Video Ads for Publishers: 5 Important Things to Consider in 2023

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video ads for publishers

Most company heads understand that they need to create video ads for publishers.

Video ads for publishers are videos that appear on websites that primarily stream videos. For instance, YouTube is a website where you could place video ads for publishers.

Here is information on the pros and cons of YouTube.

Very few businesses can find success without engaging in this marketing style. People expect to see video ads from your company, and without those, other businesses within your niche will dominate the market.

Creating video ads isn’t so easy, though. You’ll need to develop an idea, set up a storyboard and write a script, shoot the video, edit it, and then figure out where to post it.

We’ll talk about a few things worth considering when you’re engaging in video creation for publishers.

Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms to Use

Where should you place your video ads for publishers?

Promoting your brand on social media isn’t something you can ignore as a company. If you don’t use social media, you’re missing out on marketing to millions upon millions of people.

The main issue is that you might not know which social media platforms to target if you want the right people to see your ads. For instance, maybe you want to appeal mainly to Gen Z members. These younger individuals aren’t too likely to use a platform like Meta, formerly Facebook.

Gen Z members often use Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. Knowing that, you can create your video ad content and buy time on those platforms. Here you will find strategies for TikTok marketing.

If you want to target other generations, like Millennials, Gen X, or Baby Boomers, you’ll need to do the market research beforehand to find out where they spend their time. Focus groups can help in this area.

Using Your Own Employees or Actors

Are you going to use people in your video ads for publishers?

When you come up with a video idea, maybe you don’t need any human actors. Perhaps you’re going to use strictly animation as your animated commercials and all you’ll need to do is hire someone to do voiceover work or you can also try text to speech online software to generate natural-sounding voiceovers.

If you intend to feature human actors in your ads, though, you should decide whether you can use some of your current workers or whether you need to hire acting talent.

Both options have pros and cons. For instance, if you use some individuals who already work for your company, they might want to be in your ads, and they may not even demand any additional money for it. Maybe you can just buy them lunch or something along those lines.

If you need to hire professional actors, you’ll have to pay them. If you own a small startup, maybe you don’t have the money in your operating budget to do that yet.

Lack of professionalism could come into play if you use your current workers, though. If they don’t have any professional or even amateur acting experience, maybe they can’t remember their lines, or they freeze up when you get them on camera. You might waste time using them and never get the finished product you want.

If you can afford the pros, you may want to do that for this reason. They will presumably remember their lines and come into the experience ready to do the job.

You’ll Need to Be Careful About Choosing the Subject Matter

What will be the tone of your video ads for publishers?

You must also think when writing the script for the video ad about what kind of image you want to promote. Do you want your potential customers to chuckle because you wrote a funny script? Maybe that’s fine if you’re selling something frivolous, but what if you run a funeral home? If so, it’s hard to go with anything other than subdued and respectful.

Tone matters whenever you create visual content, and you should come up with video ad ideas that match your company’s overall style. If you’re trying to promote elegance, that should come through in your ads. Whatever tone you choose, your script, an actor’s delivery, and what the viewer sees onscreen should match that.

If you choose to do an ad about something topical, be sure that no one will feel that it’s too controversial. Topical ads can work, but only if the subject matter won’t offend anyone.

You’ll Need to Consider Using Celebrities

Will you use a celebrity spokesperson in your video ads for publishers?

Maybe you want to hire a celebrity spokesperson to be in your video ads. If you own a very small company and don’t have much money for ad campaigns yet, you probably can’t do this. This only becomes an option if you’ve been around for a while and established yourself.

If you have more money in your ad budget, you might think about what celebrity you can use that will match the service or product you’re promoting. You’ll also have to think about your target audience.

How will that target audience react to seeing that celebrity? Will they recognize them, or will they not necessarily know their identity?

Will your audience trust that celebrity if they say they use or like your products? This is another area where conducting a focus group to get some answers is not a bad idea.

Are You Planning on Doing Several of These Ads?

How many video ads for publishers will you create?

You’ll also need to think about whether you’re shooting a stand-alone ad or whether you plan to make this an ongoing series. Think about the commercials with Jake from State Farm or the ones with Flo from Progressive. These characters have appeared in dozens of commercials for these companies, and they are now minor celebrities in their own right.

Maybe you want to shoot an ad that introduces a concept or character, and then you’ll wait and see the public’s response. If the public seems to like a character or situation, you can revisit that idea and shoot some more video ads that continue with that same theme.

The longer your company exists, the more the public should learn to recognize your ads. If you can craft a successful video ad campaign, that can help your business a great deal.

If you shoot some ads that don’t seem to do as well, you can go back to the drawing board, or you can even hire professional writers to try and help you. You need to score with your video ads, or your company likely won’t hit the milestones you set for it.   

Video Ad for Publishers: Example

Roberto Blake is a popular YouTube that creates content explaining how to make YouTube videos.

When you press Play, you’ll see that his ad starts with a video ad by Chamber Media.

You can put your video ad at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your video. Chamber Media opts to put the video ad at the beginning of Blake’s video.

Video Ads for Publishers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video publisher?

Video publishers are websites that publish videos. TikTok and YouTube are examples of video publishers.

Where can I place video ads?

You can place video ads before the video, during the video, and at the end of the video.

Wrapping Up: Video Ads for Publishers

In closing, you discovered five questions you need to ask yourself before creating and posting video ads for publishers. You also explored how to proceed once you get the idea for your video.

Readers, please share so video marketers discover this guide to video ads for publishers.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have experience posting video ads for publishers? Which publisher did you choose?

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