Undifferentiated Marketing: 15 Types of Effective Marketing Strategies in 2022 for Small Businesses

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Do you know what undifferentiated marketing is?

Undifferentiated marketing is a 2022 marketing trend.

By reading this post, you discover the difference between differentiated and undifferentiated marketing and explore which marketing strategy is right for you.

Let’s explore differentiated and undifferentiated marketing examples.

The modern globalized market economy creates new requirements for the business. They are due to the presence of fierce competition and the need to respond flexibly to the constant changes in the markets and industries. A key strategy in navigating these challenges is engaging with bespoke software developers, who tailor solutions specifically to a business’s unique requirements.

undifferentiated marketing

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The success of businesses depends on their ability to adapt to changes in the external environment. That is, to anticipate and change the structure of the business, to implement new software trends, to use new achievements of the custom software development, etc.

Achieving the success of the business is possible only under the conditions of development and observance of a certain strategy. This is a holistic and systemic comprehensive plan that determines the long-term course of business development.

Differentiated vs Undifferentiated Marketing

In 2022, differentiated and undifferentiated marketing are two popular marketing strategies.

What is differentiated marketing?

Differentiated marketing focuses on the differences between your customers. A differentiated marketing approach segments your target audience into different groups. In order to sell to them, marketers capitalize on the uniqueness of the target segments.

What is undifferentiated marketing?

Undifferentiated marketing focuses on what the target audience has in common in order to market to them effectively. Clearly, undifferentiated marketing takes on a more holistic approach.

What Is a Small Business Marketing Strategy and What Functions Does It Perform?

In modern market conditions, marketing strategy is a kind of model of successful business development and creating a positive image in the eyes of the public.

It performs the following functions: 

  • Determines the boundaries of the firm, orients the firm in the marketing environment, identifies the vector of its development;
  • Reduces uncertainty and anticipate certain events, effectively allocating resources;
  • Concentrates the main efforts in the right place;
  • Achieves and maintains a stable balance of goals, capabilities, resources of the business;
  • Provides long-term goals of the business priority over daily tasks.

The correctness and adequacy of the chosen company marketing strategy determine how successfully the business will operate. In addition, the process of developing target market segments also directly depends on this.

Best Undifferentiated Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Review the following list of effective marketing strategies for small businesses and choose one that will help your business grow.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is essential for any business that wants to grow. It allows you to clearly formulate goals and objectives, systematize work, reduce costs and increase sales.

Will your plan focus on differentiated or undifferentiated marketing tactics?

Creation of the Website

Creating a website is considered an effective marketing strategy 2022.

The main reasons why a business needs a website:

  • Powerful information exchange tool;
  • An effective method of interaction with clients;
  • A good method of entering new markets;
  • Commercial perspective;
  • Inexpensive form of advertising;
  • Mass media means.

Website Optimization for Search Engines

Creating a website is a rather complex process that requires not only creative but also analytical skills. Effective service must have interesting content, work quickly on different devices and in different countries. SEO optimization allows you to turn a website into a separate effective tool of Internet marketing.

Call to Action

Find the best call to action and include the most profitable ideas to offer your audience a compelling reason to take the intended action.

A/B Testing

To create a truly successful website marketing strategy, you need to analyze how its content works. If there are deficiencies, it is recommended to make changes.

Editor’s Note:

When I conduct video marketing campaigns, I consistently A/B test my YouTube thumbnails.

undifferentiated marketing

You can also run A/B tests of your video covers with the TubeBuddy extension.

Investing in Google Ads

According to research, Google advertising can increase the visibility of different types of marketing services by more than 80%. Therefore, the business can get good benefits from this.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing has become one of the best marketing strategies used by companies for increasing conversion. The principle of its operation can be compared to word of mouth. The strategy can be very effective in attracting a large number of customers to a business.

Advertising Retargeting

Retargeting is an opportunity to remind the customer about the viewed products or services. It motivates a client to return to the page to make a purchase, so it is a very effective marketing strategy.

Note: Since a demographic put an item in the cart, and you are only marketing to this specific demographic, advertising retargeting serves as a form of differentiated marketing.

Email Marketing

Regular communication with clients via email will keep you up to date on customer satisfaction with services/products.

Providing Online Reviews 

Thanks to online reviews, potential customers can find out the features and advantages of the service/product offered. Therefore, take the time to ensure that reviews of your business appear regularly on the network.


By providing free, actionable information, you enable your target audience to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with your business.

Video Creation

To support blog posts, business information pages, you can create videos. It tends to draw more attention from the audience than the pictures.

Social Media Marketing

Due to a large number of users, social media remains one of the most effective and free marketing channels for small businesses. This is a great place to showcase your brand’s strengths.

Promotion Within the Community

Mutually beneficial cooperation with other businesses can significantly increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and bring better results.

Holding Events

Conducting various events, such as masterclasses and seminars, is one of the top digital marketing trends. It helps to strengthen customer loyalty to the business.

Differentiated vs Undifferentiated Marketing: FAQ

What is the difference between differentiated and undifferentiated?

Differentiated and undifferentiated marketing take different marketing approaches. Differentiated segments the target audience and markets to them separately while undifferentiated marketing conveys one message for the entire target audience.

Wrapping Up: Undifferentiated Marketing Examples

Use the above digital marketing ideas and successfully develop your business!

In closing, by reading this post, you discovered the difference between differentiated and undifferentiated marketing and received 15 examples of differentiated and undifferentiated marketing strategies you can use in your marketing campaigns.

This post was contributed and made possible by the support of our readers.

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