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Are you looking for organic means to extend your blog traffic? Find them with this guide to thought leadership examples.

This post answers the question, “How can you get traffic when you don’t have money for paid ads?”

The answer: Spend time developing your thought leadership.

This post offers thought leadership examples that extend your authority and in turn your web traffic.

By using the free websites described in this guide, business leaders can become thought leaders.

This post explains how you can use these free websites as thought leadership examples you can follow to boost your authority in your niche. In turn, your web traffic will get a boost.

This post answers the following questions about thought leadership:

  • What is a thought leader?
  • How is a thought leader different from a typical leader?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a thought leader?
  • How do you become a thought leader?

Let’s get started examining thought leadership examples that establish you as such an authority that your web traffic increases.

What are Thought Leadership Examples?

For the purpose of this post, “thought leadership examples” refers to people that are thought leaders in their industries and serve as examples to follow.

“Thought leadership examples” also refer to places you can go on the web in order to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

What characteristics do you need to possess in order to be thought leaders and be thought leadership examples yourselves?

In their podcast 7 Business Leaders to Grow Faster, Patel and Eric Sui identify seven men they consider to be thought leadership examples:

  • Patrick Collison
  • Elon Musk
  • Tobi Lutke
  • Mark Leonard
  • Chamath Palihapitiya
  • Robert F. Smith
  • Jack Dorsey

Why are these men thought leadership examples according to Patel and Sui?

According to the podcasters, these thought leaders are

  • innovative
  • visionaries
  • risk-takers
  • helpers
  • inspirations

One important note though…

The podcast was released in November of 2020. Would Patel and Sui make the same choices as thought leadership examples today?

How can you be considered thought leadership examples like these men? How can people discover you?


Use these free platforms.

Thought Leadership Examples to Help You Boost Your Blog Traffic


HARO (Help a Reporter Out) has high authority publications looking for experts to provide tips. HARO is a free service that experts use to gain recognition on authority websites.

I’ve had great experiences with HARO. When you are chosen, you get exposure on high-profile blogs.

Make a HARO account. When you sign up, identify yourself as a Source. There are two kinds of people at HARO— publishers and sources. You are the source, providing a soundbite for the reporter who is publishing an article.

I receive HARO notifications three times a day which provides you many opportunities for influence building through HARO.

HARO reporters write for reputable publications with high Domain Authority. For example, a company that makes social share buttons has a blog. They picked me and I received credit on an authority website.

By being seen on a high authority website, you are considered an authority in that blog’s niche or you wouldn’t be cited in the publication.

Being used by a HARO reporter boosts your credibility as well as SEO and potential traffic.

For me, the best part of using HARO for influence building or any purpose is that it doesn’t take long. Reporters are looking for soundbites that are short.

I’ve had HARO reporters actually limit the number of the characters you can submit! My point is, the benefits are huge, and submitting to HARO is quick.

A great return for your time invested.

If you’d like even more detailed information about how to use HARO for link building and authority building, you’ll find the in-depth details in this Help a Reporter Out review.


Terkel is a question-and-answer site like Quora.

Why was Terkel created?

Apparently, visitors didn’t know if Markitors was a question and answer site. To end this confusion, Markitors started a separate question and question site called “Terkel.”

According to the platform’s press release,

“Everyone has unique insights. Every brand has a community. Terkel is a content creation platform that converts expert insights into high-quality blogs for brands. â€ś

If you are interested in branding, consider answering questions at Terkel. The press release continued. “Terkel identifies who the experts truly are.”

If you are looking for a place to earn recognition as an expert in your niche as well as a platform on which to be published, try Terkel.

How to get started at Terkel:

Go to

These are some of the types of questions you can expect to see at Terkel:

thought leadership examples


The way business leaders can become thought leaders is by being helpful to the community of entrepreneurs in the business niche. For instance, business leaders should write articles and publish them on high-profile sites like LinkedIn and

Writing at LinkedIn is a great way to extend your influence. When people publish on LinkedIn Pulse, a news aggregate, they are often industry experts whose articles generate a lively discussion with many comments. When LinkedIn pushes the article out to people’s emails, your brand extends even further.

Here is an article published at LinkedIn Pulse.

The Social Media Examiner interviewed a LinkedIn expert who advised using LinkedIn for branding. She recommends using polls. You’ll boost engagement and get noticed.


You can establish yourself as an authority in your niche through your comments in a subreddit.

It is important to keep in mind that the more “karma” a person’s account has, the more weight his words have in discussing a particular issue on the Internet (Source). You get karma points through commenting and receiving upvotes.

Start a subreddit

You can also establish yourself as an authority in your niche if you start a subreddit, a Reddit community.

I interviewed Redditors who started popular subreddits. You’ll find their insights in this article about the hottest subreddits.

Participate in a subreddit

Find niche-specific groups using the search bar.

You can add a link to your site with more information about an answer if you don’t appear spammy. I often ask if they’d like to see the link with the tips, review, or tutorial. Interested Redditors usually say “yes.”

Start a Niche-Based Community

In addition to starting a Reddit subreddit, you can start a niche-based community on any website.

Although forums aren’t as much in vogue as they once were, I know people who run niche-based communities. For instance, I know people who run communities for bloggers on Skype, Facebook, and Slack.

Some of the groups allow promotion as well as discussions while some are just for discussions. Many of these Facebook groups allow you to promote and hold lively discussions about various niche-related topics as well.


Like Reddit, you can establish yourself as an authority in your content niche on Quora.

You can answer questions and leave relevant links in your answers.

You can also establish yourself as an authority in your Quora Space and other Quorans’ Spaces.

Related Reading: Reddit vs Quora


Thought leaders are often seen offering insights on Twitter.

Host Twitter Chats

For instance, Twitter Chats are more free thought leadership examples.


thought leadership examples

I’ve hosted Twitter Chats several times.

Promote on Twitter

This was sent to me on Twitter:

“Hi Janice, you are an incredible digital marketer. Going through your profile, we realized the expertise you possess in digital marketing.

It will be an honour to feature you in one of our blogs. About us – We are an up-skilling platform and want to support and promote skilled individuals. We also want to inform and educate people who might be struggling in the domains of digital marketing.

Your experience and expertise will help them a lot. Can you please share one of your thoughts, ideas, expressions, or tips with us?” (Source)

As you see, one of the great advantages of Twitter is the exposure you receive.

Your Website

In your sidebar or elsewhere on your website, put your awards and accolades.

These are thought leadership examples that work as testimonials.

Publish niche-based content.

In order to be seen as a thought leader, you need to be seen as a leader in a certain area. This area is your content niche. The more specific the niche the better since you narrow the field of competitors.

Write quality content consistently.

This is one of the most obvious thought leadership examples, but you don’t bring your A-Game each time, do you?

Your must. People remember the most recent content when they visit a website.

Unless you bring your best effort each time, you will lose traffic, signups, sales, and the respect of your industry peers.

Publishing quality content in each article isn’t enough. You need to publish quality content consistently or risk your loyal readers leaving your website and becoming other bloggers’ loyal readers.

Marketing quality content is so important that many companies hire in-house writers just for this purpose. Content writers are in demand. Becoming an in-house content writer is considered one of the best day jobs for writers especially if you know how to optimize the content for search engines.

Publish original research

When you publish case studies, you compile original research not found on other blogs. When you conduct case studies, you demonstrate that your methods do work instead of just telling readers that they will work. You earn a strong reputation in your industry publishing case studies.

For instance, I conducted a case study showing how to double your YouTube subscribers in two weeks using the TubeBuddy extension.

Publish pillar pieces

I recently heard it said that every article is a pillar piece. It makes sense since you must bring your best effort each time. However, when you compile an industry report with original research, your work becomes a benchmark in your industry, a high bar to which other articles must try to meet.


Accept invitations to be a podcast guest.


I received this email from someone wanting to work with me as a result of my accepting this podcast interview invitation.

Allow people to interview you in YouTube videos.

Here is the interview I did for Motivation to Write’s YouTube Channel: Boost Your Blog with SEO:

Put your Honors on your About Me page.

In addition to putting your honors on your website, you should put your honors on your About Me page. Your About Me page is the first place visitors go when they are considering subscribing and are new to your website.

Put your best foot forward by showing off your accomplishments on your About Me page. Here is my About Me page if you’d like an example.

Include a Bio

Meet Google’s EAT Criteria

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

This guide explains how to be considered an authority by Google and meet the EAT criteria so Google trusts your website enough to show it to its users.

Follow these thought leadership examples. You’ll get a boost in rankings and get more search engine traffic.

The bio should explain why you’re an authority in the area of the post. Anyone can say they are an expert. Your bio explains what makes you an expert such as your experience.

At the bottom of this guide, you see my bio. Use it as an example.

Wrapping Up: Thought Leadership Examples

Due to these thought leadership examples, people check you out on social media and your website. They are grateful for your help.

In closing, publishing web content becomes far more competitive as time passes. By following these thought leadership examples and using this post as an action plan, you stand out as a true thought leader in an age where anyone can go on Wikipedia and call themselves “an expert.”

Readers, please share so other bloggers and content marketers discover how to use these thought leadership examples to boost their authority and boost the resulting web traffic.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest more thought leadership examples?

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