How to Easily Get New Followers with Optins: an Update

50 tips for #TrafficGeneration & #ListBuilding
28 May, 2017

You haven’t read how to get people to subscribe to your blog in a long time on Mostly Blogging. I felt my post 7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Readership Problem: Optins had said it all. You should give freebies, incentives for subscribing known as optins, […]


How to Quickly Get 2,000 New Blog Subscribers for Free

Bloggers can get more blog followers
14 May, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to get more blog subscribers? It’s a common wish of many bloggers. I know since I collect wishes in my Blogger Collaboration group. My guest author Eric Schlehlein wrote How to Quickly Get 3,000 New Blog Followers. Consider this a […]


How to Get New Blog Followers: Experts Reveal Their Secrets

Expert Interview: How to Get Blog Followers
10 October, 2015

Do you want new blog followers? Most bloggers wish to increase subscribers. Clearly, there is interest in the topic. My posts about how to get and find 3,000 blog followers* are among my best performing posts. If you want blog followers, why not learn from the best […]


7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Readership Problem: Optins

16 May, 2015

Peculiar, isn’t it? There are over 152 million blogs on the Internet.  Why is it that some blogs have hoards of followers while others struggle to find a readership? The truth is, it’s not peculiar at all. The blogs with many followers offer their readers […]


Do You Make These 3 Blogging Mistakes?

Networking is the answer to growing your blog.
28 April, 2015

Tempting, isn’t it? You research, write, and promote your post.  You are done.  The rest of your life awaits. However, there’s a nagging ache gnawing at you saying have forgotten an important part of blogging, but what is it? Then, it dawns on you.  Your […]