TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome: How to Really Double Your YouTube Subscribers (in Less Than 2 Weeks in 2024)

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This guide reviews the YouTube TubeBuddy extension for Chrome.

By reading this guide, you will be happy to know what I did to double my follower count in less than two weeks, so you can grow your number of YouTube subscribers as well.

You also receive a tutorial explaining how to use the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome.

UPDATE April 2022

Before proceeding to read the guide to the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome, if you feel you would be better served with more intensive training, check out our course in video marketing.

There are many advantages to YouTube for content creators:

  • Many people consume information by watching videos and not by reading text.
  • Video is a 2022 trend. Consumers of information spent 2020 watching videos and the trend continues to rise.
  • It takes mere minutes to talk into your phone to make a video. In contrast, publishing a blog post takes hours.
  • You can make money on YouTube.

This post takes a case study approach to see how I grew my YouTube account using the TubeBuddy extension for Chrome.

If you are concerned about what to make YouTube videos about, don’t be. There are many inspirational videos you can create. Here you will find a YouTube video ideas generator list.

Also, don’t be concerned about needing expensive equipment to become a YouTuber. There are many free video editing apps such as the Splice Video Editor, InShot, and the Instasize Video Editor.

Case Study: In order for me to double my subscriber count since I started this case study with 42 subscribers, I need to achieve 84 or more subscribers.

Follow the milestones my YouTube account achieved as I made my way toward doubling my subscriber count.

TubeBuddy Extension Advantages

UPDATE: January 2022

At the end of the year, TubeBuddy sends you your growth metrics for the year that’s ending and the growth metrics for the previous year. This way, you can compare your growth and make sure you are making progress at YouTube and with your video creation.

Would you like to see mine?

Here is my TubeBuddy Year in Review.

For more advantages of the TubeBuddy extension, jump to Features of the TubeBuddy App.

TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome Case Study

On September 5, 2021, my YouTube account contained 42 subscribers. Realizing I wanted to try to grow my YouTube account, I installed the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome.

By September 11, my account held 50 subscribers.

As you see, the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome allows you to download and share your YouTube milestones.

Go to the Chrome Store and search TubeBuddy for YouTube.

After installing the extension, you are directed to watch four short instructional videos.

TubeBuddy extension for Chrome

On September 18, 2021, I reached 66 subscribers. As you see from the screenshot which shows 60 subscribers on September 16, that is a gain of 6 subscribers in 2 days.

That is a 24 subscriber gain in two weeks.

At this point in my case study, I started posting videos twice a week.

Convinced so far?

TubeBuddy Tutorial

This TubeBuddy extension for Chrome tutorial should teach you how to use TubeBuddy. However, for those of you that prefer to watch, in this video, Nick shows you how to use the tool.

Go to your YouTube dashboard.

Click the TubeBuddy extension.

Click Keyword Explorer. Search for the keyword you want to make a video about.

With the free plan, you only get 3 keyword results.

It looks like I’m off to make a social media tips and tricks for 2022 video!

You need to find a keyword with a high score on Tube Buddy.

Use the TubeBuddy SEO Studio.

How to optimize your video:

Give the video description, and include information in the description. Make sure the keyword is included.

After the video is uploaded, go to TubeBuddy SEO. Click Load from Draft, and then you should be able to apply the optimizations you made.

To apply SEO:

Step #1: Open Video Detail page.
Step #2: Go To TubeBuddy SEO Studio.
Step #3: Select From Saved Draft.
Step #4: Apply To The Video.

My case study started on September 11 when I had 42 YouTube subscribers. By September 24, I had 85 YouTube subscribers. This means I more than doubled my subscriber count in less than two weeks.


TubeBuddy extension for Chrome

How to Use the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome to Grow on YouTube

There are many pros of YouTube but there are cons as well that you need to keep in mind when creating YouTube videos.

You need to make videos that answer questions to problems people are searching for. For this reason, you should start your video title with “How to…” That’s what people look for on YouTube. How to do certain things.

However, as with Google SEO, YouTube SEO relies on you making videos that have a high search volume for the topic but low competition.

There are tools that can help you, but the best ones such as Ahrefs and TubeBuddy are premium tools.

The best thing to do if you don’t have a budget is to find an idea for a video that answers a specific question in your niche, and then go to YouTube and see what people are making and try to make videos that are better.

Once you get your topic, you need to make videos that engage people. If you make a video and people leave right away, YouTube won’t send out your videos.

Features of TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome

  • TubeBuddy offers a mobile app.
  • You can sign up to be an affiliate.
  • Use the Keyword Explorer to make videos people are searching for.
  • A/B Test your thumbnails and descriptions.
  • The tool offers you “canned responses” to your YouTube comments.
  • TubeBuddy extension for Chrome gives you advanced analytics so you can see exactly where your traffic is coming from and other important metrics.
  • You get promotional materials. For instance, you get links to your recent most and most popular post.
  • TubeBuddy extension for Chrome gives you end cards so you can show viewers related videos.
  • The tool also gives you a way to insert a subscribe button.
  • Insert a link to related videos to boost your watch time.
  • You get Click Magnet analytics. These enable you to see which video thumbnails are working for you and which aren’t.
  • The Launch Pad tells you how to improve your video so you can generate more traction.
  • You get an SEO checklist that allows you to make sure you are optimized correctly.
  • TubeBuddy offers support on Discord and in forums.
  • The support staff is helpful and they respond promptly.
  • TubeBuddy tells you where you rank in search engines. Look at the green numbers in the screenshot. The video for my post Random Zip Code: How to Find a Zip Code Without Leaving Your Home in 2021 [3 Easy Ways] ranks for four terms.
  • Respond quickly to comments with Canned Responses.
  • TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome interfaces with Twitter. This means you can promote your video on Twitter from TubeBuddy.
  • Preschedule your video publications.
  • TubeBuddy extension for Chrome gives you milestone certificates you can share on social media sites.

Features of the TubeBuddy App

You can use the app as a TubeBuddy alternative.

The TubeBuddy mobile app shows you new views on your posts when you log in. You don’t see the view count climb when you log into YouTube or the TubeBuddy extension for Chrome which you use on the desktop computer.

You can plan a video on the go.

You can explore new tags on the go. Add them as tags to boost your video’s search traffic.

See YouTube news.

Click Magnet

I learned by using the Click Magnet feature that my thumbnails with faces do better than my thumbnails without human faces.

Launch Pad

Look at how the Launch Pad analyzed the SEO weaknesses in my video.

As you see many of the features of the TubeBuddy extension for Chrome are designed to boost your watch time. This makes the YouTube algorithm happy since it keeps people on the site. Keeping people on YouTube tells the algorithms to recommend your channel to people.

TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome Pricing

Prices start at $7.20 per month (you get 50% off with under 1,000 subscribers.) Pricing goes up to $39.20 per month for the Legend plan.

You can install the TubeBuddy extension for Chrome for free, but the perks are so few that I went ahead and signed up for the premium plan, the Legend Plan in order to get all the features the tool offers.

I recommend you do the same if you want to experience growth on your YouTube channel. My readers who have been with me for a while know that I am not normally an affiliate. However, I believe you need TubeBuddy in order to experience YouTube growth so strongly, I became an affiliate.

If you sign up, please use my affiliate link:

What Did I Learn From Using the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome?

I learned that growing subscribers on a YouTube Channel is as hard as people say it is. People complimented my content, yet I struggled to grow.

I also learned people inexplicably unsubscribe.

Do you want to know what I also learned?

I learned subscribers don’t really matter. Your subscriber count is a vanity metric. What really matters to the YouTube algorithm are views. Views tell YouTube that people find your content valuable.

People could subscribe, but if you make videos no one watches, does it really matter other than to stroke your ego?

One important note though…

If you want to monetize your YouTube Channel and join the YouTube Partner Program, you need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time.

Will I Continue to Use the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome?

At the time of this writing, I plan to continue but not indefinitely. I read that after you get 100 subscribers, growth becomes easier, and I believe it.

Due to the “Herd Mentality,” your account looks more popular when you have 100 subscribers, triple digits, than when you have 99 subscribers and double digits.

I look forward to that day and will try to achieve that milestone in order to continue to compare the before and after efforts involved in YouTube growth.

That was my intention, but I was dead wrong…


I received 100 subscribers on September 30 before the month was out.

I thought I would be satisfied with 100 subscribers, but I was wrong. I plan to keep trying to grow my channel.

Case Study Data

To summarize:

When the case study started, I had 42 subscribers and produced one video per week.

I joined Quora promotional YouTube groups and my account grew.

Then, I joined the Reddit promotional YouTube groups and produced two videos a week. My account grew further.

Then, I joined Facebook’s promotional YouTube group and produced three videos a week.

At the time of this writing, I have 108 YouTube subscribers.

TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add TubeBuddy extension to Chrome to my laptop?

When in Chrome, go to Settings/Advanced/Open Chrome Web Store. Search TubeBuddy for YouTube.

How do I add an extension to Chrome?

Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension you want.

How do I add TubeBuddy extension to Chrome?

Go to the Chrome Web Store and search TubeBuddy or TubeBuddy for YouTube.

Wrapping Up: TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome

In closing, I met my goal of doubling my YouTube subscriber count in order to show you original research of how I did it.

I realize everything is relative. You may not feel 85 YouTube subscribers is anything to brag about. However, YouTube has a reputation of being so saturated that growth is difficult.

This case study showed you how to proceed if you want to follow my methods to grow your YouTube subscriber count.

Readers, please share so YouTubers or people dreaming of becoming YouTubers discover this guide to the TubeBuddy Extension for Chrome.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have a YouTube Channel? Do you feel subscriber growth is easy, difficult, or even relevant?

  1. Luana Lopo

    Thank you so much for this great post! It really opened my mind to many things I had never imagined before.

  2. Ravi Dixit

    Hey, Janice!

    That’s a great article about increasing YouTube subscribers.

    TubeBuddy is an amazing tool that every YouTuber must be using. As a new YouTuber, I will follow your tips to grow my channel.

    Also, started using the TubeBuddy last month and it is amazing.

    Ravi Dixit

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ravi,
      I appreciate you coming by with your compliments and validation. You offer a strong testimonial as to the effectiveness of TubeBuddy. I agree it is amazing which is why I became an affiliate. I use it most days. It’s definitely worth the cost. Good luck growing your YouTube Channel.

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