Value Added Services: 9 Effective Ways to Demonstrate Value to New and Existing Clients

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Value added services are extra features that a business offers in addition to a standard product or service.

To secure new clients and keep your existing ones, being able to demonstrate the value of your services is crucial.

Your clients want to know that they’re going to get value for their money and that they’re going to get what they need from you.

You may need to demonstrate the value that you offer when trying to develop leads and turn them into customers.

Or you might be thinking about how you can reinforce the value you provide by showing existing clients that you are delivering and meeting their expectations.

Whatever your primary goal is, there are multiple approaches that you can take if you want to demonstrate the value of your services.

Value added services is an effective form of B2C (Business to Consumer) lead generation.

Free value added services demonstrate value to new and existing clients as well as promote good will.

Let’s find out what value added services will boost lead generation.

value added services

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Be Prepared to Backup with Data

People like to have cold, hard proof of the value that they’re getting from a service they’re paying for. This is especially true for B2B services, when your clients may need to justify the money they’re spending to multiple people and in several different ways. So it makes sense to put a strong focus on data and use it to back up the value that you provide at different points. The data and metrics that you use will vary depending on what type of services you’re offering. But whatever data you present to your clients, you have to think about it in advance and plan to collect, analyze, and present it.

Thinking about what sort of data your clients want to see will enable you to choose the right tools. It will help you track the necessary data, set the best goals and metrics, and decide when and how to present this information.

For example, if you’re providing email marketing services, you might be using specific email marketing tools to track the performance of campaigns. This could include demonstrating the results of A/B testing, showing open rates and click rates, and plotting other data that demonstrates how your campaigns are performing.

You’ll want to have the right tools to both collect the data and present it in the right way, perhaps with the help of charts and graphs.

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Justify Your Prices

Being clear about your pricing and what exactly your clients get for it is one of the ways you can demonstrate the value you deliver.

There’s a difference between price and value, but the two things are connected. When you can show why you’ve set your prices as they are or how your quotes are generated, it can help your clients to see what they’re really getting for their money.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re not just telling your clients about the services they’re paying for. You also need to let them know about the results that are going to come from those services. So they’re not just paying for a blog post, but are instead paying for the website traffic, SEO boost, and engagement that they receive from that blog post.

This is why it’s important to have valuable data that you can present to your clients. You can prove that the services you provide can (or have) helped your clients to reach their goals.

Master Proposal Writing

Writing good proposals is an essential skill for many people offering business services. Proposals are used to show potential new clients what you can do for them and why they should choose your services.

You might be approached for a proposal, or you might send one to a lead to convince them that you’re the right service provider for them. Proposals can contain many of the same things, no matter the service or industry, but there are also specifics to consider for different types of service.

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The goal of a proposal is to set out a plan for how you will achieve the client’s goals. It is also used to set out a clear quote for your services, tell the client about your expertise, and demonstrate the results you can secure.

There’s a lot that can go into preparing a proposal, and you might need to take key steps relating to your services. When writing an SEO proposal, one of the things you will want to include in your process is an SEO audit. An audit will give you a starting position, highlighting any issues that might need to be addressed so you can outline what you can do for the client. Of course, other types of proposals will have their own steps for researching the client and presenting value to them.

Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Your clients will want to see that past and existing clients have benefited from your services. Social proof is a great way to show that you have provided great value for other clients so that potential new clients can make an informed decision.

This can include testimonials and reviews, which might be sourced from a number of places. You can collect them directly from clients by getting in touch with them, or you might get them from review websites or feedback they have sent you previously.

You might use these things in a couple of different ways. You can highlight them on your website, whether it’s throughout the site or on a dedicated page. You could even include them in proposals, directly referencing the ways you have delivered value to your clients. This shows potential new clients how you could help them too.

Write Case Studies

Another way to demonstrate what you have done for your clients, and what you can do for new clients, is through case studies. Case studies can provide a more in-depth look at how you provided solutions for your clients.

They typically outline the challenge that you were presented with and the goals to fulfill, and then address how you met the challenge and what results you were able to achieve. Your case studies should include key facts and data on your client and the value you provided for them.

Make sure you do plenty of research and prepare an eye-catching layout for your case study. Consider using storytelling techniques to make each case study engaging.

More about case studies later.

Compare Start and End Points

Clients want to see how your services can make a difference and help them reach their goals. For this, they want to see comparisons between where your clients start and where they end up.

In addition to showing them data from other clients, you can show them evidence of how you have helped them. You might demonstrate how you have helped them reach goals that have been set and you can give them progress updates along the way, so they know everything is heading in the right direction.

This means you need to have a base point to start with, which will enable you to compare it with changes that occur later.

My case study reviewing the Tubebuddy Extension for Chrome showed the number of YouTube subscribers before and after I used TubeBuddy.

Regular progress updates are important for many services. If the service is being provided long-term, you need to keep clients up to date with how you’re providing them with the value they’re looking for. You might deliver these updates in a few different ways. Meetings with your client are a chance to update them on what’s happening and talk through what the next steps might be. Or you might provide them with a written progress report that details all of the information they need to know.

value added services

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Deliver Free Value

This is where value added services come in. Using value added services involve giving potential clients or customers called “leads” a freebie.

Everyone loves getting something for free. If you can provide value to your clients or potential clients without charging for it, it can demonstrate just some of the value they will receive when they do pay for your services.

Freebies make paying clients feel that they get more for their money too. There are multiple options to provide free value to clients or use it to entice future clients. A blog is a classic example, enabling you to share your knowledge. Other ways to do something similar include making videos or even a podcast where you can discuss anything related to your services.

There are other ways you might educate your clients once you start working with them. You could offer free training in the tools that you use or extra materials so they can expand their skills and knowledge. This not only benefits them but it is also useful for you as it gets them used to the jargon and educates them in some of the topics you might be discussing with them.

Examples of Value Added Services

Diversify your offerings by providing value-added services that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of your target audience. By understanding their unique requirements, you can tailor your services to provide solutions that go above and beyond their expectations.

Consider offering free services that complement and enhance your main offerings. For instance, if you are in the fitness industry, you could provide personalized workout plans or nutritional guides to your customers at no additional cost. This not only adds value to their experience but also helps them achieve their health goals more effectively.

Furthermore, you can introduce loyalty programs or exclusive discounts for your recurring clients. This not only incentivizes their continued patronage but also makes them feel appreciated and valued. By going the extra mile to make your customers feel special, you can foster long-term relationships and encourage them to become brand advocates.

In my niche, marketing, I might offer a free ebook about a topic people in my niche would find helpful.

When bloggers subscribe to my blog, I give them an extensive list of free blogging tools.

In addition, I used to offer a Stumbling services when the website StumbleUpon existed. This helped trigger traffic generation for my blog subscribers. Traffic generation is something people in my blogging and marketing niches would value.

Provide Great Customer Service

Even if you don’t give free value added services, you should provide the best customer service you can.

Remember that delivering and demonstrating value isn’t just about your core services. You should also focus on ensuring you provide good customer service to your clients. Not only does it help to give them the value they’re looking for, but it can also result in better reviews and more recommendations for your brand. There are lots of ways to improve your customer service, from changing how you communicate with your clients to responding to any problems or feedback as quickly as you can.

Value Added Services: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a value added service?

Value added services are free services customers in your niche, your target audience, would appreciate.

What is meant by value added services?

Value added services are free services customers in your niche, your target audience, would appreciate. Offering value added services is an effective form of lead generation.

Wrapping Up: Value Added Services

Demonstrate the value of your services to both new and existing clients to build a good reputation and increase business for your company.

Remember to keep a pulse on your target audience’s preferences and adapt your value-added services accordingly. Conduct surveys or engage in open communication to gather feedback and insights that can help you refine and optimize your offerings.

By providing additional services and perks that cater specifically to your customers’ needs and desires, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and cultivate a strong, loyal customer base.

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