Video Business Cards: How to Get More Business, 2 Great Ways

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video business cards

Would you consider using video business cards?

To introduce your business or to extend it, many ways are coming to make business promotions easier.

TVCs, paper advertisements, banners, and ads on social media platforms have made it easier to know about a business, inspect it, and remember the contact details.

But the use of business never ended.

There are many questions about business cards like, “Why use business cards in the era of technology?”

Good news: There are many types of business cards. Video business cards, for example, rely on technology if you’re seeking a more modern type of business card.

But the culture of business cards in the professional arena still exists and helps in the extension of the business. To enhance your brand name or make a name in the market through your business, handyman cards for business promotions help a lot.

In this era, when you can find everything through internet browsing without a need to remember any business details, a business card’s necessity is not decreasing.

It still helps the business owners to promote their products or services and making contacts in the market.

You can customize your card and details about your card’s details like editing, creating an album, and similar skills and services on photography business cards.

Here are some facts that have made business cards a useful thing for business owners in this world full of technologies.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a guide to the importance of business cards, traditional and modern. A description and example of video business cards are included. You will also see 2020 data showing visitor-to-lead conversation rates on blogs.

Let’s dive in and learn about video business cards.

Types of Business Cards

Video Business Cards

Various types of business cards exist.

This guide explains the need for two types of business cards: the traditional type of business cards and video business cards.

Have you heard of video business cards?

What are video business cards?

Video business cards are short videos which serve many purposes:

  • Video business cards explain who you are.
  • Video business cards explain your mission statement, why you do what you do.
  • Video business cards motivate customers to want to do business with you.

Would you like to see one of my video business cards?

Many free video tools are available to help you make your video business cards.

However, video business cards are not your only choice.

Why Paper Business Cards Are Still A Great Way To Get More Business

Key Contact Details

Either on TVC or social media, you can introduce your business, but that is not enough to give your contact details to the dealers and customers.

A business card holds only the basic information and eliminates any unnecessary element as in advertisements.

Business cards are easier to read for the dealers and users to get your email, phone, and even your business address. The name of the company, owner, or customer service officer helps to contact the product or services without getting unworthy factors directly.

Personal touch

Business cards are custom made, and that is one of the biggest advantages of these cards. You can personalize them completely from shape to color and content.

This feature helps business owners to describe their service and intro about the business through these cards. Stains, graphics, and a catchy line can help you give a short outline of your business to the customers, partners, or vendors.

Quick impression

Either the business or the business owner, this card can give display precise work ethics in both manners. A business card provides the first impression of the business owner’s personality or the cardholder and about the business. With more experiences and working capabilities, the card must have updates from time to time.

Business culture requirement

Business cards are not roaming as a requirement in many places, but these cards are still working the same for the bigger industries. These cards are helpful to make contacts and be on some vendor or dealer’s contact list.

It is always a requirement of business in many places due to the details it contains. In some areas, business cards have a prominent place in the business circle. For instance, if someone hands you a business card, you must give yours after any company or a formal meeting.

Direct marketing tools

Through websites, internet marketing, TVC, and paper advertisements, business promotion is not deniable, but the need of a business card is still the same and has been for decades.

In-person marketing is the first place to make potential customers for rather new or old businesses, and business cards are a must for official meetings.

Create a referral

Along with the contact details, the business card holds much info about your business and your services. Business cards are designed to get a quick summary of the work and how it is done within your company. You can mention skills and extra features on your card; it will work as a referral.

Trust building

The competition in business circles is increasing in every field. People worry about whom to trust, either customers or vendors.

Business cards and official meetings help them know the company well, along with their managers. Also, the card serves as a bridge to build trust between the company and the recipient.

The need to personalize your card with the best quality paper and correct amount and type of content increases with the market’s growing competition.

Does Lead Generation Lead to Conversions?

Video Business Cards

Infographic Source

Video business cards are used for lead generation. This 2020 data shows the visitor-to-lead conversion rate on blogs.

Last Point About Video Business Cards

The importance of business cards has not changed. Whether you choose traditional paper business cards or video business cards, you still need a way to introduce yourself to potential customers.

Readers, please share so entrepreneurs are reminded of the importance of a business card and learn about a more modern type of business card, video business cards.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have video business cards or the more traditional kind?

Authors: Tim Van Dort and Janice Wald

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