How to Make Money from Virily in 2022 [and 6 More Sites That Pay You]

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Have you heard of Virily, the revenue sharing social media site?

JUNE 2021 UPDATED INFORMATION: Here are some stats about Virily that will help you decide if you want to use this social media site.

Virily has

  • Over 800 users
  • 1,500 monthly searches
  • An Ahrefs rank of 1,672,604
  • An Alexa score of 138,905

What is Virily’s continued appeal?

The site is fun!

UPDATE: For instance, content creators can create quizzes for other members to take. For instance, a member created a quiz asking users to match the logo with the superhero.

If they can create a Superheroes Logo Quiz, so can you!

Let’s dig deeper with this Virily review.

Virily and other revenue sharing sites pay bloggers and writers

Are you familiar with revenue sharing sites like Virily?

If you are interested in making money online, you should be.

I asked my blogging friend Debby if she had heard that the unthinkable happened:

Niume stopped paying its writers for page views. Update: July 2020: Niume folded. 

She indicated she had heard and then wrote two words which haunted me: “Now what?”

This post will answer that question.

One of the advantages of using social media is the ability to make money called social pay.

Niume was not the only revenue sharing site in town!

This post will describe Virily, explain how you can be paid for your writing at that website, and then offer six more revenue sharing sites where you can make money writing.

Consider these comments from a reader looking for ways to make money online:

I surely would love to be able to earn money online. Looking through your suggestions, it seems that most of them really boils down to traffic. Any suggestions for that?

My suggestion is to publish at Virily. Writing at Virily has nothing to do with your blog traffic. It isn’t even necessarily related to the traffic to your Virily articles since you can accrue money in other ways at the site.

Meet Virily

What is Virily?

Virily is a blogging platform that lets you express your writing skills and creativity in just a few steps and at the same time earn some money. It is a blogging platform with an aim to allow people all over the globe to work and earn money by working on the Internet. According to YouTube, you can earn money starting your first day using the site!

The money you make is called “virils.” With every action you make on the site, whether it be writing content, voting, commenting, or reading, for example, you gain virils that will be paid to you at the end of the month.

About Virily

Virility is a relatively new website. The platform only recently opened its doors in May of 2017. Some of its programs are still in beta. The site currently has over 800 users.

Virily’s offices are located in Estonia and Macedonia.

What is a Revenue Sharing Site?

Virily practices revenue sharing. A revenue sharing site invites writers to create content for a website in exchange for a share of its advertising revenue giving the authors the possibility of ongoing income. You will see these ads when you go there.

How Virily Works

There are 20 categories on the site that cover different interests and all age groups. The purpose of the site is to allow “an easy blogging experience,” according to the admins.

No technical skills are needed to publish on the platform.

Does the content you publish on Virily have to be original?

In contrast to the soon-to-be-defunct Niume, the answer is yes. You must publish original content.

How you earn virils and get paid:

  • Earn 10 virils when you refer a friend to the site.
  • The first time you visit a website on Virility each day, earn 10 virils.
  • Earn 3 virils each time a member of Virility views your post.
  • Earn 2 virils for submitting an item.
  • Earn 2 virils for viewing a quiz.
  • Earn 2 virils when another member follows you.
  • Earn 1 viril when you view someone else’s post.
  • Earn 1 viril when you comment on a post.

Let’s recap:

If you read someone’s post, you will get one viril. The author will get three.

If you view a quiz, you will get three virils, the author will get five.

You will get 2 virils for submitting an item. If you submit an item with a picture, you will get 20 virils.


  • You can only read up to 50 articles per day.
  • You can only refer 500 friends a day maximum.
  • You can only earn a maximum of 500 virils a day when people view your posts.
  • Drafts older than 30 days old will be deleted.
  • The lengths of your posts are limited to approximately 7,000 words.

How you get paid:

It takes 1,000 virils to accumulate to $1.00.

This may seem like a lot for a little. Virily is more than a Pay Per View site. It is a pay per activity site. You decide how many activities you want to do. This makes Virility a revenue sharing site, not just pay-per-view.

According to member Rex Trulove, the payouts are not this cut and dry. “It is variable, depending on the market. As put in their FAQ’s: Higher Virils Balance means higher share from revenue distributed among users. Distribution is made on daily basis, so depending on the day you can earn different amount for the same Virily Balance.”

Also, the minimum length of a story post is only approximately 100 words. Therefore, it doesn’t take much to be active there and start earning virils.

After only 24 hours, I’d already accumulated 138 virils.

You decide your payment method. You can choose from Pay Pal or Payoneer. The minimum payout on Pay Pal is $10.00. The minimum payout on Payoneer is $100.00. Virily pays monthly.

How to Use Virily

1. Go to and click “Join.” You’ll be given a choice to sign up with Facebook or Twitter. I chose Twitter.

2. Fill in your email address. Click “Continue.”

3. To create an item, click “Create.”

You can create the following: story, personality quiz, trivia quiz, open list where others can submit items to your list, ranked list where people can vote for the best item on the list or classic list which is a list-based article.

Although I usually write list posts, I wanted to write about my enthusiasm for finding this site my first time using Virily, so I clicked “story.” I enjoyed myself so much I have not written any other type of content since joining the site.

When you use the site, you must write content that fits one of the many categories on the website.

Your category choices include:

  • animals
  • architecture
  • art
  • beauty-health
  • business
  • celebrations
  • culture
  • DIY
  • entertainment
  • fashion
  • food & drink
  • home
  • home decor
  • lifestyle
  • meme
  • science
  • sport
  • technology
  • travel
  • other for content that doesn’t fit these categories

Why You Should Join

  • Generate traffic. Since you are able to insert links to your blog post articles, you can use the site to generate traffic to your blog or website. I have already seen traffic coming from Virily on my WordPress dashboard.
  • You can give and receive compliments. You can send compliments to other writers and receive compliments from them.
  • Virily has a “Featured” section. If you are featured, you will get even more exposure from this site.
  • Virily has a newsletter and you may find new bloggers to read.
  • Your writing will be exposed to a new audience of readers.
  • You can make some extra cash.
  • It’s easy to monetize on Virily. A Facebook group exists to help you get page views on each other’s posts so you can rack up the virils. Other Facebook groups exist as well to help you. The Virily Users Group exists as well to provide support for other Virilyans. However, this group requires you have 10 posts before they’ll admit you.

Making money on the platform is quick and easy. The moment I logged in for the first time, I already had 22 virils. You may wonder how this is possible. Do you remember? I received 10 virils for becoming a member, 10 for visiting a site, and I had a new follower which earned me 2.

  • Virily has an affiliate program. Become an affiliate of Virily and offer people your referral link. You will find this under Profile/Affiliate Link. My affiliate link is
  • Being a Virilyan increases your self-esteem. Within two days I was elevated from the status of newbie to the status of rising star.
  • Virily has interesting content. You might want to use this content as research for your blog posts.

Virily pays bloggers and writers

  • You can give your input by upvoting or downvoting.
  • Thanks to the tags, it’s easy for people to find you.
  • The other Virilyans are extremely warm and welcoming. They have even been connecting with me on other websites. They have followed me to my blog and connected with me on Twitter.
  • Your articles will get more social shares. For example, Facebook groups often require social sharing. If someone has a choice between sharing your post from Virily and someone else’s post, they will choose your post in order to accrue virils toward monetization.
  • You don’t have to worry about SEO when you blog at another website.
  • Blogger Ryan Biddulph recommends you practice writing 1,000 words a day. Why not practice at Virily? You’ll have a chance to make some friends, perhaps gain some new blog readers, and make some cash.
  • If you write at Virily, you don’t need to stick to your niche. Deviating from your niche on your blog may confuse your blog readers. At Virily, you can write about whatever topics you want.
  • You don’t need to stick to an editorial calendar either. Publish whenever the mood strikes you.
  • Virily is easy to use.

Virily pays bloggers and writers

This is your dashboard. Notice: I didn’t want to forget to put in my PayPal information so I could get paid as soon as I accrued $10.00.

“Profile” is where you’d go to put in this information and change your profile picture. Since I signed up with Twitter, my profile picture is the one I use on Twitter.

Can you also see I already have a follower? [Note: I have been using Virility for four days. I am up to 26 followers at the time of this writing.]

  • Getting help is easy. If you need help, Virily has an FAQ link and a forum. They also have a chatbot who can answer questions. I also received a prompt response via messenger from an admin of the site when I had a question.
  • Virily is a beautiful site. Look:

Virily pays writers and bloggers

I typed “blogging” into the search bar since that’s my niche.

Notice: The number of page views is visible so you will know which articles are more appealing to readers. The number of comments is visible as well so you can know which articles are gaining the most engagement.

I am interested in hosting a webinar on my blog one day, so I clicked that headline.

Immediately, a sign appeared on the screen informing me I’d earned a viril!

  • Using the site is fun. Within 24 hours of using the site, I had 60 notifications, a compliment, and someone upvoted my post. I had 149 notifications within two days of using the site. Virilyans are an engaged group!
  • If you use Chrome, Grammarly will work so you’ll have an editor.


Several Virilyans weighed in on the merit of the website:

According to user Kyla Osborne, “It took very little effort to go from “Newbie” to “Sky Rocket” and to make it onto the leaderboard. The site has no minimum word count and articles are clearing now for me in under an hour sometimes. I’m enjoying the experience.”

According to Jotomy, Virily is “a great platform for the writers.”

Virily user Running the Galaxies welcomed me when I joined. “I have been here for three days and I enjoy it very much and I don’t even think about the money it might bring. There’s a bunch of people that are nice and comforting.”

Ali Shehzad echoed Running’s sentiments. “A superb platform to be a part and parcel of. An adorable community, friendly bunch of people.

Other Revenue Sharing Sites

  1. Hubpages
  2. InfoBarrel
  3. Snipsly
  4. Daily Two Cents UPDATE: Daily Two Cents announced the site was closing its doors in August 2018.
  5. Seekyt
  6. Verst [Read: How to Boost Your Brand and Business with Verst]
  7. Medium [Related: Read how to make money with the Medium Partner Program.]


The holidays are coming up. Do you need some extra shopping money? Perhaps you need money to pay your website host for the month. The site is for you!

You are in control over how soon you get paid and how much since you control the activities you get virils (points) for completing.

I encourage you to sign up.

You might make some money, meet new writers, find interesting articles to read and use as research for your posts. In addition, you could get traffic to your blog due to the links to your blog you’re allowed to put in.

If you do decide to sign up, please use my referral link:

Readers, please share so other bloggers know how they can monetize with Virily.

I look forward to your answers in the comments section: Have you heard of this site that pays its contributors? If so, would you recommend Virily?


Weebly Review


Virily: FAQ

Is Virily a genuine site or not?

Yes! Absolutely! Virily is a content creation site that pays you for activity. The site gets the money to share with content creators from its advertising revenue.


October 2019

Virily brings you traffic.

After not being on Virily for a very long time, I saw traffic from Virily in my WordPress dashboard stats.

It’s true: You can use Virily for traffic generation even years after becoming inactive on the site.

My post comparing Virily with other revenue-sharing sites is one of my most popular articles on Google.

Update: July 2020

Virily Reviews:

According to, Virily received an average of 3 out of 5 stars when reviewed. The Site Jabber author took that to mean people are generally dissatisfied with Virily.

According to the blog, Virily ranks 57th out of social networking sites.

UPDATES: August 2020

This review wouldn’t be accurate without sharing both positive and negative aspects of using the website.

Let me explain why I have steered away from using Virily in recent years:

After spending untold hours trying to make money on Virily, my friend wrote to me to tell me my efforts might be for nothing.

She explained people on Virily aren’t bloggers like me. Therefore, they have more time to devote to activities on the site that might generate income.

She also explained there was a tier, like a top list of users that stood a greater chance of monetizing.

I’ve barely been back since.

Also, while people are genuinely making money, monetization growth seems slow. Waiting just for a $10 payout took so long; that was one of the reasons I gave up.

However, you should try the site and see what you think. Depending on your time allowance, you may have time I didn’t have to pursue getting to know the community and trying to monetize.

  1. Tracey Boyer

    Daily Two Cents does not pay per view anymore, none of the Harlow McGaw Media sites except Penstrokes and Craft Closet. The only way to make money with the others HMM sites is if you have an Adsense account, they will share a part of what Adsense earns on your pages.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tracey,
      Thanks for coming by with this update about Daily Two Cents and for offering us this information about Google Adsense. Fortunately, many bloggers have an Adsense account, so this may work for them.
      I don’t have an Adsense account. I monetize at Virily. Also, I applied and was accepted to Hubpages. Thanks for commenting.

      • Davida Chazan

        I suggest you get an AdSense account because when Virily goes under (and I promise you, it will go under), you can kiss that money goodbye. Virily, like every other pay-per-click site is a scam. See my comment below.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Davida,
          1. Thanks for the recommendation that I get a Google Adsense account. I did have one. However, sometimes there were large empty spaces where the ads should be. I assumed it was because there were no relevant ads for my site. I was there a long time but never made enough to even cover one month’s hosting fee, so I took it down.
          2.Virily is not pay-per-click. It’s pay per activity. You determine the activities you do. You are not solely dependent on whether or people click your links.

  2. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Janice,
    I cam to know about through your post, and I think I will try for once if it works for me.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week ahead.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robin,
      Sounds great. Look me up over there. Thanks for writing.

  3. John Doe

    Thank you for the tips. I know everyone is always interested in new ways of making money.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      Yes. We have a post about making money through affiliate marketing being published tomorrow.

  4. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I’m tempted. I really am. I loved Niumi. I have 63 Niumi posts saved that need a new home. But I’ve been burned so often that I’m tired of the merry-go-round. First there was Sqidoo, where I had over a hundred articles. Then Bubblews, where I had over 300 posts before it folded. I moved many of those posts to Persona Paper and then it stopped paying. Then there was Tsu. BlogBourne is about to disappear. Then Niumi stopped paying, gave notice, and disappeared. When will Virily end?

    It takes a lot of effort to write, place photos, etc in the first place. It takes a lot of effort to then move those posts somewhere else when a site closes and get all the photos back in place. Just as things start to really really move and you make your way up that leaderboard, the owners discover they aren’t making the money they thought they would and they decide to stop paying. Then people stop writing, and soon after that the site closes. Yes, all my friends have jumped onto Virily. Do I want to jump on the the merry-go-round again? I hesitate.

    I can see almost everyone I know at myLot and probably pick up my pennies as fast as I could on Virily. They’ve been around for years, changed ownership once but didn’t delete our work, just stopped paying. Most of us left. Then after Bubblews folded, the original myLot owners came back and started paying again and most of my old Bubblews friends have joined now. So we keep in touch. My priorities now are editing my sleeping posts on HubPages to wake them up, keeping up with my own blogs, and finishing the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October, and keeping up with my Review This contributions. I’d like to throw some sleep in there somewhere, too.

    I spent a good bit of time yesterday deleting Niume links from social media sites like Flipboard where they linger, cold and dead. That’s another thing to think about. At least Squidoo links automatically forwarded to HubPages links if we transferred them.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t do Virily. You’ve almost convinced me I should at least move some of my retired Niume posts over there — the required ten to get in the Facebook group. But I’d better wait until November because I already have too much networking with the blog challenge this month — not to mention your blogging parties. A look at the titles of the posts on the blog linked to below will further explain my hesitancy to join another of these revenue sharing sites. At least Hubpages and myLot have been around a long time now.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbara,
      I hear you. I have two contradictory responses:
      1. You mentioned: “It takes a lot of effort to write, place photos, etc in the first place. …” I do not feel I have given much effort at Virily. Because the posts you create can be as short as 100 words, it does not take much time and effort. I used graphics/photos I already had saved on my desktop. You know how busy I am: I blog, teach outside the home with papers to grade, and get paid for freelance writing. I also have a family. I would not spend time at Virily if it took any time to speak of.
      2. That said, it sounds like you should wait to see if Virily lasts. They’ve only been on the web since May. For your comfort level, I agree you should give it more time.

      • Barbara Radisavljevic

        Wouldn’t you know. I decided to go ahead and try it, and discovered I’d been a member since June. I really love it, but I’m still not sure I should have gotten started. It’s addictive and a distraction to my other blogging, especially when I’m in the middle of a challenge.

    • Davida Chazan

      Well, Barbara, looks like you’ve been “burnt” by these sites before, just like me. So your being wary of this one is fully justified. It is just another Bubblews or whatever. They all die eventually.

      As for HubPages and myLot, the biggest problem I have with both of them is this that for them both, “You grant … a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license to reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, modify, adapt and publish the Author Content on or in connection with the Service. ” That means, they can take your content and sell it forward without ever giving you a penny of what they earn from it.

      I’ve had enough of these sites. I’ve been burnt by them over and over and over again for the past 16 years, and enough is enough. If you just want some “fun” money and don’t get too serious about these sites, then fine – go ahead. But if you really need the money, these are sites you should stay away from, because a) they’re making tons off of you, and you’re getting crumbs for all your hard work, and b) sooner or later they’ll close down and take all your earnings with them, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

      These sites should come with a “blogger beware” sign!

      • Barbara Radisavljevic

        Davida, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. But I did take the bait. I’m not so worried about Virily stealing my work as I’m worried about it distracting me and stealing my time. I’m looking at it like a social network rather than a blog — just as I do myLot. I don’t post things on myLot I’d ever repost anywhere else. I just talk to my friends. It’s easier to drop in and out of than a site like Virily that has a leader board and all those other motivating goodies that bring out my competitive streak. I don’t really expect to make anything on either of them beyond pennies a day. it’s more entertainment than anything else. I prefer it to television.

    • Steven

      You know Barbara, I totally agree with you here. I was burned buy most of the sites you mentioned here in the comment. I joined Virily but I am extremely weary as well. I am still with MyLot, which I believe to be the better of these sites. But I will give Virily a shot. I will not invest any of my good content there right now. The site has to prove itself first. But like you I have a funny feeling this site, like many others will be gone within a few years. It is sad to think that way, but us veterans have been around the internet a long time now.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Steven,
        Thank you for your interest in my post and in Virily. As far as I can see, this site is still going strong almost a year later and even continuing to grow and evolve. I plan on blogging about it again this spring. Let me know what you think once you give it a try. Thank you for writing.

  5. Betty

    Thanks for the info Janice. I have been wondering about Verily. You answered a lot of my questions?

    • Janice Wald

      Glad I could help Betty. I had questions also before I conducted research for this article.

  6. dgkaye

    Thanks for sharing a new site to post on Janice. I always appreciate your new finds. I’ll check it out but not joining anything new until I get this next book out, hopefully by November. Then I’ll join Virily and when I do, of course I’ll use your link as I always do. Oh, and thanks for the mention. 🙂 x

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Thanks for the social shares. I saw Google + and Twitter, I believe.
      Good luck with your book. What number book is this for you? I’m still holding at 1!
      It will be fun seeing you at Virily when you get the opportunity to get over there.

      • dgkaye

        Thanks Janice. This will be #6 then I hope to take some time off from book writing and spend more on seeking more paid writing opportunities in the next year. I just can’t manage both and blogging and marketing. 🙂

  7. Davida Chazan

    Frankly, I am shocked that you, of all people, are promoting sites like Virily. Now, I may not be an expert on earning online, but these sites are frankly all scams – each and every one of them – and I’ve been burned by them, so I’m speaking from experience here. Probably one of the first of these “revenue sharing” sites was called Themestream. That site closed down in 2001, and took with it about $117 of my “earnings”. Since then an through to Niume closing down, there have been dozens (maybe more) sites that have popped up, and told their users they’d earn tons of money online for small bits of content. None of them have succeeded in staying alive, and when they go under, users don’t get the money they “earned” – each and every time. Even most of the consumer review sites have died, including ePinions and Dooyoo (although Ciao is still around, but paying FAR less than they used to).

    Each and every one of these sites – and I mean, bar NONE – are rampant with abuse. They have people using bot to adding fake users as referrals for cheating members. They also have bots that add artificial clicks, likes and comments to up the “earnings” of these cheating members, and bots that up these members followers lists to increase their status. They either have widespread plagiarism, or they have articles from reputable foreign sites translated into very poor English, or people with very poor English skills churning out dozens upon dozens of “articles” with the absolute minimum word or character count, to earn as much as they can.

    As I mentioned above, when these sites close down, they’ve already gotten rich from the ad revenue (compare the amount members get to what AdSense gives you directly), plus they don’t pay their members the balances in their accounts, and end up with what could be up to millions of dollars on the backs of these people who have absolutely NO recourse to recoup even a penny.

    I cannot, in all conscience, be quiet about this and again, I’m appalled that you’d even suggest people join these sites. The last one I joined was Niume but I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t ever going to get money from them – they just had a really great sharing tool for putting articles on sites like Flipboard and Stumbleupon.

    Janice – these are NOT places to make money online, they are NOT sustainable business models, and your asking people to sign up through your referral link is frankly, a type of self promotion that upsets me even more.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Davida,
      Thanks for coming by to offer the disadvantages to creating content at revenue sharing sites.
      You used the word “scam.” Although I didn’t check the definition before replying, it definitely implies being cheated out of your money.
      I never felt that way at Niume. When I accrued $10.00 which was the minimum amount for a payout, I received my $10.00 from Niume. Easy money. It felt like found money.
      As far as Virily, I look at it this way: Someimes I like to create and publish content away from my blog. The way I see it, I have choices. I can publish at where I receive no engagement and have no chance for money, or I can publish at Virily where I am receiving a great deal of engagement and have a chance for money.
      You mentioned bots, etc. I know the people I am interacting with at Virily are real people. They’ve become my Twitter followers, my blog readers, and those who I knew from Facebook groups have become closer friends.
      I am merely sharing what’s new in the area of blog monetization. As a blogging tips coach, that’s what I do, share what’s new in the world of blogging. Since I have had a good experience in the short time I’ve been there, I’m recommending the site. If people are going anyway, it would be great if they used my link. I am not an affiliate of Verily and they did not sponsor this post.
      As with all my tips, if you are not comfortable, definitely don’t do it. I really do appreciate you coming by to offer us the flip side of this situation.

      • Davida Chazan

        I didn’t say that you might not make some money from these sites, but I also KNOW from over 16 years of experience in writing for exactly these kinds of content sites, that they aren’t sustainable, and are a prime target for abuse, and like its many, many predecessors, it will eventually close down and take all their members’ earnings with it.

        Of course, you may take in some money today, but it is only a matter of time until the abuse that you don’t see today will increase until it becomes rampant. That’s when the owners will see funds going out in increasing amounts could begin to dig into their own profits, and they’ll do something about it. Either they’ll change their pay-scale, which will make it harder for members to earn money there, or they’ll up the minimum cash out amount, so that they can hold onto their ad income longer. One way or another, that will be the beginning of the end, and you, along with hundreds of other honest people just trying to earn something on the side, will be cheated out of what you tried so hard to earn.

        As another one of your commenters here noted, these sites – despite the small word count (which, by the way, is one of the reasons why abuse is so easy) – really are a whole lot of work for very, very little revenues. And while getting 10,000 virils today may not seem all that time consuming, I suggest you do the math to figure out how many hours you’re really putting in for a measly $10, and then figure out how much more the site is getting for all that work that you’re doing for them. It just seems to me that these sites continue to make the owners rich while giving out crumbs to their slaves, who they’ll gleefully sacrifice the moment they see a good opportunity to make one last cash-in. Then you’ll see yet another one of these sites close while the owners will be laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. Harsh words? Yes, they are. But after 16 years of watching each and every single site like this close down, knowing full well that the owners aren’t losing a penny, you get pretty cynical about them.

        I think your readers should be informed of both sides of this coin. As the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.” If they want to give this site a try and earn tiny amounts here or there, that’s fine. But they should know that it won’t last, and therefore they should NEVER depend on sites like this for earning anything beyond “fun” money.

  8. Charmi Gupta

    Nowadays affiliate marketing is becoming more popular ways of earning money Affiliate marketing.
    Keep sharing with us.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Charmi,
      I agree with the popularity of affiliate marketing programs. Tomorrow’s post is about how to monetize through affiliate marketing programs. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Shah Nomaan

    Thanks for giving such a beautiful tips for earning income , thank for sharing info post.

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure, Shah. Tomorrow’s post is also about monetizing, through affiliates. Stay tuned!

  10. Eugenia

    I was a member of Nuime for a while without expecting any earnings. After they announced they would no longer be paying, many of the members opted out. It lost its luster for me because of poor attitudes and so many members leaving.

    I also joined Virily, and it’s not for me. I wrote 4 posts and they put their ads in the middle of my content. At least with WordPress, the ads are at the top, bottom or sides of your content. I accessed Virily today and a box popped up informing me my posts would be deleted in 90 days, which is fine with me. I can’t find how to delete them myself, and they are 3 months old.

    I haven’t tried any of the others, as I am not concerned about making money from blogging. It would be nice, yes, but not necessary. Plus, I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I stay busy enough with WordPress and

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Eugenia,
      After reading your comments, I went to Virily. You are correct. Their ads are in the middle of my content. They had two ads both relevant to my content. I write for bloggers. One ad was about SEMRush, a popular site for bloggers to find keywords, and the other was about data analytics, something bloggers do routinely.
      Since they are sharing their ad revenue with me, and the ads are related to my content, I really can’t complain although I understand why you would feel this is obtrusive.
      Question: Do you know why they are taking down your content in 90 days?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Eugenia,
      I forgot to ask you earlier, what is BeBee? Thanks,

      • Eugenia

        Janice, beBee is a social media site based out of Madrid, Spain that recently has gone worldwide. They have provided a very nice area for writing (Producer). I migrated from LinkedIn to beBee along with several writers due to LinkedIn’s lack of interest in writers and whether or not our work reaches our intended audience.

        I started with beBee in 2016 and became a brand ambassador for them shortly after joining. I have produced 262 posts for beBee, the majority of them being of a promotional nature for beBee and it’s members. I love to create collages, etc. and gives me the change to fulfill my desires.

        beBee is free to join and I have a blurb on my blog with a link to register. Their site address is My profile address is

        The exposure is excellent because anything you post can be shared to Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. This could be very good for you.

        If you have any questions, let me know.


  11. Eugenia

    I assume it is because I have been inactive for 3 months. I clicked out of the box quickly and don’t recall the exact wording. I tried to close my account a few weeks ago, which you have to send Virily an email. My request didn’t appear to go through but perhaps it did. If I see the box pop up again, I’ll let you know.

  12. Anita Johnson

    Hey Janice!
    It is a useful article for those who want to earn and support their families. I really wanna appreciate your work. Keep up the excellent work.
    THank you 🙂

  13. Jerry Peri

    Great post Janice, this is very important to new and even old bloggers that want to earn money and have more exposure and the possibility of more blog traffic! Thanks for sharing, I am joining Virily right away, through the link you provided!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jerry!
      Exciting to hear! Glad I could introduce you to a new site! Thanks for coming by to tell me and signing up through me.

  14. Linda Jenkinson

    Janice, I would love to also read your run down of the last six sites so I have an understanding of how each one works as I’ve been curious about the ones I know. Some like Seekyt, Snipsly and Verst, I have never heard of before. Are they content sites or blog-type like Virily? Thanks for the info but I am also wary like Davida and have been through it all before, but am interested in InfoBarrel, Hubpages and Verst. That would be a good follow-up post for you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lin,
      I have already blogged about Verst. Here you go:
      The next site I will explore is Hubpages. I know a blogging influencer who publishes there and others. I excited about exploring it and writing about it.

  15. Linda Jenkinson

    Thanks for the info Janice. I did read your post on Verst but am interested in Snipsly. Can you write a post on this site. Never heard of it but took a click look and it looks interesting.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lin,

      The first rev share on the bottom list was Hubpages. I have heard good things about Hubpages and know influencers there. My impression is it’s good. I will check out both and write a post. Thanks for your request.

  16. Linda Jenkinson

    Yes Janice I thank you for this- I’ve been curious about HubPages and InfoBarrel for a while as you know they’ve been out there forever (which in the land of writing sites is darn good). However, I’ve been over careful as to which sites to join as I’m often disappointed either about the pay plan or the site itself or the site disappoints me and caves eventually. I also hope to learn about Snipsley and again thank you so much.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lin,
      As I start planning blog post ideas for the new year, I will definitely keep your request in mind. Thank you for the suggestion. There was great interest in my Virily article so there may be a built-in audience for that as well.

  17. Linda Jenkinson

    Yes, please considerate it- would love to know the general facts of each of those six sites. You did such a super job on Virily- I will look forward to it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lin,
      Thanks for writing. I am definitely thinking about it. Perhaps a two-part article about Snipsly and Hubpages.
      Thank you again for the compliments on my Virily post.

      • Linda Jenkinson

        Yes, thanks Janice. Those 2 would be great- although InfoBarrel is interesting too. Snipsly for sure as I would like to see how they fare against the other two more established sites. 🙂

  18. Sandra L Garth

    You are a wealth of information, I haven’t heard of most of these. Thank you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandra,
      What kind words. I appreciate you calling me a wealth of information. Thank you! I am having so much fun at Virily I’ve been procrastinating about exploring and reporting on the other sites. My upcoming plans include posts about Hubpages and Snipsley. Stay tuned! Thanks for writing.

  19. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I was just reading back through the comment I gave months ago, and I realized that some things have changed at Virily. For one thing, it can sometimes take a day or more for posts to be approved. I also find that my dashboard often goes into a state where it’s “pending” for days at a time, and I’m really not sure that all the Virils earned are being tallied up.

    I’d also have to say that it’s far from a safe bet that 1,000 Virils = $1.00. The site is much larger now, with more members cranking out more content. What that does is to dilute the value of the Viril. Even when I have a period of increased activity in one day, I can see an immediate impact on the worth of the Virils I’ve accumulated. I have actually seen my dollar value go down as the number of Virils in my account goes up.

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket. I just don’t want people to go to the site with very high expectations, only to be disappointed.

  20. Treathyl Fox

    Hi Janice! Found this link in one of your responses at Quora. So I popped over.

    I am currently a very satisfied blogger in the Virily community. Member since June 2017. I was very hesitant to join. Got talked into joining so many communities just like Virily, only to be disappointed. But Virily has been a pleasant surprise. But now I’m like: “Uummm? Should I stay or should I go?” LOL. I’ve been psychologically conditioned by the other sites to expect the site to disappear! But you know what? Right now. It’s kind of fun! And it is proving to be profitable.

    I think sites built using the revenue-sharing business model, i.e. that primarily rely on ad revenues to stay afloat, can survive. Two things are needed. Honest staff and loyal members. Both are absolutely necessary. Sad to say but my experience with other sites has been that the staff or management were not straight up! The members certainly didn’t want the site to shut down!

    Hubpages was recently acquired and is under new management. My HUBs are articles are evergreen content and though the earning is slow, I do get paid. Tried InfoBarrel and Snipsly. Had no success. Started with Daily Two Cents when they started and have experienced the changes with this platform. I would recommend although some of my friends did not like it. To each his own.
    Seekyt was great but when the site changed owners, I left. Wish them success though. As for Verst? I will need to explore this further.

    Excellent post. Very detailed and informative.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Treathyl,
      I’m so sorry this ended up in the spam folder. I have another post on rev share sites coming out later this spring. Thanks for the comments. I hadn’t heard of all of these. Question for you: Do you need a Google Adsense account to write at Hubpages? Thanks,

      • Treathyl Fox

        Spam folder huh? You don’t know how many people tell me that. LOL. The answer to your question is NO. You don’t need it. But if you have a Google Ad Sense and associate it with your HUBPages account you’ll be very glad you need. I am!

          • Janice Wald

            I am not an affiliate of Google Adsense or Ebay or Amazon. How would I get paid? Thanks for your reply and trying to get me clarification.

  21. Deb McCarthy

    Hi Janice:

    Just to let you know, I was on Virily for about 3 months and wrote a few posts, but what I found most enjoyable were writing quizzes on this site. I had never written a quiz before and became addicted, anyways, they brought in the most comments, likes, favorites etc for me and I made about $14.00 in total. I was skeptical that they would pay, but they did! I’m no longer writing for them as I’m into online selling now.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for writing this testimonial.
      1. Virily does pay; this is in no way a scam.
      2. Virily is fun!
      3. For some people, $14.00 pays their monthly overhead at their website or close to it.
      I appreciate you writing.

  22. Sasha

    Hey guys, a lot of you seem to be on the lookout for a new home to share you passion. Obviously I’m biased, but give a shot, and I do believe you will be pleasantly surprised. We have tons of users making money.

    We are community content platform that aims to give passionate people a voice!

    Depending on the quality of their content, users can make as much as $6 per 1000 pageviews, thanks to our shared ad-revenue system. I understand many of you guys will be sceptic, but there’s no risk involved and you can spam my personal twitter all you want if you, for whatever reason, don’t trust us. 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Janice Wald

      If you would like me to review your site and help you get exposure, let me know and I will send you the information. Thank you for telling us about your site.

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  24. Treathyl Fox aka cmoneyspinner

    Several years back I signed up for HUBPages and that site, along with my articles have stood the test of time.

    As for InfoBarrel, I removed my content from that site and published it at HUBPages. I found the HP platform easier to use and the editors easier to work with.

    I was with Seekyt for a short time but when the site was purchased by a new owner I left.

    Daily Two Cents and the partner sites were great while they lasted. Fortunately, I was able to republish most of my content at Virily.

    As for Snipsly, that domain is up for sale.

    With regards to Verst, this is news to me. I will have to explore further.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Treathyl,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for all this information. I updated one of my posts to reflect what you told me about Snipsly. I had not heard. Google loves updated posts and so do people, so thanks.

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  26. Bernice

    I’ve joined the site for a few months and I quit.
    Virily seems to be a disappointment.

    1. Lots of errors
    2. Slow responding
    3. Unresponsive admin
    4. Long approval time (although it appears that this doesn’t affect a handful of users who could post daily)
    5. Slow earnings. (after the updated and remove a few ways to earn Virils)
    6. Broken dashboard
    7. No fix value of Virils

    There are also so good about the site,

    1. Generally friendly community
    2. Paying site (if you could make the $10)
    3. You can write about anything.
    4. Simple to use

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bernice,
      Thanks for writing with your opinion of Virily. I can see you gave the pros and cons a lot of thought. I stopped using the site myself since it was so hard to make money. My review was and still is a big hit since it tells people about this revenue share site. I agree the community is friendly.

  27. Chris Freeman

    I find Virily interesting. However, I could not join in Seekyt. Can you tell me how to start there?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for commenting on my Virily article. I have no familiarity with Seekyt. After receiving your question, I Googled it. They do seem to be paying their writers. They seem to be a health and wellness site. I found this link for you if it helps

      • Chris Freeman

        Thanks for the link, but I don’t seem to find any way to register there. It’s weird.

        • Chris Freeman

          Sorry that link got posted automatically in this comment. Some built-in plugin? I don’t know!

  28. Shamsa Khalid

    Dear Janice
    i was browsing virily and found it very interesting. I am joining… Thanks for this post about Virily. God Bless You


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shamsa,
      Thanks for writing to tell me I helped you discover a new community. Have fun at Virily!

  29. Oshin Kamble

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for this information. I came to know about Virily from your blog post.
    Will surely try it and hope it will work for me.
    Either way, Keep up the good work.

  30. Emy

    Virily is a genuine site and will pay you at the end of each month. Been a member for over a year.

    The only downside to using the site is that your daily virils earned do not update (add to your total balance) daily. This us dine at the end if each month.

    In all, it is a great platform to earn from, considering you’ll be having fun while at it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emy,
      I appreciate your comments. I had a great time using Virily. It is fun. I feel like it was a precursor to sites like Instagram that now use polls in their Stories like Virily does. Virily broke ground for sure.

    • Abhijit Bangal

      What’s the current status, Emy? I’m talking about December. And it’s not all good. At least, I’m getting all the negatives.

  31. Find Labourers

    Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was super long)
    so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing.

    Do you have any helpful hints for first-time blog writers?
    I’d certainly appreciate it.

  32. Abhijit Bangal

    I think, as of now, Virily isn’t something that it used to be. I mean, for 2-3 days, I can’t sign in. I have used various browsers, cleared cookies and did all that I could. I wasn’t able to log in, though, for more than 2 years, I was doing well there.
    When I tried changing the password, it won’t allow me to log in. I tried emailing them, but the mail couldn’t get sent. I mailed them through Gmail. But I don’t think I am having any hopes now. They either say my password is correct, even after resetting it, or they show an error message.
    I really feel it should be a nightmare. But this is actually is what happening with me now. I’m close to my cashout and all this is happening. It’s not giving me good vibes at all. I wish all this comes as false. And only they can do it.
    Anybody experiencing the same thing? Please reply.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gadget Garrison,
      I wish I could reply with hopeful news for you, but I can’t.
      I tried to go into Virily a few weeks ago. My password didn’t work. I tried again although I knew I had the right password. When it still didn’t work, I gave up. Happily for me, I was not close to a payout.
      I would tell you to write the company. I remember I used to be in touch with them but it looks like you tried that.
      There are at least two Facebook groups devoted to Virily you could try. One of them has a good friend of mine, Rex Trulove.
      I’m on my iPad now so I can’t see if I gave the link to a Facebook group in my Virily review. I thought I did. You can access Virily Facebook groups by searching Virily in the Facebook search bar. That would be my advice.
      Steemit is a thriving rev share site if you decide to start over there. I’m sorry I can’t be more help. Let us know if it works out for you if other Virilians have trouble.

  33. Abhijit Bangal

    Hi Janice Wald,
    It’s “Gadget Garrio” and not “Gadget Garrison”… lol.. anyway. I am a bit late to respond to you. Thanks for the effort to write down the reply. As of now, Virily is working for me. What they used to do earlier is that I needed to sign in every day even after saving the password. But looks like they have tweaked and my password is saved and can log in automatically.
    Talking about Steemit, I’m checking it now and looks a lot of things can be done there. Thanks for making me aware of a new domain 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      I am glad to hear things are better. Recommending the new site was my pleasure. I am always happy to help if I can.

  34. Hammy Havoc

    Virily entered into an agreement with my biz that they would provide original content writing, and if they didn’t, and it was proven to be plagiarized, they would be obligated to pay a penalty fee for wasted time.

    Anyway, they sent objectively plagiarized content (word for word, copy-pasted from another website) and then tried to wriggle out of paying the agreed penalty fee. To this day, they still have not paid. That was USD $10. If I can’t get original content and even ten bucks out of them, they’re a business to avoid.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hammy,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I was on holiday.
      I am sorry for your bad experience with Virily. Thanks for writing to let my readers know about your experience. In fact, I know of others that also had trouble collecting on the $10.00 payout.

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