RankBrain: This is Why You’re Doing SEO Absolutely Wrong

25 February, 2018

How does RankBrain work? How does this recent Google Algorithm update affect you as a blogger or website creator? Guest author Freddy Cabrera is here to tell you how you can take advantage of Google RankBrain to increase your organic traffic. Freddy has written a […]


4 Reasons You Are in Danger of Losing Organic Search Traffic

How to avoid losing organic search traffic
11 January, 2018

Do you wonder how to increase organic search traffic? Is it possible you’re losing the very traffic you’re hoping to gain? Guest author Samantha Anderson explains 4 reasons you could be losing relevant, organic search traffic. Before you try to increase your traffic coming from […]


How to Use Simple Off-Page SEO Tips to Ease Your Pain, 5 Ways

Off-Page SEO Techniques
12 December, 2017

“How do I increase my search engine traffic?” is a common question bloggers ask. Bloggers and other website creators boost their search engine traffic through two means: off-page SEO techniques and on-page SEO techniques. It’s been almost two years since An Ultimate Guide to Off-Page & […]


How to Use Hubshout: the 1 Proven Free SEO Tool

Hubshout will boost your organic traffic for free
22 October, 2017

Have you ever been so excited by a discovery you wanted to shout about its value to the world? That’s how I feel about the SEO platform Hubshout.com. When the company contacted me quite coincidentally, I couldn’t resist the desire to ask if I could […]


Learn How To Quickly Boost Your Blog Post Rankings

Bloggers and Marketers: Boost your #OrganicTraffic boost your blog post rankings
4 July, 2017

Most bloggers and marketers who’ve been around a while hope for strong blog post rankings. Do you struggle to get search engine traffic? Maybe your articles are getting buried in search engine results pages. Are your page views low by anyone’s standards? Guest author Nirmala […]