Technical Audit: How to Make Your Rankings Better in 2021

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If you are looking for a way to increase your web traffic and improve the page rank of your website, a technical audit of your website may be a good option for you.

What is a technical audit?

A technical audit can ensure that your website is functioning properly and there are no major issues that need to be addressed. It will also help you get a better understanding of what your web host does to ensure that your site is working as well as it can.

Let’s dive in and learn how a technical audit can improve search engine rankings.

What Is a Technical Audit and How Can It Help With Website Rankings?

Technical Audit Considerations

A technical audit will provide information about how your site is constructed, including its design and coding, and any services that your web host provides in order to optimize your site’s rank. The audit will also look into how your host works with the website. This can also include any changes that they make to your website or web hosting service.

Technical audits are not limited to websites with a lot of content, but they should include all of your pages. It will help you to understand what is happening on your site and what makes it so functional and reliable.

Website Host Services and Features

A technical audit can also show you what services and features your host offers to help your site. The audit can look into any security features that you need and any suggestions to increase your website’s rankings. This will be an important tool to use when you are thinking about improving your site.

A technical audit can show you how your web host performs backups, how they manage your DNS records, how they handle bandwidth, and your overall server maintenance. This is very important information for anyone who is doing business on the internet.

When you are working with a web host, it is a good idea to find out what additional services that they offer. It is always useful to have a list of your hosting services on hand so that you can compare them with your web host.

Website Ranking

A technical SEO audit is also an excellent tool for your website’s ranking. If a hosting company does not perform an effective audit, they may be losing valuable visitors to your site. A good host will look into their performance and how they handle things and make sure that their services are as professional as possible.

If your site is having a lot of traffic and has a lot of pages, then you might be able to improve your ranking if you use a professional technical audit. It may also be helpful to look into using a service that will search your site for problems and report them to your web host. This can help them to see what problems exist and work to fix them for you.

There are also times when it is beneficial to have technical audits done on a site that is not so popular. By having a professional review of your site, the host can make sure that there are no security holes in your site, and that your site runs smoothly.

It is also a good idea to check on your site from time to time. This way, you can make sure that everything is running smoothly.

It is also advisable to make sure that you are using your site properly. There can be times when your site could be taking longer to load than normal.

Website Host

You should always make sure that you are getting a good host. There are many things that can affect your site and making sure that you are using a good one will ensure that it runs smoothly and that you get the results that you want.

To ensure that your SEO is optimal, you should conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit approximately every six months. This will provide you with an objective view of what you should be doing to improve your rankings and increase your page rank.

While it might sound hard and time-consuming, it does not have to be. By knowing what is happening to your site, you can learn the necessary steps to take to ensure that your site performs well. You will also be able to identify possible issues, such as broken links, poor internal linking structure, and duplicate content.

List Your Links

When you perform a good technical audit of your site, your first step is to make a list of all links on your site. Then you will need to identify those that point to your own website and those that point to third-party sites. For each page, you will need to write down the URLs that you use. You will then need to go through each link, listing them chronologically.

One of the first things to examine is the number of keywords used on each page. If too many keywords are being used, you may want to consider adding a few more keywords or changing the keywords of your existing ones. In this way, you can improve your site’s search engine positioning and make it more search engine friendly.


Another important thing to look for is the use of meta tags. Sometimes meta tags can be overused or improperly specified, making your site appear unprofessional. Once again, it is important to check each tag for broken links and duplicate content.

You can run a web analytics test to find out how many visitors your site has and to find out what type of traffic is coming to your site. A good analysis will also provide you with links analysis and which keywords are most likely to get visitors.

Website Keywords

In addition to checking the internal linking structure, you will need to check the keywords and descriptions on each page. A site that does not have enough keywords or descriptions on it will be difficult to rank well on the search engines. This can also help you improve your site’s ranking in search engines by using relevant keywords.

You should also see which pages on your site have the most links. By doing this, you will be able to decide whether your site’s structure needs to be improved.

Technical Audit FAQ

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical audit checks the health of a website and finds out what fixes might be needed to improve it so the site can rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Wrapping Up: Technical Audit


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