Trending Topics for Article Writing: 6 Powerful Ways to Find an Idea for a New Article

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Trending Topics for Article Writing

If you want to engage readers, you need trending topics for article writing.

Are you a new blogger looking for your first blog post ideas?

Are you a veteran blogger looking for ways to find an idea for a new article?

There comes a time in every author’s life when, after dozens of articles, the question arises: What should I write about next?

Each new material is more and more difficult. And it can take hours to come up with a new article topic or blog topic

Today, we’re going to tell you about six simple and reliable ways to solve the problem of content creation and inspire you to write new and interesting articles.

By reading this post, you discover both free and paid tools that help you find article topics that are interesting to your readers which are topics that are trending.

These strategies work for any niche including lifestyle blog posts.

Get ready to find trending topics for article writing.

How to Come Up with Trending Topics for Article Writing

See what’s popular among competitors

There are a lot of tools on the market that allow you to analyze competitors’ content and traffic. The most popular are SemRush and Ahrefs. With their help, it is quite easy to find the materials of other sites that are most interesting to the audience. Your task will be to write even better articles to outperform your competitors.

First, we need to choose a few sites to analyze. For example, let’s take the popular site and analyze its materials with Ahrefs

Enter the required url into the search box and the system will show you the main parameters of the project. Such as the number of backlinks, approximate traffic, etc.

trending topics for article writing

After that, we need to open the Top Pages section. Here you will find a list of the most popular pages on the site. It can be sorted by traffic, number of keywords, or by the number of searches for the top keyword in the last month.

Of course, there will be many pages in the table that won’t work for us. Such as the home page or the author’s description page. However, after a few seconds of analysis, you will definitely find materials that you can write content about.

For example, the screenshot highlights potentially interesting articles from Problogger.

These include potential first blog post ideas such as:

  • How to Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name
  • How to Write Great Blog Content
  • Five Places to Find Work as a Paid Blogger

After conducting a similar analysis on a dozen competitors, you can find ideas for future publications for another six months.

Let’s discover more ways to find trending topics for article writing. The rest of the tools this guide reviews help you find trending topics for article writing for free.

Ask ChatGPT

It’s no secret that ChatGPT has revolutionized content writing. And while some copywriters are worried about their future profession, you, as a digital content creator, can easily use the service to simplify routine tasks and brainstorm a little

Open the tool and enter the required prompt. For example:

Help me come up with ideas for posts that focus on copywriting and blogging.

trending topics for article writing

Just one prompt and ten ideas for publications are ready. You can always refine and adjust the query to get more options.

For example, add:

Write more options around copywriting trends.

And here is the result of this prompt

In fact, the possibilities for finding new topics with ChatGPT are unlimited. It is not for nothing that dozens of new projects are created every day around the entire AI field. From Google Chrome extensions that simplify browsing to virtual assistants and tutors.

The only problem that ChatGPT has is the lack of up-to-date information. Since the algorithms are trained on content that has been written before, their database does not contain information about events that happened a few days or weeks ago. Therefore, the third option will come in handy in the following cases.

Twitter Trends

In order to find trending topics for article writing, there are no better places to look than Google Trends and Twitter Trends.

Twitter Trends

The What’s happening block allows you to track events that are most relevant to your region. This is especially important for bloggers who write about politics and social events.

Simply open your Twitter profile and see which tags are being used most frequently at the moment.

Click Show more to get additional results. You can also use a VPN to change your virtual address and see trends in other countries. For example, the screenshot above shows popular topics in Canada

And here’s what people are talking about in the UK

Google Trends

trending topics for article writing

If you want traffic from Google’s Search Engine Results Pages, a great place to find trending topics for article writing is Google Trends.

Google Trends contains a storehouse of curated Google searches.

By finding trending topics for article writing using Google Trends, you can potentially boost your brand awareness.

People Also Asked

If you don’t want to use paid services and change your virtual address through a VPN, then try our fourth option. It is the simplest and does not require any additional costs.

Go to your own website’s traffic statistics, see which articles and phrases get you the most clicks, and then simply type these phrases into the Google search box. After that, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the People Also Asked block (also called Related Searches).

Here you will find search terms on similar topics that also interest your audience. For example, suppose you once wrote an article about how to migrate to new hosting. Let’s then type that phrase into the search and see what other related topics your audience is interested in 

Enter the entire title in Google search and scroll down the page.

trending topics for article writing

Readers who want to know how to migrate to new hosting also want to know “what are the best wordpress migration plugins”.  This may be a topic for your new article.

Repeat these steps with other materials and requests and write down all new ideas in a To-Do list.

Google Search Console

To use the next option, your site must be connected to Google Search Console. This is a free service that allows you to monitor the keywords that drive traffic to your project, control indexing errors that occur on the site, and check the loading and display speeds.

If you are not yet connected to Google Search Console, you will need to do this first, and then give the service a few days to collect information about your site.

When your account has enough information for analysis, go to your profile, find the Performance block and click on Full Report

After that, find the Queries table on the page that opens. It will show you the search phrases that you use to get clicks to your website, as well as how many times you have appeared in Google’s search results.

We are interested in the rows where the ratio between Clicks and Impressions is very high. We have highlighted a few examples on the screenshot

A high Impression number indicates how often someone saw a link to your site on Google.

Clicks: How often someone clicked a link from Google to your site

A large ratio between Clicks and Impressions indicates that the search phrase is quite popular and you can easily rank for it, but for some reason the audience is not interested in your article that is currently appearing on the query.

Try to write down all similar examples and keywords and write new material for each variant. This approach will not only help you find new topics, but will boost your search traffic.

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Trending Topics for Article Writing: Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interesting topics to write about?

Whatever content niche you are in, you need to find article topics that your readers will find interesting. Therefore, you content niche determines the answer.

How do I find trending topics for content writing?

Use Google Trends and Twitter trends to find trending topics. Both tools are free. Google Trends contain actual Google search queries.

How do I find topics to write an article about?

You can use both free and paid tools. Paid: Ahrefs and Semrush. Free: ChatGPT, Google Trends, and Twitter Trends. If you have a website, you can use Google Search Console.

Wrapping Up: Trending Topics for Article Writing

The options listed above are just a guide for when you need to come up with trending topics for article writing.

However, no tool can make an article interesting and useful. You need to know your audience, be able to speak to them on the same wavelength, and convey the material in simple language.

You need to be a strong writer which requires a lot of practice in content creation. You can also boost your writing skills with the OREO writing template.

Readers, please share so bloggers of all levels discover this tutorial.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know more ways of generating trending topics for article writing?

Author: Vad Kurylo is a marketing specialist at UUUSoftware, a Canadian company specializing in SaaS software development and staff augmentation services.

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