Trade Show Ideas: 5 Innovative Trends Every Marketer Should Have in Their Toolbox

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Trade show ideas, 5 tips

Offline networking

How can a blog with readers all over the world share helpful information about offline activities?


Networking offline is becoming trendier even among bloggers.

For example, sites like Alignable link bloggers with local businesses.


Off-line activities are excellent ways to promote your blog or business.

Guest author Robert Keith explains how you can successfully conduct trade show marketing. He offers 5 trade show ideas. After reading this post, you’ll have 5 strategies for offline networking.

5 Innovative Trends Every Marketer Should Have in Their Toolbox

Robert Keith

Trade show ideas: Discover A Winning Strategy 

Trade shows are a crucial element of success for most modern businesses. These large, specialized gatherings offer a unique chance to find new customers. There’s a lot of competition at the same event, though, so it’s vital to stand out from the crowd.

These days, it takes creativity to be the center of attention at trade shows. You’ll need to bring your “A Game” if you want to attract the most customers. Competition is fierce, and event attendees have short attention spans.

Put It All into the First Impressions You Make

There are so many displays a massive trade show that people won’t take the time to notice everyone. That’s why businesses pull out all the stops to ensure they’re visible and engaging. If passersby won’t engage, there’s not going to be much upside to the long and potentially grueling day.

Pay Attention to the Competition

A simple tip to improve your presence at trade shows is to watch what the leaders are doing and follow it. You won’t copy what they do exactly, but you can gain inspiration about the best practices to follow. There’s no need to think up every angle from scratch. The leaders are already winning so taking a cue from the makes sense.

Companies that go back year in and year out and have great shows know their business. They understand the mindsets of their customers who attend and the craft their presentations for maximum appeal. You’ll need to follow the same approach to master shows. It’s the details that matter and catering to the needs of prospects with an extra touch are what separates the victors from those who fail.

Make a Booth That Is the Center of Attention

You’re making a big mistake if you’re neglecting your trade show walls. These staple items are now one of the best ways to draw eyeballs. You can make them with eye-popping visuals that capture attention instantly. The first step towards winning a customer over a trade show is pulling them to the booth, and these walls do that well.

Don’t Ignore Pre-Show Booth Meetings

If you have a team, get your team excited at the beginning of the day with a meeting. It’s going to be a long, crucially important day where everyone has to be their best. A reception will build camaraderie and help you lay out the plan for the day.

It helps to keep everyone on the same page at a show. That way, you won’t cross each other and make mistakes. You need to be on to keep your attitudes upbeat, and the conversations with the crowd are happening. Any spats between team members are going to cause a rift and a poor showing. That cannot happen so make sure to have those warmup meetings!

Create an Experience

Brainstorm with your team to come up with ways to bring people in and to engage with them. Creating an experience they’ll remember will take some doing, but it’s the best way to win at a trade show. Nobody remembers the boring presenters or what business they represent. Instead, everybody is going to think of the booths where they had enjoyable experiences fondly.

Be visual in your presentation and generous with any handouts. As long as you can create ROI, there’s no reason to hold back. Your time to shine is now, and the best way to move forward at a trade show is by innovating. Do something different to differentiate your brand. Handouts are expensive, but they offer an opportunity to dazzle prospects. Have your marketing team come up with something colorful and memorable. Don’t scrimp on printing and you’ll gain lots of new fans.

Nobody can become an expert at trade shows overnight. It takes practice to get a feel for the crowd and how they respond. Most are going to love attention and obtaining a sample of something free. Human nature always wins out, and the best way to impress a crowd of people is by giving them value. What that is, precisely, will vary from show to show based on the audience needs.

Get A Great Location

You can’t avoid the location factor at a trade show. Booths in excellent locations will get much more foot traffic than others that are farther away. Naturally, this placement costs extra. However, it could very well be worth the effort because it will result in greater exposure. If you’re way far away from the beaten path, you’ll end up talking to only a few lost people. If that’s not the type of show you want, do something now to change your fate.

Be Excellent Hosts

You have to be friendly at a trade show. If the booth hosts are rude or disinterested, you can forget anything good happening. Nobody is going to waste time engaging with a trade show booth full of bored people. You have to be enthusiastic which will be contagious to all who visit. Excite them about your brand and tell them how their life would improve from dealing with your company. Don’t just sit back and wait for something positive to happen, because in the fast-paced world of shows, that’s not in the cards if you’re not working.

Don’t Forget Giveaways and Contests

People love having a chance to win something free. Give them an opportunity to win, and it will serve as the ideal icebreaker. There’s no reason to forego using this strategy because it almost always succeeds. The only time it might fail is if your content is overly complicated, or you’re giving away something undesirable.

Wrapping Up: Trade Show Ideas

This year make trade shows the centerpiece of your marketing. You’re ready to embark on a successful season of shows that will transform your sales forever. Add new customers and re-engage old ones using fresh strategies to invigorate your appearances. There’s more business than ever happening at these critical shows. You’ll want to get your share to stay in line with the competition. With enough experience, you can successfully network at trade shows and get more exposure to your brand or business.

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  1. Hostgre

    You are, in fact, right.
    Trade Show isn’t just a good opportunity to have new clients, but more than this, a chance to see the needs of the market and how your competition is evolving. Some times the learning will be more valuable than the sales itself.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Host,
      Thanks for commenting on my post.
      I agree. Participation in trade shows does provide for the added marketing opportunities you mention. Valid points! Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

  2. storefortech

    I think, pay attention to your competitors is very important because we should beware, what our competitors are doing and what strategy they are using o increase traffic.

    • Janice Wald

      This is excellent advice. I’m interested in exploring this strategy. What tool would you recommend I use? What tool do you use? Are there any free tools that would have this information? Thanks,

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