country in the world may not be too great considering the pandemic. However, by reading this post, you will discover the Top 5 destinations that don’t have Covid-19 restrictions.

Note: Before we discuss the likelihood of visiting every country in the world further, keep in mind that many places still require Covid-19 tests or proof of vaccination. While you should always be on top of your vaccinations to prevent contracting and spreading the sickness, there are problems. Some people are medically unable to take the vaccine, perhaps because of legitimate allergies. 

Top 5 Destinations You Can Visit That Have No Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

This is where our choice of places to visit comes to your aid. We have created a list of countries that have lifted all Covid-19 restrictions. Go on, check it out now.


Have you ever wanted to observe the somber other-worldly beauty of the Hagia Sophia? Do you want to take a dip in the sapphire-blue waters of the Fethiye? Then Turkey is the place for you! With all Covid-19 restrictions removed, the country has seen a boom in tourism since.


visiting every country in the world

Are you looking forward to frolicking on green hills and letting the fresh mountain air revive your soul? Effective from 16th May, the beautiful country of Austria no longer requires any proof of vaccinations or tests to allow people to visit this slice of heaven. Now, you, too, can experience your The Sound of Music fantasy! 


The romance of France awaits your arrival! Despite its strictness on tests and vaccinations, France has lifted such rules from August 1st. Stroll on the cobbled streets of Paris like a flaneur or take a walk down the Seine. Sip on some Rhenish wine and enjoy the magnificence of life.


If a warm beach is just what you need to make your “hot summer” dreams come true, then head on down to Belize. Kick back on the shimmering sands of the Ambergris Caye or observe the beauty of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. The government of Belize believes in the people’s choice to get vaccinated or not.


From June 1st, no tourist has to provide medical proof of vaccinations or RTPCR-Negative tests to enter the country. Wearing a mask is also optional, except for hospitals and the like. Dip into the Agios Georgios or enrich yourself with the rich history and architecture of magnificent Cyprus.

Wrapping Up: Visiting Every Country in the World

Is it possible to go to every country in the world?

No. Going to every country in the world is not a possibility due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, the following countries don’t have these restrictions: Turkey, Austria, France, Belize, and Cypres.

Bottom Line – Forget Your Troubles and Allow Yourself to Relax

In closing, travel bloggers and vacationers can rejoice.

The point of a vacation is to sit back and relax. The point of being a travel blogger is to conduct blog post research.

After two long years, take advantage of the opportunity to travel the world. Even if you can’t visit every country in the world, you can go to these Top 5 vacation spots.

Find pleasure in the little things and learn to be open to new experiences without living in constant fear. Bon voyage!

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I look forward to your views in the comments section. Would you have considered visiting every country in the world before Covid struck?

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