How to Use Ubersuggest and the 11 Free Ubersuggest Alternatives in 2022

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Ubersuggest alternatives

Are you interested in using Ubersuggest along with the many Ubersuggest alternatives presented in this guide?

November 2020 Update: Neil Patel released a new version of Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest 8.0. One of the features allows you to discover the lucrative keywords your competitors rank for that you don’t.

Are you familiar with Ubersuggest’s features and the many Ubersuggest alternatives?

Although Ubersuggest is far more than a keyword research tool, this post will share the Ubersuggest alternatives that function as SEO keyword tools.

Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all searches. This data makes it clear: You need a keyword tool to find long-tail keywords you can potentially rank for.

Since Ubersuggest recently became a paid tool, you might want to consider an Ubersuggest alternative like Moz. Since Moz’s free queries are limited, this post will also show you Moz alternatives.

Whatever your niche, these tools will help you.

You might wonder why you need all these sites like Ubersuggest.

After all, you know what your post is about, so you have your keyword right?


Your keyword might be too difficult to rank for due to a massive amount of articles being written about your topic on the internet.

On the other hand, suppose no one is searching for information about your topic?

Using these keyword tools alleviates both concerns and solves both of these potential problems.

This post will show you the steps I take with each of these keyword tools in order to find keywords for my posts.

We will use this post as an example.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to use Ubersuggest, learn the new features of Ubersuggest, and discover 11 Ubersuggest alternatives.

This post will also answer the question, “Is Ubersuggest accurate?” which is why you might need to consider Ubersuggest alternatives.

Let’s get started.

Before we begin examining Ubersuggest and reviews of Ubersuggest alternatives, there are two important points about keyword research you should keep in mind.

First, there is great fluctuation in keyword metrics that can change by day, month, or season. This is to be expected. For instance, I’ll start a draft about a keyword that I believe I can rank for. Then, when I go to write the post, I find the keyword has skyrocketed in difficulty.

Next, these tools may disagree as to the results. Generally, I’ll try a third keyword tool to figure out which are accurate. I look for agreement between two tools to know which tools give me accurate data.

Also, if you go after low search volume keywords, those numbers add up. Therefore, you shouldn’t be discouraged from going after keywords with small monthly search volumes especially if you are new.

These are important points to keep in mind when you research keyword data.


UPDATES January 2022

Patel uses his YouTube channel to promote Ubersuggest. More information about Ubersuggest can be found there.

Neil Patel came out with another new version of Ubersuggest he calls “The New Ubersuggest.” Patel promises the new Ubersuggest will provide better data. Information about how the new Ubersuggest will provide more accurate data can be found on

Ubersuggest is blogging guru Neil Patel’s tool.

In a February 2020 update, Patel started charging for Ubersuggest. The formerly free tool now costs $10.00 a month to use all the features.

Go to

Type your focus keyword in the search bar.

Scroll down. Click View All Keyword Ideas.

Ubersuggest and Ubersuggest alternatives.

The SD Column stands for Search Difficulty.

By looking at the screenshot, you can see that the difficulty level of the suggested keywords is quite high, so are most of the CPCs (Cost Per Clicks).

However, there is hope Ubersuggest can suggest a keyword I can rank for.

Do you see Ubersuggest is suggesting 179 keyword possibilities for this post?

It’s true: Ubersuggest is unique in a way no other keyword tool is unique.

In this latest version of Ubersuggest, the tool recommends related keywords, question keywords (which are grossly underused considering how search engine users word their queries), keywords using prepositions, and keywords that make comparisons.

Look what happened when I clicked on Comparisons. I am writing about many of these in this post and could potentially use these “comparison keywords” as focus keywords or tags for this post.

Ubersuggest 7.0

In December of 2019, Neil Patel released a new version of Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest 7.0.

This latest incarnation of Ubersuggest includes these new features:

  • You can see how many people search for a keyword on a desktop device versus a mobile device.
  • You can see the ages of the searchers.
  • See the ages of the searches that clicked on free traffic, and you can see the ages of the searchers that clicked on paid traffic.
  • According to Neil Patel, when he released Version 7.0, it will now be easier to find profitable keywords.
  • More backlink data will help you pursue link-building opportunities.
  • Stats on whether searches produce clicks throughs.
  • More accurate site metrics.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to use Ubersuggest for keyword research.


March 2021

I discovered another one of the Ubersuggest alternatives I didn’t know about upon original publication of this post.

WordStream has a free keyword tool that was recommended in the Reddit SEO subreddit. Here is the link to access the tool.

January 2021

When you enter the keyword, Stats-Site tells you interest over time.

November 2020

Kparser is also a keyword tool. However, Kparser is a premium tool. If you are interested, here is a Kparser tutorial.

July 2020

In TRAFFIC SECRETS, Russell Brunson recommends an interesting strategy for those struggling to find keywords. He calls it “ABC Hack.”

This is how it works:

Type in your keyword and then add words starting with A. Brunson offers these examples for the keyword “how to make money:

  • as a beginner
  • as a kid
  • at home
  • at school

Then, repeat for words starting with B such as “how to make money blogging.”

June 1, 2020

Ubersuggest offers a free site audit. Click “Site Audit” on the left of the screen to see what issues Google says you have.


Ubersuggest and Ubersuggest alternatives

Ubersuggest labeled me “great” in all areas of SEO. What a nice way to start the month of June!

May 2020

Exciting news! Ubersuggest now has a Google Chrome extension!

According to Neil Patel, the developer of Ubersuggest, “You can now get results on SEO metrics like authority, backlinks social shares and of course keywords all within Google.”

In an article on his blog, Patel explained his motivation in creating the Ubersuggest browser extension.

“I know that it would be more convenient to do your SEO research while you are browsing the web or searching Google than constantly having to come back to Ubersuggest.”

Patel described the benefits of adding the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension:

When you use the Ubersuggest extension, you access all sorts of data:

  • Keyword overview
  • Link overview
  • More keyword data
  • URL metrics

You’ll now have more keyword ideas, backlink opportunities and you’ll have a better understanding of what content you need to create.

In addition, the tool reports information in a variety of language choices. Just change the dropdown to pick your preferred language.

[Related Reading: Ubersuggest Update: The Best Keyword Research Tool from Neil Patel reviews a previous version of Ubersuggest.]

As you see, Ubersuggest has many helpful perks. With all these features, do you need Ubersuggest alternatives?

Read on.

Ubersuggest Alternatives




$29.99 per month 

$99.99 per month

$119.95 per month

This table reflects 2021 pricing.

Since Ubersuggest recently started charging to use the full features, these Ubersuggest alternatives are sorely needed.

Consider these comments:

“Keywords Everywhere” has become a paid extension. So I am looking for alternatives to it. If you have any suggestions then please let me know.” Source: Sachin on These are the 10 Best Free Chrome Extensions

Savin is in luck. This post reviews 11 Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest alternatives.

Here are your Ubersuggest alternative free choices:

Keywords Everywhere

As Sachin reported, Keywords Everywhere is now a paid tool. The tool changed to paying for credits to search on October 1, 2018.

Go to

Ubersuggest Alternatives

You use Keywords Everywhere with Google Chrome and Firefox since this keyword research tool is a browser extension.

Ubersuggest Alternatives Keywords Everywhere

As you can see from the screenshot, Keywords Everywhere shows you the monthly search volume, Cost Per Click and keyword difficulty, online competition for readers.

You want Volume to be high and CPC and Competition to be low.


$1.00 for 10,000 credits. You use the credits to search.


Go to

SEMrush has many features, one of them is a keyword research tool.

Ubersuggest Alternatives

KD stands for Keyword Difficulty.

Pricing: You get 10 free searches per month.

Did you know you can use SEMrush as a tool to spy on your competitors and as a keyword position checker?

Ubersuggest vs SEMrush:

Ubersuggest recently started charging $10 for more than 5 queries. In contrast, SEMrush charges for more than 10 queries a month. SEMrush pricing starts at $99. a month.

Your SEMrush alternatives free choices are in this post. For example, Soovle, which is listed here, is free. However, Soovle is only a keyword finder and doesn’t have all the other features of SEMrush.


Is Ubersuggest accurate? Do we need Ubersuggest alternatives like KWFinder?

Let’s look again at the Ubersuggest “Comparison” keyword suggestions for this post.

Ubersuggest alternatives

Look at “Ubersuggest vs Google Keyword Planner.” The SEO Difficulty is only 4; however, according to Ubersuggest, no one is searching for information about this keyword.

I double-checked by putting the keyword into KWFinder.

Ubersuggest alternatives, kwfinder

KWFinder reports 20 people a month are searching for information on the keyword “Ubersuggest vs Google Keyword Planner.” Therefore, I made it a tag for this post.

To recap: I start in Ubersuggest. Any potential keywords I find I put into KWFinder to be sure.

Look at the top of the screenshot. Do you see I have 90 lists in KWFinder?

Excessive, I admit. I love these lists that keep my keywords organized.

I have a list for business tips, another for email tips, you get the idea.

Go to

KWFinder vs Ubersuggest


KWFinder is free for a limited number of keyword selections.

Paid plans start at $300. per year if you pay annually.

I use the paid version of KWFinder. I don’t pay for many tools, but I am quite happy with the premium version of KWFinder.

As mentioned, Ubersuggest costs $10 a month, only $120 a year, less than KWFinder.

Note: I pay $300 per year to use Mangools suite of tools, not just KWFinder.


The MozBar is also an alternative Ubersuggest tool.

I love the MozBar as my MozBar review explains.

Ubersuggest Alternatives Moz

Notice Moz makes keyword suggestions for you and shows you the top-ranking content already in existence about your keyword idea.

Moz and the MozBar are separate entities.

To access Moz, go to

To access the MozBar, go to the Chrome Web Store.

Moz vs SEMrush

Given a choice between these two Ubersuggest Alternatives, which would you pick?

I asked my Instagram followers: Given a choice between Ubersuggest alternatives Moz and SEMrush, which SEO tool do you prefer?


Ubersuggest alternatives

100% of my respondents indicated they prefer Moz over SEMrush.


When you use Moz, you are allowed only 10 free keyword searches per month. Unlimited use starts at $99. per month.

When you use the MozBar, you are allowed unlimited keyword searches per month.

As you can see from the tools in this post, there are many Moz alternatives if you don’t have a budget and don’t want to download the MozBar.

When I think of a Moz alternative, I think of SEMrush. They are the two that make the most obvious comparison. The costs of their premium plans and features are comparable.

Do you know any alternatives to Moz?


Go to

Soovle, an Ubersuggest alternative

Put your main keyword (also called your “seed keyword”) in the center box.

Choose your search engine.

Soovle defaults to Google’s search engine, but there are plenty of other search engines you can select.

Look at all the keywords that populate! When I scroll down, I find even more.

Soovle is quick to use. You don’t need to sign up or sign in.

Pricing: As mentioned in this post, there are many SEMrush free alternatives, and Soovle is one of them. Soovle is free.


Ahrefs is considered the premier SEO keyword tool in the industry.

When you rank for new keywords, Ahrefs notifies you and lets you know when your name is mentioned on the internet.

I can’t rave enough about Ahrefs.

The keyword tool is accurate and in real-time.

Ubersuggest Alternatives Ahrefs

Go to

Ubersuggest vs Ahrefs:


Ahrefs has free webmaster tools and tools you can try for free on a trial basis. The Ahrefs YouTube videos often explain how to use Ahrefs free tools.

Ahrefs pricing: Ahrefs pricing starts at $99.00 a month.

Ubersuggest pricing: Ubersuggest costs $10. a month without limitations or you can use Ubersuggest for free but only receive 5 queries.

Google Keyword Planner

You can have Google Keyword Planner on your site using a plugin.

On the other hand, you can opt not to slow your site down with yet another plugin and go to the site,

Click Go to Keyword Planner.

Click Discover New Keywords.

I learned SEO using Google Keyword Planner and frankly found it somewhat confusing.

I quickly defected to tools like Ubersuggest and KWFinder.

However, in its current incarnation, Google Keyword Planner claims it’s easier to use.

Let’s look.

Off to the right, Google Keyword Planner offers you keyword research tips that I find helpful.

The tool is reminding me to make my keywords long tail and not just have a one-word keyword.

Google Keyword Planner gives me data about my keyword and suggests many new keywords I can search to use as additional focus keywords or tags.


Google Keyword Planner is free.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool describes itself as an alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

Ubersuggest Alternatives Keyword Tool

You don’t need to make an account.

Keyword Tool is easy to use. Just plug in your focus keyword and see what generates.

Notice how versatile this tool is. You can even use the tool to generate interest on social media sites.

Keyword Tool will generate up to 750 keywords for each search.

Since I am writing this post about Ubersuggest alternatives, that is the keyword I plugged into the search bar.

Did you notice what populated?

Two search terms, no search volume, no online competition difficulty, or any other metrics.

The free version won’t give you additional data. You would have to take the keywords and put them into Ubersuggest or any one of these free Ubersuggest alternatives.

Go to


The free version gives you keywords but no other data.

Keyword Tool Pro starts at $69. a month.


You only get 30 free queries with Jaaxy.

I enjoy using Jaaxy but I stay away from the tool as much as I can since I’m always concerned I’ll use up my 30 free searches.

You need to make an account to get the 30 free searches.

Free SEO Tips to increase #OrganicTraffic

Put in your keyword where directed.

Do you notice the tool counts down until your 30 searches are gone?

Ubersuggest Alternatives Jaaxy

Do you notice, I now have 29 searches left?

A great deal of data populates for my keyword search.

This screenshot shows a search for the topic of SEO tips.

Two lists of keywords populate, one under Keyword and one under Related.


Jaaxy is free for up to 30 searches.

Paid plans start at $49. per month.


SEOQuake is a Google Chrome browser extension.

Go to the Google Chrome browser settings. Click More Tools/Extensions.

Type SEOQuake into the search bar.

Ubersuggest Alternatives

For my post about Google Chrome Extensions, I used SEOQuake to find keyword data.

Look at the screenshot to see all the metrics that populated!

The search volume is extremely high. 74,000 people search for information about Google Chrome Extensions monthly.

Did I use the keyword?


The Cost Per Click is too high. I like the CPC to be under .20.


SEOQuake is free.

Rank Math

Known as an SEO tool, Rank Math isn’t commonly known as a keyword tool.

However, Rank Math shows you keywords and suggests them for your post.


I’m preparing a post on Freelance Writing Websites, so “freelance writing websites” is my keyword.

After telling Rank Math this is my focus keyword, the tool suggests many other keywords for me to use as additional focus keywords or tags for the post.

I can then take these keywords and put them into Ubersuggest or any of these Ubersuggest alternatives to find the search volume and online competition for readers. I use both to decide my focus keywords and tags.

Update: Bonus Ubersuggest Alternatives

UPDATE: February 2023

Rank Tracker is an all-in-one keyword tool letting a user search for new keywords with a wide range of keyword finder tools, including Keyword Gap, Related Searches and more, also using data from different search engines. It allows you to check all the SEO analysis stats at any stage of the keyword search and tracking, as well as to conduct SERP analysis for any keyword and track keyword positions history.

You will be able to find your domain and topic competitors, and keywords they use.

As soon as the product can be used for free, its Professional license will cost $149/year and Enterprise license – $349/year. Paying for the license includes mainly wider possibilities regarding project saving and the number of competitors per project.

CognitiveSEO Keyword Tool and Content Optimizer

Ubersuggest alternatives

The keyword tool is a full-stack marketer that will help you get top rankings in 3 easy steps: keyword research, ranking analysis, and content optimization.

With a simple search, you cand find the right topics to target and rank for. Then you can find your competitors for each keyword you want to target and in the end analyze your content and follow keyword recommendations to outrank those competitors. The tool helps you get higher rankings and increase your organic traffic. 

Pricing: The free version gives 5 searches. Paid plans start at $129.99 /mo for the whole SEO toolset (including link building, rank tracking, site audit, and more).

Premium Ubersuggest Alternative

Both Ahrefs and Kparser are Ubersuggest Alternatives.


According to the Kparser website, you can find 15X more long-tail keywords with this keyword tool.

Kparser pricing: Pricing starts at $19.00 a month.

Here you will find more information about Kparser and a tutorial.

Update: Ubersuggest Alternatives No Longer Available

SEOCentro was one of the Ubersuggest alternatives. However, recently the SEO tool was deindexed by Google and no longer available to use. More information about the situation and a description of SEOCentro can be found here.

Ubersuggest Alternatives FAQ

Is Ubersuggest safe?

Yes. Ubersuggest is safe to use. I have used Ubersuggest for years . Also, I read about Ubersuggest, and I am not aware of any safety complaints or concerns.

How can I get Ubersuggest free?

You can get 5 free queries before being asked to upgrade.

Wrapping Up: Ubersuggest and Ubersuggest Alternatives

In closing, do you need an SEO traffic generator?

That’s the function of Ubersuggest and these Ubersuggest alternatives, use them and they will generate traffic to your blog posts.

I’m confident there are more than 10 Ubersuggest alternatives, but these are the Ubersuggest alternatives I recommend.

Readers, please share so bloggers and marketers discover the new features of Ubersuggest and these Ubersuggest alternatives.

I look forward to your views in the comment section.

What is your favorite Ubersuggest alternative? Are there any Ubersuggest alternatives you can recommend?

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  1. N Upadhyay

    Hi Janice,
    Thanks for this article with many keyword suggest tools, but most of these are paid and I think only ubersuggest is the free one which provides good amount of data.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi N Upadhyay,
      There are many free tools on this list. For example, Soovle is free. Jaaxy is free for up to 30 uses. Others like SEMRush and Moz are free for up to 10 uses a month. The MozBar is free with unlimited queries.
      Google Keyword Planner is also free.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Grace

    Thank you for the overview of different Keyword research tools. I have been struggling on which to use after my Semrush trial ends in a few days and I hadn’t heard of a few of these so I will check them out. I’ve saved this post to refer back to as I try each one.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Grace,
      It was my pleasure to describe the tools. Bookmarking is a great idea. Let us know what you decide.
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    Hey Janice,
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    I developed a working method to discover very popular keywords with difficulty of less than 10 using the tool. I’m actually documenting this method to share later.

    Let’s see how Neil takes it forward.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Enstine,
      As you and I discuss, I take keyword research very seriously and spend a great deal of time on it. If I can rank well, it’s worth my time.
      I find it easier to find keywords I can rank for at KWFinder. I am extremely interested in your method to find easier-to-rank-for keywords at Ubersuggest. I look forward to reading your post on the subject when it comes out.

  5. Arfa | shemeansblogging

    Hi Janice!

    This is such a great collection of keyword research tools. Even though I’m familiar with most of them but some are still new to me like soovle. Thanks for compiling the list.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Arfa,
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      Soovle is easy-to-use and even fun. I appreciate your comments on my post.

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  6. Mahmudul Rubel

    Hey Janice,
    Awesome content.

    I always use Ubersuggest and its handy free tool everyone has to have. And I use also keyword Everywhere for long-tail keyword research. I never use the paid tool. free tools are enough for me.

    thank you so much

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mahmudul,
      Thanks for commenting. By reading these comments, I am truly discovering how popular Ubersuggest is.

  7. Nimesh

    Hey Janice,
    I’m a daily user of Moz Bar.
    And I do agree that all the tools you listed here are wonderful and pretty handy when it comes to conducting in-depth keyword analysis.
    But above all, I love Keywords everywhere, even though they shifted from free to a paid subscription.

    Keep sharing and Thank You

    • Janice Wald

      Do you pay for Keywords Everywhere? I think I’m grandfathered in since I’m not charged even though it’s no longer free. Thanks for commenting.

    • Janice Wald

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      I’m also a daily user of the MozBar to find Domain Authority Rankings.
      Thanks for this nice testimonial about Keywords Everywhere and for commenting on my post.

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    Great! Thanks for sharing this information. I was only using some of them mentioned above, would love to try even other tools.

  9. Alison Wright

    Hi Janice, So pleased I found your blog. I’m a big fan of Ubersuggest but it’s great to have some alternatives. So many tools start off with free versions then block you out after a while. I used to get 5 free searches a day on KWfinder but don’t seem to get any these days! Maybe it’s time to start paying!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Alison,
      Thanks for commenting on my Ubersuggest alternatives post. For the reasons you stated, I pay for KWFinder. It’s expensive, but I find KWFinder the most accurate keyword research tool.

  10. Emma Marie

    Hi Janica,

    I also love Ubersuggest because it is still free. I have never seen such a free tool that provides much useful information that are only available on other paid tools(Especially the four types of keyword’s section ).

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emma,
      I also use the 4 types of keywords section when I’m stuck for keywords. I agree Ubersuggest offers many free perks we have to pay for at sites like Ahrefs. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Ashmita | MagentaStreaks

    Hey Janice,
    I’m a daily user of the Keyword tool.
    All the keyword research tools are really handy and very useful.
    But above all, I love Keywords everywhere and the uber suggest, I also use chrome extension for both, these are really helpful and saves a lot of time while researching keywords.
    This keywords research toll compilation list is really hep full I am going to try the moz and soovle.
    keep sharing this kind of helpful list.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ashmita,
      I appreciate your detailed comments about my Ubersuggest alternatives post. I also like the tools you mentioned. I actually combine both Ahrefs and KWFinder. I wish I could just use Ahrefs but I keep defaulting to KWFinder, so I use both.

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