Lies the Media Told About Michael Brown and Eric Garner

29 December, 2014

Welcome to my first interview!  I read that bloggers should interview someone important.  I have chosen to interview John Olson, a retired parole agent.  John has thirty-six years experience as a peace office.  His experience includes working as a state parole officer.  If someone violated […]


How To Find Gratitude in Blogging Friends

7 December, 2014

One factor of blogging that’s been such a blessing is one tends to make blogging friends. They are virtual friends in the essence that we’ve never actually met each other but friends nonetheless. One such friend is Laurel Regan of the blog Alphabet Soup.  Friends […]


What Do Eric Garner and Michael Brown Have In Common?

3 December, 2014

And Justice For None This post could also be subtitled, Eric Garner–A parallel post.  Last month I penned another blog post called, “Ferguson: Right or Wrong” (, 11/25/14).  I felt an injustice had occurred when it came to Michael Brown’s death.  An unarmed teen shot […]