How to Network with Tumblr Followers [in 2022]

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How to use promote your blog to Tumblr followers

Do you know how to get followers on Tumblr?

Have you heard of Tumblr?

Do you network with Tumblr followers?

You can use Tumblr to generate blog traffic as well as market your website content, products, and services.

Also, since Tumblr is an online community, you can also use Tumblr to chat online.

In April of 2019, Quora’s Chris Patel called Tumblr, “one of the best upcoming social media platforms.”

Tumblr has 441.4 million users.

Will you be one of them?

Let’s find out how to generate Tumblr followers.

What is Tumblr?

What is Tumblr mostly used for?

Tumblr is considered a microblogging site which means the content is generally shorter than on WordPress blog posts. Actually, I find Tumblr more like Instagram than WordPress.

You can use Tumblr to promote videos and photos and market your products and services. I see many Etsy users there. In addition, like Instagram, you can communicate with people by chatting. You can also use Tumblr to promote your blog posts.

Like Instagram, the demographic on Tumblr tends toward being younger. According to a source, half the people using Tumblr are in their 20’s and younger.

If you want to market to a younger demographic, Tumblr is for you. Major brands have Tumblr accounts that include ads with GIFs and videos

However, Tumblr isn’t considered a social media site like Instagram. Tumblr is a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Weebly, or Blogger.

In fact, Tumblr has elements from both Content Management Systems and social media sites.

In December of 2018, Tumblr banned posts with adult content since much of Tumblr’s content was sexually inappropriate.

In April of 2019, Tumblr was nominated for a Webby Award which recognizes the best websites on the web.

Why Should You Use Tumblr?

SEO benefits of using Tumblr

Using Tumblr also has SEO benefits. First, when you promote on Tumblr, you’ll get a link to your site from a strong Domain Authority Ranking since Tumblr has a DA of 88.

Also, Tumblr’s content gets indexed by Google just like the content on any other CMS.

How to Promote Your Tumblr

People ask, “How do I promote my Tumblr?”

Optimizing for Google is a form of blog promotion. When search engine users see your content, you get traffic and signups.

Also, blog commenting and social media posting let people know about your Tumblr blog content. That’s how you promote your Tumblr content, the same as you would any blog content.

Additional reasons to use Tumblr

  • Use Tumblr to market especially if you have a younger demographic.
  • Chat with Tumblr followers. Just click Talk to a Tumblr.
  • Like each other’s posts.
  • You can comment. People learn about you through your thoughtful comments.
  • You can share.
  • Follow like-minded content creators.
  • Like with Instagram, you can embed Tumblr’s posts in your own blog for inspiration.


To embed a Tumblr post in your blog post, click Share/Embed. HTML code will appear. Copy it.

If you’re using WordPress, add the Custom HTML block and paste the code in the block.

I’ve seen beautiful art and poetry on Tumblr. The site is a real source of inspiration for Tumblr followers.

How to Get Started on Tumblr

To get started on Tumblr, you need to download the app. The Tumblr app is available at both the App Store and Google Play. You can also login to Tumblr on a desktop by going to

After making an account, indicate your interests.

Suggestions will populate. These are people who create content based on your interests. If you want to follow them, click their name.

You can always type people or interests in the search bar.

How to Find Tumblr Followers

If you already have Tumblr followers, this section will explain how to increase Tumblr followers.

Since Tumblr is a free CMS, you get free Tumblr followers by following these tips:

Tumblr suggests hashtags for you. Click “Check out these tags.”

Tumblr also recommends accounts for you to follow. The suggestions include topics and Tumblr followers’ accounts.

You can find new accounts to follow by clicking the magnifying glass and typing what you’re looking for into the search bar as well.

Many people indicated they like inspirational quotes. You’ll find a great many quote accounts on Tumblr. Tumblr will suggest these for you. The AI is amazing.

If you click Notes, you’ll discover how many likes, reblogs, and comments a post received.

I follow accounts that give me information about TV shows I’m watching which I find a great deal of on Tumblr.

To see a list of your followers, click Settings.

How to Use Tumblr

To add your own content to Tumblr, click the pencil at the bottom of the app.

Choices will come up.

Tumblr followers have many choices when using this microblogging site.

[Note: The atmosphere over at Tumblr is pretty relaxed. Notice the use of “Nevermind” instead of “Cancel.”]

You can add a quote, Gif, link, a photo, a video, plain text, audio, or you can chat.

If you choose a photo, give Tumblr permission to access your photos.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see Aa. Click these letters to type something about the photo. You can also edit the photo before you publish.

If you click the page with the face, you can add an emoji.

When you’re done creating your content, click Next. You’ll be taken back to photos. Pick the image you just created.

If you are selling a product or service, make sure you copy the link to your clipboard. After creating content, you are given the option of adding a live link.

You can also add hashtags so people can find your content.

Before publishing, you can add a GIF another photo, a video, or audio. If you choose audio, you’ll be given a selection of music you can add.

You can add any content you like to Tumblr. While I use Tumblr to promote my content on my WordPress blog, you can just blog directly on Tumblr. Many people opt for a Tumblr blog in lieu of WordPress.

Tumblr blogging is especially popular with people who post shorter content. As explained above, Tumblr is a microblogging site, so it’s perfect for people with shorter content.

When you’re done, click Post.

How to network your blog: promote to Tumblr followers

When you log into Tumblr, you see this in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

The house icon represents your dashboard. The steering wheel enables you to explore.

Can you tell I have 1 message? I received a notification I have a new follower.

The lightning bolt shows my recent activity and the pencil enables me to make a post.

Click the person icon to see your account data. That’s where you’ll find Edit Appearance to edit the appearance of your Tumblr account.

This is a Tumblr post about the TV show “The Good Doctor.”

On Tumblr, comments are included in “notes.” Therefore, this post received 1,864 comments or other activity like likes and reblogs. Do you notice the hashtags? Like Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr followers use hashtags so people can find their content.

Notice from the screenshot that you can share, comment, reblog, or like someone’s Tumblr content.

How to Make Money with Tumblr

Tumblr Monetization:

You would market your content, products or services on Tumblr the same way you would anywhere.

Network with Tumblr followers. Let them get to know you through your insightful comments on their posts.

Let people interested in your content, goods, and services find you through your use of hashtags.

Check out Coca-Cola’s account, certainly an example of strong Tumblr marketing. Use the account as a model for how to market your own goods and services.

How to Save Time Using Tumblr

If all this, as little time as it takes, feels like too much time, you have an option so that you can get the most of your time invested (ROI).

Let the IFTTT app, a free service, connect your social media quote posts, your photos, your blog posts, and other content to Tumblr for you.

Go to and type Tumblr into the search bar. You’ll be asked to log into Tumblr.

IfTTT (If This, Then That) has over 6,000 connections called “applets” using Tumblr.

The number at the bottom of the screen on the face tells you your notifications. The icon of a person is where you go to find new followers.


May 2021 Update

Tumblr Font Generator

Did you know there is a Tumblr font generator?

Using a Tumblr Font Generator is a great way to generate attention which leads to more Tumblr followers.

To use your Tumblr Font Generator, use LingoJam’s Tumblr Font Generator, a free tool.

Related Reading: More information about LingoJam can be found here in this crazy text generator tutorial. You also find more instructions on how to use LingoJam here in this tutorial about how to make text look weird.

February 2021 Update

Instagram vs Tumblr



327 million users

1.074 billion users 

The table reflects 2021 data.

Similarities between Instagram and Tumblr:

  • You can blog at both Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Both Instagram and Tumblr are considered social media sites.
  • You can network at Instagram and Tumblr.
  • You can market at Instagram and Tumblr without needing a budget.
  • You can post text, video, and emojis.

Can you think of any additional similarities between Instagram vs Tumblr?

January 2021 Update

How to Get Rid of Spam Tumblr Followers

Are your Tumblr followers filling your account with spam? How annoying!

How to get rid of Tumblr followers

Answer 1: You can’t. Tumblr followers have to stop following you on their own.

Answer 2: Ignore your Tumblr followers. Hope they go away.

Answer 3: In the meantime, report the spam.

December 2020 Update

Someone recently asked on Quora, “Why is Tumblr still alive?”

As this post indicated, Tumblr is a huge fan favorite. Fans of movies, theater, and television come and discuss their opinions.

Microblogging such as posting inspirational quotes tell people “You matter.” People flock to Tumblr for these reasons.

On Quora, in response to the question, a respondent raised another excellent point: WordPress interfaces with sites such as Tumblr.

In other words, when I publish my blog on WordPress, my posts get published to my Tumblr account.

This extends my blog’s reach as well as increasing the purpose and popularity of Tumblr.

November 2020 Update

Tumblr vs Twitter

On Quora, someone asked which social media site is bigger Tumblr or Twitter. When Tumblr stopped accepting mature content, Tumblr’s user base fell. Therefore, Twitter is bigger.

October 2020 Update 1

Upon hearing that Tumblr banned “mature” content, a Quora user had this to say:

“It’s great to read that Tumblr failed and was sold for a low price after banning adult content.

IF the ban was to stem child pornography and other similar evils, then I am ALL for the ban. But I read so many different “informed” articles and it just looked like a huge censorship issue, which is bullsh.

I had a Tumblr account that had graff, tuner cars, but also some NSFW content–the NSFW content was just vanilla stuff but Tumblr started blocking it, etc. Everyone just moved to other formats (Source).”

October 2020 Update 2

Although I admit this is dated six years ago, the comment in this Reddit subReddit shows an interesting contrast between users’ opinions of Tumblr vs. Reddit.

The commenter viewed Reddit more favorably than Tumblr due to the “overwhelming hate” she noticed on Tumblr.

October 2020 Update 3

Tumblr followers

I discovered the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a huge fan of Tumblr.

After one of Justice Ginsburg’s many famous dissents, a law student made a Tumblr account honoring her. Ginsburg went on to be a pop culture icon known as the “Notorious RBG.”

October Update 4

Quora offers additional tips for how to find Tumblr followers.

Quorans recommend checking out the Black Tumblr. The Tumblr for activists is also popular. Apparently, erotic Tumblrs are popular as well (Source). Find these Tumblr followers by using the search bar and searching with tags.

August 2020

One of the disadvantages of social media is the fluctuation of popularity. Staying on top is difficult.

When I started blogging in 2014, sites like Tumblr, MeWe, and Virily were riding the wave of popularity. Today, their reputations and/or their user bases are faltering.

Related: Here you will find more information about Virily. Here you will find an in-depth MeWe review.

May 2020

Tumblr followers

I asked Instagrammers if they preferred WordPress or Tumblr as a Content Management System.

As you can see, an overwhelming majority indicated they prefer Tumblr to WordPress.

Tumblr Followers: FAQ

Is Tumblr still popular 2020?

Yes and no. 2019 stats show Tumblr has over 400 million blogs. However, between 2016 and 2019, Tumblr lost 100 million visitors. This could be due to the ban on pornographic content.

How do you know if someone is following you on Tumblr?

Desktop: Click on the icon of the little human, scroll down and select “Followers.” App: Click on the little human, tap the gear to see Settings, tap “Followers.”

Wrapping Up: How to Network with Tumblr Followers

In closing, now you know how to get Tumblr followers, but more importantly, use Tumblr to have fun. Tumblr is a community. Online communities are social. Be social. Network with Tumblr followers. Make and respond to comments.

If, while you’re engaging, you happen to generate blog traffic and sell products or services, all the better.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover the online community known as Tumblr, how to network with Tumblr followers for promotion, and the options for getting rid of spam Tumblr followers.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Do you know how to make money on Tumblr? Do you network with other Tumblr followers? If so, what are your experiences? If not, have you ever heard of Tumblr?

You saw the results of the May 2020 poll. Do you prefer to get Tumblr followers or WordPress followers?

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vishwajeet,
      Have fun at Tumblr. Tumblr is a fun site and not just valuable for blog promotion.
      I network with fans about my favorite TV shows and plays. In this way, they learn about me, check out my Tumblr account, and I get new Tumblr followers and blog traffic.
      Let me know what you think when you try it. Thanks for writing.

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      Hi Sharon,
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    Everything you’ve written about Tumblr is true! But you’re preaching to the choir with me. I’ve been singing the praises of Tumblr for years. The best move they made was to get rid of porn blogs or “Adult Content”. It was an executive management decision that upset a lot of bloggers but I was thrilled!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Treathyl,
      Some people are saying Tumblr’s devaluation is due to the banning of adult content. I’ve started using Tumblr with more energy lately. I’d be offended if I saw porn. I look forward to going back to Tumblr to discuss my favorite shows– Handmaid’s Tale and the Good Doctor.
      I wonder why so many bloggers were upset. Not to be ignorant, but, are there that many porn bloggers?
      Thanks for writing. Great to see you.

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