Upside Down Text: How to Easily Write Backwards & Upside Down (on 3 Social Media Sites in 2024)

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Learn how to write upside down text and backwards text on 3 social media sites.

Are you searching for a guide to type upside down text?

This guide tells you how to turn your writing upside down.

You might wonder why you would want to do that or use a reverse text generator also called an inverted text generator.

When you turn text upside down, you invert the text. By reading this post, you discover free tools and methods that give you upside down text.

Social media users resort to unique measures in order to stand out on crowded social media sites. Instagram alone has one billion users.

A weird text generator like the kind you will find here is just what you need to stand out on Instagram and other popular social media sites.

After reading this post, you’ll know how to flip text upside down and write backward on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. You’ll also know how to type upside down in an Instagram bio and type upside down Instagram captions.

Are you ready to flip upside down text? Then, meet your upside down text generator.

How To Type Upside Down & Backwards On Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook

upside down text

Image Credit: Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Nowadays, folks are bored with the pattern of the same old usual writing. And, they are seeking some stunning patterns of fonts when writing messages through which they surprise their friends. 

There are different social platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook through which individuals can share their pictures, trending videos and much more. This sharing can either publicly or privately. 

In this article, we decided to tell the stunning tweak that helps to unfold the question of how to write upside-down on Instagram. Additionally, you can also type upside down and backward on Whatsapp and Facebook as well.

The Way to Type an Upside-Down Caption in an Instagram Post

Instructions for your backwards text generator:

You have to utilize an upside-down text generator tool and backward text generator tool to get the ease of typing an upside-down caption on Instagram. Apart from it, you can get the feasibility of sending an upside-down text on WhatsApp or even using the flip text on Facebook.

Write Upside-Down on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, And More!

It is very simple: You just have to utilize an Upside Down Text Generator. The tool will work incredibly on iPhone, Android, Windows smartphones as well as on your PC/Mac. However, you can utilize this reliable tool around the globe or even on any of your devices. 

Upside Down Text Generator

Well, use this handy tool to get the ease of flip or reverse your writing. You are able to use both flip text ‘upside-down’ or reverse text ‘backward’.  Additionally, users can choose the option according to their needs using the Flip Text and Reverse Text checkboxes.

What You Have To Do

  • First of all, you ought to tap the Copy Flipped Text button.
  • Once done, then you ought to copy the processed text to your clipboard.
  • Finally, you have to paste the copied text on Facebook, WhatsApp or any social network you like.

For Using It On Instagram

  • First of all, you have to open the Instagram app and add any picture or a video.
  • Then, in the caption box, you have to paste the copied upside-down text.
  • Once done, then you can get the opportunity of posting the picture or a video with an upside-down caption on Instagram.
  • And, if you want to post upside-down text in your Instagram bio, then you have to follow the same steps as above.

Upside Down (Flip Text) App

Yes, this is one of the best and fastest apps to type upside down or flip your writing. You just have to install this app on your mobile to get the ease of flip the text you type and make it upside down.

Once you open the app, you will see a text box. You just have to type your favorite text in this box, and then copy this text and to share it with your friends.

(Host Blogger’s Comments: TypeStyle App for the iPhone calls itself “The Funky Text Generator.”)

You can use the copied message on the following platforms:

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other Messaging Apps
  • Other Social Networks
  • Or at any platforms that support text or even that support Unicode Characters

Additionally, you can type the caption on WhatsApp utilizing this reliable app and send an upside-down message to your friends.

When it comes to pasting the copied text that you made it upside down, you just have to hold the text box, and then you will see a paste will appear. 

Well, amaze your friends, family or loved one by sending an upside-down message. However, upside-down or backward writing is just being utilized as fun, not more than fun!

Updates: More Ways to Make Backwards Text and Upside Down Text

Upside Down 3

UPDATE: August 2023

Hey there, readers! Ever heard of “upside down 3”? If not, you’re in for a treat. This intriguing concept has been making waves in the world of online content, and it’s time to dive right in. Imagine taking your usual writing techniques and giving them a creative twist – that’s exactly what “upside down 3” is all about.

It’s like flipping your ideas on their head and watching them come to life in unexpected ways. Curious to learn more? Keep reading as we explore the ins and outs of this innovative approach and how it can take your content to new heights.

Update July 2021

Edit Pad is a free tool that enables you to make an upside down text such as an upside down 3.


upside down text

Go to Type the 3 on the left side of the pane. On the right side of the pane, you will see your upside down 3. Copy and paste where desired.

June 2021

Method 1

This upside down 3 was made with Ɛ

Method 2

You can use any of these methods to get upside down text. However, since LingoJam is my go-to tool for upside down text, I will use LingoJam.

Go to

Type your 3 on the left panel where asked.

upside down text 3

As you see, when you type your 3 on the left, you get an upside down 3 on the right. Copy-paste and paste your upside down 3 where you need it.

Method 3

The upside down 3 has appeal since it’s used to make hearts.

This is how I make a heart when I type: <3

Method 4:

The problem with the above method is the 3 isn’t upside down.

If you want a heart but can’t make an upside 3, do the following:

Hold down the Alt key and click the 3 on the far-right side of your keyboard to get a heart emoticon.


You now have methods you can use to get an upside 3 and methods you can use to substitute for the upside down 3.

Backwards 3

Let’s dive into the intriguing concept of the “backwards 3.” Imagine this: you’re strolling through the digital landscape, exploring the boundless realm of symbols and characters. Suddenly, you encounter a peculiar shape that catches your eye – a character that looks remarkably like the number 3, but it’s flipped, turned around in an unexpected manner. This is the enigmatic “backwards 3.”

It’s more than just a symbol; it’s a gateway to creativity and a unique way to engage your audience. So, why not venture into the world of the “backwards 3” and discover how it can add a playful twist to your writing endeavors?

How to Make a Backwards 3:

Learning to create a backwards 3 can be a fun and quirky way to add a touch of uniqueness to your writing.

To achieve this, follow these simple steps.

First, grab a pen and paper – digital tools work too if you’re more comfortable typing. Start by drawing a regular number “3” on your page. Now, the trick is to reimagine this figure. Begin at the end where you usually finish the “3.” Instead of curving it right, gently curve it to the left. This forms the top part of your reversed 3. Then, loop down to create the bottom part, similar to how you’d form a lowercase “e.”

Voila! You’ve crafted a backwards 3 that can make your writing stand out. Practice a few times to get the hang of it, and soon you’ll be effortlessly adding this creative twist to your letters and notes.

Text Flipper

Free websites exist that function as a text flipper. These sites flip your text upside down.

Text Flippers:


August 2021

There is great interest in this topic of how to make upside down text.

According to Ahrefs, there are monthly searches for instructions for the following upside down text:

  • upside down t
  • upside down w
  • upside down f
  • upside down a
  • upside down i
  • upside down n
  • upside down a
  • upside down j
  • upside down c
  • upside down g
  • upside down d
  • upside down 2
  • upside down 5
  • upside down l
  • upside down 1
  • upside down 6
  • upside down y
  • upside down d

I was surprised by the “l” which looks the same whether it’s upside down text or right-side up.

This guide teaches you how to make all of this upside down text. The instructions are the same for each one.

March 2021

Upside Down V

Knowing how to type an upside down V is important.

An upside down has a special name, a carat. You insert a carat under words to show you want words inserted. You place the upside down V where you want the words inserted. Above the place you insert the upside down V, write the words you want inserted in the space.

This is helpful for writers during the editing process.

February 2021

Here are easy methods for making upside down text using graphic design tools:

Method 1:

When you add text boxes, you often see handle bars around the text element box. This means you can turn the text.

Using your fingers, pinch the element and turn it upside down.

Method 2:

If given the option, click “Vertical” and the text should flip vertically. This should also result in upside down text.

January 2021 Update 1

Are you looking for a backward text generator?

Many free tools exist for this purpose in addition to LingoJam.

For instance, you could use the Spell Backwards site.

Go to

upside down text

You could use your backward text generator for any reason, even to tweet backward on Twitter.

February 2021 Update

If you want to continue to use Cool Symbol for free to generate upside down text, you need to install the keyboard onto your smartphone.


upside down text Cool Symbol keyboard

January 2021 Update 2

I recently got a special keyboard for my smartphone which enables me to write upside down text.

Be wary of using free tools like Cool Symbol to make your upside down text. You might have to install the Cool Symbol keyword for your phone if you want to continue to type upside down text for free.

November 2020

Free tools exist to help you type upside down text.


¡ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ uɐɔ I

I used LingoJam to make this upside down text. Typing upside down text is easy. Just copy-paste!

How to Write Sideways

March 2021 Update: Method 1: Word Cloud

If you want to write sideways, use the Word Salad Word Jumble Maker app. Word Salad is available for iOS. You will find reviews of the Best Word Cloud generators that will let you make upside down text here: Best Word Cloud Generator.

Upside Down Text

This may not be upside down text, but it’s sideways text.

This example comes from an Instagram Story.

Do you notice how the letters run up and down, vertically, instead of the norm, horizontally?

This is easy! Just pinch your fingers to turn the letters vertically.

In the bottom left, you also see vertical writing in the word “link.” This is part of Instagram’s template and was not manually redirected.

Next, if you’re interested in writing upside-down text, you might be interested in writing a custom text on a sticker on your Instagram Story. Here are the instructions: How to make custom Instagram stickers.

August 2020 Update 1:

To type upside down text, go to Cool Symbol.

upside down text

Click Upside Down Font. Paste your text.

Wahla! You have upside down text. Just click the Copy button.

August 2020 Update 2:

Here is another way to type upside down text.

upside down text

Go to Lingo Jam Fancy Text Generator.

Type the font you want changed on the left-side of the screen.

Scroll down past the advertisement until you see your text upside down. Copy the upside down text. Paste it where you want it to go.

I conducted a poll in September 2020 asking Instagrammers which weird text generator they prefer, Lingo Jam or Cool Symbol.

Can you guess which they picked?


upside down text

As you can see, Instagrammers prefer Cool Symbol as their go-to tool to make upside down text.

Wrapping Up: Upside Down Text

Host blogger’s comments:

How to write Instagram bio upside down:

In closing, many people ask how to type upside down in an Instagram bio. Easy! If you want to know how to type upside down in your Instagram bio, just follow these instructions.

People also ask how to type upside down Instagram captions. Use a 3rd-party app to type what you want your caption to say. Then, copy-paste into your Instagram caption.

Note: When I write my Instagram bio, I type it in a different app and then copy to Instagram.

People also wonder how to write Instagram captions upside down. Follow the instructions in Section 3 of this guide which explains how to type upside down.

I hope you enjoyed my guest author’s tutorial which explained how to type upside down on Instagram and how to write upside down in WhatsApp.


Now you know how to make text upside down and how to type upside down on Instagram. You also know how to make an upside-down Instagram caption.

An additional way to type upside down text is by downloading a special keyboard app that will enable you to type upside down text.

The keyboard is available for both the iPhone and Android.

Upside down writing is fun! Plus, people will think you can type upside down!

All the tools mentioned in this post are free. Using the backwards word converter and the other tools in this post is as easy and copy and pasting.

Readers, please share so other Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users discover how they can easily make upside-down text and backward text. As the guest author explained, having upside down and backward text is a unique social media marketing campaign strategy.

I look forward to your views in the comments section:

Do you use these techniques? For example, do you ever flip the text? Do you make upside down text? Do you use a backwards word converter? Do you know how to type upside down in WhatsApp? Have you ever heard of inverted text? Do you think you will make upside down Instagram captions?

If so, what are your readers’ reactions? Can you recommend any effective free tools that you use?

Upside Down Text: FAQ

How do I write upside down text?

Get an app that will generate upside down text. They are available for both iPhone and Android. Then, copy your upside down text and paste where desired.

How does upside down text work?

You get a 3rd-party app to generate the upside down text for you. Then, you copy and paste where you want the text to appear upside down.

How do you text upside down on iPhone?

Insert the Cool Symbol keyboard into your iPhone. Scroll to the right until you see “upside down.” Make the selection and you’ll see the keyboard turn upside down. This enables you to type upside down text on your iPhone.

Authors: A Contributing Author and Janice Wald

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