Growth Hacking Techniques: How to Easily Make Your List Grow

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Top 10 growth hacking techniques

Top 10 Growth Hacking Techniques for Blogs

Rohit Prasanna

Growth hacking techniques” has evolved as a buzzword in the recent years, and many startups have come up with innovative methods to achieve massive growth at the same time lowering costs. Growth hacking should focus on more revenue through more customers, and the only way to drive that kind of growth is through relevant traffic.

Growth hacking techniques come in many shapes, forms and ideas. However, the easiest and the best way to drive growth is to start with the basics. Your blog. For your information, over 70% of customers are influenced by blogs while making buying decisions, businesses that use an active blog have almost double the inbound links compared to those who do not use one.

In this blog, let us discuss the top ten growth hack techniques for blogs that will drive massive traffic to your website.

Hack #10: Optimize your content for keywords.

A blog is about developing and publishing content that resonates with your audience, yes, but it is not limited to that. It will reach that audience through search where your content gets amplified an drives traffic. And, you may already know keywords are critical to appear in search. So, it is imperative that you get your keywords into the content. Additionally, the keywords should also appear in the Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Attributes, and the URL Structure.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you do not have to waste time on SEO best practices. You can use a plugin like Yoast SEO and ensure that you are doing everything well.

Hack #9: Titles should target audience as well as search.

A title or the headline is the first thing that people see on your blog or search. Try different titles; I know someone who tries as many as 20. Though it seems tedious, it is essential to get the headline or the title right. Create the right title for people as well as search. Check for the balance between word types, get the proper length keeping in mind the promotional platforms and ensure that it resonates well on all platforms that you intend to publish it on.

For WordPress, you can use Title Experiments. This plugin can test [A/B] different headlines with your audience. There are several third-party tools like CoSchedule that you can use too.

Hack #8: Make sure your blog post reaches your entire audience.

It is a misconception that email marketing is dead. It is still alive and kicking irrespective of some digital marketers who think otherwise. The first step to promote your blog is to include it in the email campaigns that you send out. Though emails have increased exponentially over the years, email marketing still works because the conversion rates are very high compared to other promotional activities.

Hack #7: Forums are the next best thing.

Promote your shiny new blog post on forums and QA websites like Reddit or Quora. Make sure that your blog post answers specific queries on the forums and QA platforms. Doing so will ensure that it drives good traffic back to your blog.

Make sure that your blog post and comments are relevant to the question otherwise you could get spammed very easily.

Hack #6: Influencers will significantly influence your traffic.

Did you know that content, recommended by influencers is prone to 16X engagement? The more the engagement, more are the conversions. Find influencers in your niche who would be willing to endorse your content in their networks. People trust brands later and leaders first. So, if an influencer is recommending your content, they will surely follow.

If you are starting out on creating an influencer list, there are a lot of tools like Buzzsumo. That is the easier part; the harder part is to create a relationship with them over time (by commenting on their blogs, sharing their posts, etc.) and get them to promote your content.

Hack #5: Leverage Slideshare for more traffic.

Slideshare is a great platform to promote your new blog post. Link back to your blog from your presentation at the beginning, end, as well as the slide deck description. Create visual summaries of your blog post and upload as a presentation. There are times when the Slideshare piece can turn out to be more popular than your blog post.

Hack #4: How many posts a month? The frequency of blogs:

Some marketers say that you should blog no more than twice a week. However, research shows that businesses who have blogged 16 times a month or more reaped the rewards of about 4X traffic compared to those who did 4 or fewer posts.

Blogging every other day can seem to be a challenge, but not more significant than achieving those targets for revenue and conversions.

Hack #3: Long form content is the way to go.

It seems that most content on the internet is short and does not serve the purpose of explaining anything to good effect. Writing detailed, long-form content with a strong foundation on research and subject is the way to go. Search engines recommend long-form content. The best-indexed blog posts on the internet are over 2200 words long.

Though it seems to be hard work, it will be well worth it.

Hack #2: Content repurposing for visuals.

As you already know, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words. So, don’t have only text in your blog post, ensure that you have some excellent images interspersed in it. You can include infographics, videos, custom graphics or even stock photos to spruce it up and serve interestingly.

Hack #1: Guest Blogging is the best way to build blog visits.

Guest blogs are one of the best hacks to get onto the high traffic websites and earn a backlink. Your SEO also benefits from this, and you can address a niche audience if you choose the third-party website carefully.

Many third-party websites that allow guest blog posts come with certain publishing guidelines which are mandatory to adhere to. Please take proper care that your content is excellent and caters to the readership of the website you are publishing on. Most blog posts across the internet are not worth a read. Do not get lost in those.

Conclusion: So, which hack are you going to execute first? Decide and implement it with full focus, and you will see some very desirable results. If you feel that you can suggest more growth hacking techniques, you are welcome to suggest the same in the comments section.

Author Bio:

Rohit Prasanna brings in about 14 years of digital marketing experience and has been an advisor to software start-ups in the mobile and SaaS areas. Before getting into startups, Rohit worked in various marketing, and product management roles at Unisys, Dell, and IBM. Specialties: Digital marketing, building and growing companies, marketing, business development, M&A. Twitter:
Readers, please share so other bloggers and markets learn these effective growth hacking techniques.


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  1. Hi Janice,
    Great information. The 1st and 3rd tip, I love the most. A long form content hold visitors for long time and have a detailed analysis about topic and indeed google also love the long form content.

    And writing with well research of keywords will help a lot to make a higher position in Google.

    Thanks Rohit for sharing your knowledge with us through Janice Blog!

    Have a nice day!
    Ashutosh singh
    Ashutosh singh recently posted…11 Best WordPress Security tips to Secure Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Hi Ashutosh,
      Thanks for commenting.
      Regarding long-form content: Google favors in-depth posts.
      Regarding guest blogging: if you guest post for a blog with a DA higher than yours, it boosts your SEO even if you don’t get new followers from the experience.

  2. all the tips are useful. nice to read your blog.
    Thanks Rohit for sharing your knowledge with us through Janice Blog!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Guest blogging is a list and traffic builder Rohit. I took a break for a minute but may dive back in. Busy blog commenting now and publishing posts to my blog persistently. Either way though, few better methods for growing your email list than by guest posting. Tweeted for you.


    • Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for the share and the comments.
      I remember how much you guest posted last year. I have started contributing to the Fotor blog. Thanks for contributing to the discussion. The “guest blogging tips” seems popular!

  4. Hey Rohit,

    Very informative post about to grow visitors to the blog by following these useful guidelines. According to my experience, Slideshare and guest blogging are the best ways to generate extensive web traffic to your blog.

    Thanks Rohit and Janice for sharing these growth hacking techniques with us.

    Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…TimeHero Review: An Ultimate Partner for an Automatic Task and Project ManagementMy Profile

  5. I’m trying to add more graphics into my blog…
    They not only make it less lengthy but more interesting as well.

    I’d plan to improve my photography skills too, to take better photos.
    Hiby recently posted…1 week Challenge to Improve Reaction time – Day 1My Profile

  6. Hi Rohit & Janice,

    The steps outlined in this article will surely drive traffic and improve search rankings if done correctly. But many underestimate the power of blog commenting and guest posting. Example, i have never contributed any article on Donna Merrill’s site as a guest post contributor, but my first blog comment on her blog generated or drove some traffic to my site. Only one blog comment, so what is did was to up my comments in her blog and other blogs as well.

    And as Ryan said,guest posting is great for driving traffic. Another tips i want to mention briefly is “website usability.” This is one of Google ranking factors, as it has to do with the ease of use of your blog or website, how long users stay on your site, how well and easy van visitors navigate your site, etc. If visitors can easily navigate and have a pleasant experience on your blog, they will keep coming back.

    I intend to write about it as a topic for my blog.

  7. Nice blog, it’s very informative, now I add more image or graphic, videos.

  8. I like your blog. It will help in our seo

  9. It’s the awesome blog for me and it’s helped me to grow my website SEO ranking on Google. Thanks

  10. I appreciated your suggestion regarding titles. Every one of your posts has so much information, I have to make lists and then work my way down the list.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for commenting on my growth hacking post. I’m a huge fan of CoSchedule and use it each time before I post.

  11. The first five letters of all but the top 6 lines are obliterated by your social media connection icons. I am browsing on Brave on a Macbook Pro. Just thought you might want some feedback. I also cannot see what I am typing on the required fields for ID.

    Clicking the privacy check box was virtually impossible because it was behind the icons…

    • Sorry Scott. I will forward this to my tech helper so he knows. Is there anyway you could possibly zoom out. Would it help?

  12. Hi,
    Thanks For Giving such a great article It is very useful for everyone Keep it go.

  13. Content creation, optimization, promotion and keeping an eye on results are the major things to do when it comes to boost your business. In an online business content creation is really necessary to educate people about products and services.

    Same time, it is necessary to optimize the content to target the specific customer base. Promotion help to boost content reach and reports help you find out if your efforts are satisfying or not.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Gaurav Kumar recently posted…How to Build Authority Links for SEO in 2018My Profile

    • Hi Gaurav,
      Your tips are spot on. Sounds like an outline for the perfect blog post about the steps one takes from content creation to analyzing ROI. =) Thanks for writing.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blog Party: Happy FallMy Profile

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