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Do you need an online task program?

I do.

The to-do list I keep in my notebook is not working to boost my productivity.

The tasks that I keep in my notebook are so long, I need the back of pages to fit all the tasks on the list.

One of the tasks on the to-do list became copying the previous day’s list since I never completed the tasks.

I was overwhelmed.

I had so many overflow tasks that I started to write in the margins and in the header and footer of the notebook.

Could there be a better way?

I used task programs before but kept going back to my notebook.

I started looking for a task program that would work to enable me to get more done in my day.

By reading this post, you get reviews of four productivity apps. I have tried all of them, so I can write from personal experience if I recommend the apps to increase your productivity.

This article reviews the task programs I use so you can make an informed choice before starting your own task program download.

Task Program Choices

I researched task programs. The following information shares the results of my research.

1. Trello Boards

Task program

I already was familiar with Trello boards and Trello extensions.

Why I rejected Trello as my task program:

Trello is valuable to share workflow. The automation Trello’s extensions bring is jaw-droppingly impressive despite being complicated to use.

However, I was not looking to share workflow or even a sequence of tasks that I might have put on Trello Boards.

I needed an effective task program that would keep my tasks organized, not sequence the workflow of my tasks like Trello would.

Pricing: The pricing is another deterrent. Trello is free for just a small number of boards. In order to really make use of the tool, you need to get a premium account. Trello’s Pricing Plans start at $5.00 per month per user.

Interested? Here is a link to Trello.com.

I continued to search for a free and effective task program.

2. Google Keep

I tried returning to Google Keep after a 5-year hiatus.

Google Keep is a free Google tool. Google tools are popular and have stellar reputations.

Google Keep is a popular to-do list app. In 2020, Google Keep reached one billion downloads.

You can color-code in order to know the levels of the urgency of your tasks.

task program

However, when I looked at what seemed like clutter in the app, I was discouraged from using Google Keep again.

Interested? Here is a link to Google Keep.

3. Do

task program

I went to the App Store for iPhone users and searched “best to-do list,” and I read the reviews of Do.

Apparently, the only negative part of using Do is the annoying ads, so I gave Do a try.

I could list tasks for today and tomorrow. However, when I wanted to list a task to do on the weekend which was still days away, I couldn’t use the built-in calendar to help me.

One important note:

Pay attention to the tabs at the top. I thought I lost a task until I realized it was listed in a different tab.

Pricing: Do is a free task program.

Do is available at the App Store.

At this point, I kept returning to my notebook to jot down my to-do list. Let’s see if I can continue to research to find a task program that is effective at organizing tasks.

4. Grocery Gadget

task program

You wouldn’t imagine that a shopping app would qualify as a task program. However, my iPhone categorizes Grocery Gadget as a productivity app, not as a shopping app.

If you are looking for a task program, Grocery Gadget lets you list the stores you want to visit. In addition, you can list tasks like “Holiday Dinner Preparations.”

Then, you can list the tasks you want to complete at each store or for each activity.

Grocery Gadget is easy to use. For instance, at the market, when you’ve made a purchase, you check off the item you no longer need in green. If you can’t find the item, you indicate you still need it with a red X.

Look at the screenshot.

By indicating the store and the store’s location, you are able to tap into the data banks of the store’s stock.

By looking at the screenshot, you see the stores where I shop.

In addition, you see activities I take care of like “Holiday Shopping.” You also see collections like Recipes.

To the right of the stores and other items on my task lists, you see a number. The number indicates the tasks I need to complete for each store or activity.

For instance, I have 21 lists and 7 items I need to get from the pharmacy.

It gets better: You are able to share your shopping lists.

Everyone I recommend Grocery Gadget to enjoys the app.

Pricing: Grocery Gadget is free.

Note: You see ads for products. However, I am such a fan of the Grocery Gadget app that I don’t mind. I just ignore the ads.

Task Program: FAQ

What is a task program?

A task program boosts your productivity by organizing your tasks.

Wrapping Up: Task Program

In closing, by reading this post, you received four app reviews. You read three negative reviews and one positive review.

Many of the task programs have similarities. For instance, you can indicate which tasks you’ve completed. For instance, some apps allow you to check off tasks that you complete. Others let you change the color when the task is complete. Even others let you move the task to the bottom of the list when done.

Readers, please share so people looking to boost their productivity discover these four task program reviews. By sharing, they learn which task programs to avoid and which task program to download today.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you recommend any task programs to add to the discussion?

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