How to Make Clickable Headlines [With 9 Powerful Tools in 2022]

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Title Builders

Do you need help with title builders?

Use a weak headline and your article dies.

No one will click your link if you have an unappealing headline.

This post shares SEO title builders. These include nine free tools and seven methods for title builders that work to generate traffic.

These SEO title builders boost your organic traffic:

  • TweakYourBiz
  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  • Portent
  • Blog Title Generator
  • ContentRow
  • KickAss Headline Generator
  • Advanced Marketing Institute

In addition to sharing tools and methods to improve your headline to make your blog post appealing, this guide shares tips for improving your headline after publication in the event your post is not generating traffic.

These tips benefit bloggers in all niches and also help lifestyle bloggers who may not blog within the confines of a niche.

Are you ready to learn about popular SEO title builders and title builder methods?

The Difference Between Title Builders and Headline Builders

Titles generally name larger works while headlines describe what’s inside an article. However, in the world of blogging, the SEO title is the blog headline people see in search engines.

Title Builders Meta

Since these blogger tricks for title builders are designed to boost your SEO, these blog hacks will discuss your SEO title builders.

Title Builders: Before Publishing Methods

Method 1: Conduct keyword research

Find a keyword for a topic people are currently interested in reading.

There are many free and premium keywords you can use. For instance, Ubersuggest is a popular keyword tool. Here is an Ubersuggest tutorial.

SEMrush is also a popular tool that offers ten free queries per month. Ahrefs is considered the top-of-the-line when it comes to SEO Tools but there is no free version.

Here is more information about both SEMrush and Ahrefs.

When you find the keyword, put it at the beginning of the SEO title before a colon.

“Many a time, when we are deciding the titles or the topics of the blog, we overlook an important step, which is the keyword research” (Source).

If you look at the headline for this post, you don’t see a keyword. The blog headline and the SEO Title are different.

The blog headline for this post is How to Make Clickable Headlines [With 9 Powerful Tools].

The SEO Title for this post is Title Builders: How to Make Clickable Headlines [With 9 Powerful Tools].

Method 2: Brainstorm

One way to write headlines is to simply brainstorm them. Sit down and write headlines. By doing so, you will uncover one that could be the zinger that works. Let your headline create curiosity while promising a benefit.

Method 3: Repeat your past success

If you have success with a previous headline, try to replicate the headline’s formula.

Here is an example:

I experienced great success with this post: 13+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram: What You Need to Know. This is my second-best performing post of all time.

Look at how I tried to replicate my success by repeating the elements of the headline: 26 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook: What You Need to Know. This is my seventh-best performing post of all time.

This headline currently ranks for 147 keywords. Notice how the elements repeat from the previous two examples: 8+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Business.

Method 4: Add power words.

Add power words to ease your visitors’ pain points. Your headline should convey a benefit of interest to your readers.

Examples of power words include “awesome,” “best,” “mind-blowing.”

Whatever you do, make sure the benefit your promise in your headline comes true in your blog post. Otherwise, you’ll be accused of writing a click-bait headline.

Method 5: Use an odd number in your headline. The higher the number is the more interested people are in reading your post.

Method 6: Google your keyword. Have more tips than the blogger on Page 1, Position 1 for your keyword.

Google your headline so you can have more tips than your top competitor for your keyword. Do not steal your competitor’s headline. Compose original headlines. Incremental plagiarism is a no-no.

Method 7: Analyze the headline. Use one of the following headline tools.

Title Builders: Tools


tweak your biz

The site offers valuable blog post articles.

In addition, the TweakYourBiz blog offers you a free headline generator.

Type your topic where asked and then click “Noun” or “Verb.”

Click if you want your title to appear in all caps. Click Submit.

I typed in “Social Media Coaching” and “Verb” for my upcoming post.


Title Builders

You can see the headlines that populated. Some work; some don’t.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Title Builders

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a free tool that analyzes the number of Power Words, Emotional Words, Common Words, and Uncommon Words.

CoSchedule also analyzes Word Balance, Headline Type, Sentiment, Word Count, Character Count, Skimmability, Clarity, and Reading Grade Level.

CoSchedule just implemented a browser extension called the Headline Studio. Clarity and Reading Grade Level are two features available in the Headline Studio.


If I’m stuck, I’ll use Portent to help me with my headline.

Fair warning: Portent’s suggestions can border on silly.

For instance, I am composing a post on social media coaching. I plugged the topic into Portent. The headline analyzer returned, “5 Things About Social Media Coaching Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You.”

Blog Title Generator

title builders

I often get great headlines with SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

When you arrive, put in your article’s keyword, then tell the Blog Title Generator what kind of headline you need.

Your choices are generic, brand, event, industry, location, name, and skill.

In addition to suggesting headlines for your article, the tool offers headline writing tips. Often the headline tools like Blog Title Generator inspire headlines I use in my posts.


Content Row Headline Analyzer offers three free headline checks per day.

You can use Content Row’s title builder to build titles for Blog Posts or YouTube videos. Notice: You have a third choice, clickbait headlines.

Kickass Headline Generator

The Kickass Headline Generator is SumoMe’s tool.

I have a blog post coming up. I plan on the post being a numbered-list, so I clicked “Numbered Lists.” Look at all these possibilities the tool gave me. I would of course substitute the example about making money with my own content.

I feel like a kid in a candy store with all these choices! You will never be stumped for a blog headline again.

Advanced Marketing Institute

title builders ami

The Mostly Blogging article 3 Amazing Shortcuts for Writing Headlines in Record Time reviews the Advanced Marketing Institute.

Here is an excerpt:

The Advanced Marketing Institute will analyze the merit of your headline for you. Advanced Marketing Institute actually takes the guess-work out of headline writing, so the effectiveness of your headline is no longer subjective.

The site analyzes the merit of your proposed headline down to the tiniest detail. The analysis is so complimentary, your self-worth is bound to rise along with the caliber of your headline.

The Analyzer labels your headline “intellectual,” “empathetic,” or “spiritual.”  

Site Checker Pro

SiteChecker Pro is an SEO audit. It’s free! For no cost at all, you can find out what you’re doing wrong in the area of SEO Titles.

SiteCheckerPro told me I had an H1 (Headline 1) tag but the place I put it wasn’t my headline!

Now, I know only the headline gets an H1 tag.

SiteChecker Pro helps with many other areas of SEO but that’s one I didn’t know before I used it.

How to get and use SiteCheckerPro can be found here: 17 Reasons You Need SiteChecker.Pro to Fix Your SEO Errors.

There have been many criticisms of the Gutenberg editor but it taught me that when it comes to the H tags, there is a hierarchy:

You can’t have H3 until you’ve placed and H2 tag. You can’t have an H4 tag until you’ve placed an H3 tag.

If you don’t follow these rules for SEO title builders, you could actually find yourself at the receiving end of a Google penalty.

Free tools like RankMath and Yoast make sure you don’t break rules for blog post headlines.

Capitalize My Title

Use Capitalize My Title. Another tool is fine, but Capitalize My Title is my go-to tool to make sure my blog headline is capitalized correctly.

I want error-free writing in my headline and the rest of my writing.

After Publication Title Builder Methods

Method 1: Add the year. This shows Google your information is fresh.

Method 2: Insert unusual characters. For instance, you can insert brackets.

The screenshot shows Ahrefs Top Content for Instagram posts.

Look at the second entry. Let’s examine the headline.

There is nothing stand-out about the blog’s metrics.

The Domain Authority ranking, developed by Moz, shows a blog’s quality according to the SEO industry.

Ahrefs has a comparable metric, the DR. The lower DR is above three blogs with higher Domain Ratings.


Again, look at the headline. Do you see the unusual characters, the brackets? These are simple additions to your title builder methods that could cause you a boost in the rankings.

Related Reading: Here you will find more information about Moz’s Chrome extension, the MozBar which shows you the DA of any site.

CTR Calculator

Method 3: Use the CTR Calculator (Click Through Rate). Revamp your headline to boost CTR rate.

Title Builders Example

I can share before and after strategies that boosted the performance-rate of my headline. 

Are you familiar with a CTR Calculator? The calculator is free.

Improving your headlines is easy with a Click Through Rate Calculator.

This was my best-performing headline of 2019 and it wasn’t even published in 2019: 

18 Ways the Renderforest Free Online Video Maker Will Make You a Better Content Creator [2020 Update]

Why the headline worked: 

I have a number of tips. The headline makes a promise it keeps in the post: this tool will make you better at creating content. The headline has a power word “free” which makes people inclined to click. 


I added the brackets, and I added “2020 Update.” Google likes fresh content, and Google seems to give a boost in visibility if you have unusual characters like the brackets.

The post performs even better now. I know since I use the CTR Calculator. To date, this 2017 post is my 5th best -performing post of all time.

Method 4: Make your headline shorter.

When creating a blog title, why do the number of characters in the title matter?

Your SEO title is only 60 characters. Check to see if Google is cutting off your characters. If so, people can’t read your headline.

As you can see from the screenshot, you only get 60 characters to show your SEO title. Any longer than 60 characters and you take a risk. Your headline may not show on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

As you can see in the above screenshot, I have both the year and the brackets in my SEO headline.

More Title Builders

Make unusual titles on social media.

Instagram Stories easily lend themselves to having unusual fonts in your titles. Strange fonts are eye-catching.

This tutorial on how to generate weird text gives methods for making eye-catching fonts without the use of third-party apps.

Update About Title Builders

Subsequent to publication, the Content Marketing Reddit Subreddit chimed in about title builders.

“My question is… are these formats actually more effective than what I’ve seen others do? Some popular blogs I follow are very direct with their titles. They don’t follow a particular format.

Now, these headlines don’t score very well in analyzers. But they must be doing something right to garner the technical writers a large readership.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding this?”

In their responses, Redditors distinguished between clickbait headlines (headlines designed to make you click) and “chunky” headlines.

They analyzed the merit of using questions as headlines as well:

“Tech people seem to distrust questions as titles in posts. Or, you’re asking the wrong questions.”

Wrapping Up: Title Builders Tools and Methods


This post shared seven free headline analyzers and two more tools to help you boost your ROI (Return on Time Invested) with your headlines.

You now have title builders for your blog posts.

In addition, this guide shared methods for title builders both before and after publication of your post.

This is exciting news. If our posts don’t generate traffic, we can improve our headlines by following these strategies for title builders.

Readers, please share so bloggers and other writers learn these tips for title builders.

I look forward to your comments. Do you know any suggestions you can recommend for a guide to title builders?

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