Twiends Review: How to Grow Your Twitter Followers [for Free in 2024]

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Are you here for a Twiends review?

UPDATED INFORMATION AUGUST 2023: Twitter has rebranded as “X”. However, for the purposes of this Twiends review, Twitter will still be referred to as “Twitter.”

Could you use a free Twitter service and a free Instagram service?

This guide is for

  • People who want to grow on Twitter
  • People who want to grow on Instagram
  • People on a bootstrap budget.

You are not expected to do everything being a successful online entrepreneur involves. Many people pay to outsource.

However, not everyone has a budget. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay to experience social media growth?

Twiends and Webstagram are free social media services. Twiends helps you grow your Twitter account while Webstagram helps you grow and search on Instagram.

This post takes a case study format and shows you before and after screenshots that offer empirical evidence as to the effectiveness of Twiends.

Do you want to get 500 followers on Twitter for free? Do you want to get 10,000 on Twitter for free? The sky is the limit as this Twiends review will show.

By reading this post, you will get a Twiends review, a Twiends tutorial, and a Webstagram review.

Let’s explore information about Twiends and Webstagram.

Why should you care about growing your account on Twitter?

Why Twitter?

Twitter is a professional networking site that people use to discover content.

According to 2021 stats, Twitter has 192 million daily active users.

Twitter users are called Tweeps. Communication is shared in tweets.

There are many advantages to using Twitter.

For instance, Tweeps can discover content creators like you and follow your Twitter account. The purpose of Twitter is content discovery.

Content promotion is easy on Twitter in contrast to other social media sites that consider link-dropping spamming. You are allowed to put your link in your tweet which makes marketing and content promotion a breeze.

Tweeps can also share your work with a click of a button. Sharing on Twitter is called “retweeting.”

Twitter is for busy professionals which means serious users come to find information. People don’t use Twitter to waste time.

In contrast to LinkedIn which is also for professional networking, more people come to Twitter for reasons other than business. For instance, many people use Twitter to check out trending news.

Communication is delivered in short tweets. How short? Tweets are limited to a maximum of 180 characters.

What is Twiends?

Twiends is a free Twitter service. However, you can sign up for a paid account.

The difference between the free plan and the paid plan: With a paid account, you don’t need to follow anyone to get followers. With a free account, you do.

Founder David Sumter started the Twitter growth service in 2009. His mission is for you to grow your Twitter followers and engagement responsibly.

In fact, Twiends has a blog that offers Twitter growth tips.

The service has over 6 million signups.

Why You Should Use Twiends

After signing up, you receive a nice welcome email.

Twiends helps you

  • Grow your Twitter following
  • Reduce your Twitter unfollows
  • Boost conversion rates by 50%
  • Protect your personal data

The service predicts you will have a 50% follower retention rate.

Twiends Review

Twiends Review

Here you see a Twiends Word Cloud. I want everyone to know how much I love Twiends, so I added the heart. Also, people who prefer to learn by looking at informational visualization can see the main ideas in this post.

Twiends Review #1: My Own

In order to grow your Twitter following, you need to actively follow others. Twiends gives you that nudge you need to be proactive about your Twitter growth.

After one evening, I still had 19,878 followers. After one week’s time, I had over 19,900 followers. That’s all it took, one week.

I’m not the only one who had a favorable experience.

Twiends Review #2

According to Cuspera,

“Twiends helps organizations to grow their audience on Twitter. It promotes Twitter accounts to real people and attracts new followers the right way. It helps to connect quickly with other users on Twitter.”

Twiends Review #3

MKToolBoxSuite also reports having a positive experience with the paid plan:

“I decided to try the one-week trial for 1 EUR (be careful, it renews automatically) on my personal Twitter. I gained 52 new followers even though I was not doing any effort!”

Twiends Features

No automatic tweeting.

No automatic follows.

No selling followers.

You don’t have to follow back.


The service tracks all connections.

Are you frustrated by unfollows? The service monitors for unfollows and automatically filters people out that follow just to unfollow.

The service provides daily statistics so you can track your progress.

Are you concerned Twiends won’t attract your target audience? Click Same Interests.

The service also provides geo-targeting. Click By Country to target people in your country.


You can also find new Twitter followers when you browse by interest. The number next to each interest refers to the number of followers. Following a large number of people who share your interest boosts your chances of getting more Twitter followers.

Twiends Case Study

These statistics were taken after just one week with the service.

The screenshot was taken on June 28, 2021


The screenshot was taken on July 5, just one week later:

Exciting! I was unable to progress from having 19,800+ followers to 19,900. In just one week with the service, I reached my goal.

Will I stop? No! The service is easy to use and growth seems quick.

UPDATES October 2021

Twiends Review
Twiends review

Continuing to use Twiends, I boosted my Twitter account to 20,200 followers. As you see, this is a gain of 300 Twitter followers since I started my case study.

How Twiends Works


When you log in, you see recommendations of people to follow.

Notice how easy following is. Just click the “Follow” button.

You follow others first. Then, the service shows your account to others who follow you. Since people aren’t forced to follow back, these may not necessarily be the same people.

You can get more information from the icons that appear with the Tweeps’ Twitter handles.

You can remove any unwanted followers.

Go to and sign in for free with Twitter. This creates your account.

The service shows you how you will appear to others.

You have a choice of starting a premium account for $1.00. Your trial is refunded if you’re not happy. If you want to start with a paid account, click Featured.

Scroll down for a free account. Look for “Or Connect with Others for Free Account.”

Scroll down to Ready to Start Connecting. Click Go to Your Dashboard.


The service emails you that there are people waiting to connect with you on Twitter. Therefore, you don’t have to keep going back to the website to check back.

How to Use Twiends


Status: Go to your settings. Turn on “Your tweets will be displayed.”

Interests: Tell Twiends your content interests.

Twiends Advantages

Twiends gives you free tips for growing your Twitter account. In fact, the service provides free guides for getting more Twitter followers. When you log in, click the Learn tab to read the service’s Twitter growth tips.

As you can see from the screenshot in the Case Study section, it doesn’t take you very long to grow your Twitter followers using the service. I was stuck at 19,800 and couldn’t progress. Yet in just one week after signing up for Twiends, I got to 19,900 without much time or effort.

Note: The results I experience are not guaranteed. Not everyone will jump one hundred followers in a week. The closer you are to the next hundred determines how fast you will get there. Like with all social media sites, you get out what you put in. If you don’t use the service to follow, your account won’t be presented to people so they can follow you.

As soon as you go into Twiends, you are presented with a list of people to follow. The “Follow” button is next to the Twitter handle and gravatar to make clicking “Follow” quick and easy.


Twiends Webstagram

Webstagram is a free Instagram management service. The service enables you to search Instagram as well as use it to post.

I was excited about the potential for Webstagram.

There are many advantages of Instagram which make me want to use Instagram both on my phone and desktop computer.

I struggle to use Instagram on my desktop and my smartphone. When I’m logged into one, I can’t use the other. Logging in and out seemed a hassle. I needed an Instagram alternative. If I use Webstagram on my desktop and the Instagram app on my phone, I would be set.

In contrast to how pleased I am with the Twiends service, I am extremely disappointed with Webstagram.

I repeatedly took my time to try to make an account, but the captcha would never work. Even after trying two different browsers, the captcha still wouldn’t work. Refreshing the page did not help. Ultimately, I could never use the Instagram service.

I hoped Webstagram would be an Instagram alternative. Now I need to go in search of a Webstagram alternative. Watch this space.

Twiends Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twiends trustworthy?

Yes! Absolutely! I’ve been using the service for some time and never found a problem. Also, my research only turns up favorable Twiends reviews.

How can I hack my Twitter to increase my Twitter followers?

You can use a free service like Twiends. The service helps you grow your Twitter followers. You can search by interests and location in order to better target your followers. Twiends is easy, fast, and affordable for growth hacking your Twitter account.

How do I get Twitter followers fast?

Organic reach is down at Twitter. Therefore, if you want to get Twitter followers fast, you need to pay to promote. However, if you are interested in slow organic growth, try the free Twiends service.

Wrapping Up: Twiends and Webstagram

In closing, this guide reviewed two social media services and gave a tutorial.

It seems clear busy marketers can’t do it all. If you want help but don’t have a budget to outsource, consider using a free social media management service.

Readers, please share so social media marketers discover the advantages of using Twiends and the frustrations of using Webstagram.

I look forward to your experiences in the comment section. Are you familiar with Twiends or Webstagram? What are your experiences?

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  1. Enstine Muki

    Wow Janice you just reminded me of this platform. I used to be an active user years back and I’m glad to see that Dave is still pushing it ahead.

    I used Twiends even before getting into blogging in 2012. It can help you grown your Twitter presence very quickly


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Enstine,
      Great to hear from you. Yes. I was stuck at 19,000 followers for a long time. I joined Twiends hoping to get off the Twitter follower plateau. Seemingly overnight, I reached 20,000! It definitely can quickly boost your Twitter presence. I agree.
      Thank you for commenting.

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